Af/Pak & Other News (5/16/2012)

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May 16, 2012, 1:45:41 PM5/16/12
'Puppet' and 'Stooge': al-Qaida chief al-Zawahiri issues message on

NATO invites Pakistan to key summit:

Pakistan backs quick deal on NATO supplies:

Another Afghanistan Commander Bails on the War Early:

Taliban video of Bannu jailbreak sold in Pakistani markets:

Three Saeqeh fighters added to Iranian Air Force:

Why the World Isn’t Freaking Out About Iran’s Plasma-Powered Spy Sat:

Saudi Arabian Typhoons to get capability boost:

Yemeni Army Kills 29 Al-Qaida Fighters:

Pirates threaten to kill hostages after EU helicopters strike land

Blogger Shines Light on U.S. Shadow War in East Africa:

Caught in Syrian crossfire, U.N. monitors handed over:

Report: Syria rebels get better weapons as US quietly boosts support:

Does Israel Have Stealthy Black Hawks?:

'Scapegoated'? Westerners accused of massacre in Central African

Italian AF, Navy Head for F-35B Showdown:

Italy police seize more Gaddafi family assets:

Russia to resume hypersonic missile activities:

Russia develops air defence lasers:

Finland to get first Orbiter 2 UAS this year:

Australian Tiger Fleet Hits Another Snag:

Philippines May Buy Fighter Jets Other Than U.S. F-16s:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Singapore unveils its ScanEagle UAV on board Victory-class missile

Navy's Sub-Hunting Skills Declined While China, Iran Built More Subs:

Lockheed Martin's New Standalone Launching System Significantly
Reduces Weapons Integration Costs:

X-47B performs taxi tests at NAS Pax River:

Hackers booby-trap foreign policy group websites:

Northrop Grumman Awarded Contract for LITENING G4 Targeting Pods:

SECDEF orders new F-22 safety measures:

Pic of the Day: Foam Party!:

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