Af/Pak & Other News (5/4/2012)

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May 4, 2012, 7:52:52 PM5/4/12
Al-Qaida kidnapped Iranian envoy in bid to free bin Laden kin,

E-Mail Confused Osama, and 5 Other Revelations From the Bin Laden

U.S. doesn't expect Pakistan to reopen Afghan war supply routes soon:

Security-conscious bin Laden's methods for undetected travel revealed:

Bin Laden Worried About American ‘Tracking Chips”:

Insurgents’ Homemade Bombs Are Increasingly Duds:

Suicide bombing in Pakistani market kills 20:

Al-Qaeda magazine back, calls for firebombs in US:

War Commanders Want Troops to Carry Lighter Loads:

Australia’s New Shadow 200 Enhance ISR Support in Afghanistan:

Islam And The Non-Existent War With The West:

India: 482 of 872 MiGs procured since 1966 have crashed: Antony:

Iran Mine Threat Scares Navy; CNO Scrambles To Fix Decades Of Neglect:

Navy Minehunting Fleet Upgraded with Improved Sonar Detection

“The Israeli Navy is Undergoing a Technological Revolution”:

The Palestinians are not battling with Israel, but with their apathy:

The Israeli military has established a “depth corps” force:

"Israel eavesdropped on Turkish pilots":

London 2012 Olympics: 'missiles left unguarded' outside east London

Nuclear physicist gets 5-year sentence over al-Qaida terror plot in

Russia warns it may target US missile shield:

Smaller Russian Crews Face Intense Training To Run Mistral Ships:
French Officer:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Ministry of Defence computers hacked by cyber criminals:

U.S. triples military aid to Philippines in 2012:

Japan Tackles Perils To Building, Selling Its Own Next-Gen Fighter:

Friday Video: British APC Destroys A Minnesota House!:

Tell The Army Where It Hurts: Military Wants ‘Objective’ Pain

DARPA wants IFF system for satellites:

Pentagon Seeks Airborne ISR Alternatives:

Senior official raises F/A-XX doubts while retired USMC Generals
question USN’s F-35 commitment:

Video: High-Speed Plunge Transforms Robo-Copter Into a Plane:

Uncovering the colorless core of the Army’s network:

The aggressor's pitch:

Rare New Program Start, JAGM, Rises From Acquisition Cemetery:

ADCOR Defense Selected in Army’s Weapons Competition:

The Navy’s new sub comes in a year early. How?:

Two Virginia F-22 Raptor pilots on 60 Minutes... they're going to quit
flying the Raptor:

Andrew Swallow

May 4, 2012, 10:28:22 PM5/4/12
On 05/05/2012 00:52, wrote:
> Insurgents’ Homemade Bombs Are Increasingly Duds:

"... 16,069 insurgent bombs in Afghanistan between April 2011 and March
2012, which is a new high. "

That is a lot of bombs.

Andrew Swallow
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