Af/Pak & Other News (10/6/2012)

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Oct 6, 2012, 7:13:25 PM10/6/12
US: Haqqani Tie to Afghan Insider Attacks Possible:

Imran Khan's Pakistan anti-drone drive halts for night:

Life and war in Afghanistan: October 2012:

IAI Harop to enter service with Indian Air Force next year:

Shaher: Iran’s new crew-served “sniper rifle”:

HMS Diamond foils F-15 'attack':

Yemeni troops foil attack on base used by US drones:

Iraq: No One Escapes From The Grave:

Turkey detains 2 in connection with killings in Libya:

Syria vows to 'crush' rebels, launches new attacks:

Al Nusrah Front released photos of execution of Syrian soldiers:

Warplanes Batter Syria's Homs as Turkey Returns Fire:

Arms blasts kill Hezbollah fighters in east Lebanon:

IAF shoots down UAV in northern Negev:

Obama Weighs Retaliation for Attacks in Benghazi, Libya, That Killed
Chris Stevens:

Email Shows State Department Rejecting Request of Security Team at US
Embassy in Libya:

Iranian relief workers in Libya freed:,0,7360706.story

Madagascar seeks buyers for 'Air Force II':

UK MoD seeks Casevac service provider for Kenyan exercises:

French police kill terrorism suspect and arrest 11 in nationwide

Russian, Central Asian Pilots in Air Defense Drills:

DCNS to unveil new FREMM Frigate variant, updated BRAVE supply ship
design at Euronaval 2012:

Pentagon plans to deploy F-35 to Japan:

Okinawans “Trying To Down Osprey With Kites”:

Official: North Korean soldier kills two officers, defects to South:

South Korean Army team visits 159th Combat Aviation Brigade to
evaluate Apache:

The Navy’s New Class of Warships: Big Bucks, Little Bang:

Jeff Bezos And The CIA Invest In D-Wave's Quantum Computer:

Fend Off Trolls, Bots and Jerks With ‘Empathy’ Test:

Navy Bets On Arleigh Burkes To Sail Until 2072; 40 Years Afloat For

Frugality, Careful Timing Drive Marines’ Modernization Plan:,CarefulTimingDriveMarines%E2%80%99ModernizationPlan.aspx

Expendable Missiles vs. Reusable Platform: Costs and Historical Data:

Army Plots New Infrared ‘Obscurants’ to Thicken the Fog of War:

Pentagon Energy Expo: Bring On the Solar:

LASER STRIKES against US planes on the rise:

Third GPS IIF Satellite In Orbit:

Officials Look for Ways to Upgrade Humvees After Recap Cancellation:

Declassified at Last: Air Force’s Supersonic Flying Saucer Schematics:

“We are literally at an evolutionary low in violence. State-on-state
conflict is far less likely than it has been in the past. The problem
is that other kinds of conflict, other kinds of violence, are
exponentially more likely as technology spreads, as the information
age allows organizations and individuals -- middleweight nations, if
you will -- to have capabilities that heretofore were the purview of
major nation-states.":

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