Af/Pak & Other News (10/2/2021)

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Oct 2, 2021, 5:56:26 PM10/2/21
America’s top generals finally cut the bulls–t on Afghanistan; The point of contention was when – not if – Afghanistan would fall.

Three Reasons the Afghanistan Hearings Were a Disaster

After Afghanistan, It’s Time To Admit Counterinsurgency Is a Losing Doctrine

A hint the Afghanistan war isn't really over

Taliban To Deploy Suicide Bombers At Afghanistan Borders: Report

In Tajikistan, an Afghan Resistance Movement Simmers

Pakistan in Talks With Taliban Militants, Even as Attacks Ramp Up

Western Dependence on Pakistan Is Not Going Away

Head of Military Intelligence: Iran not getting the bomb any time soon

RAF intelligence base linked to US drone strike on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani

How We Fell into the Terrorist Trap and Have Yet to Find Our Way Out

Saudi coalition destroys explosive drone fired at Jazan

Erdogan Might Be Too Sick to Keep Leading Turkey

Turkey’s Drones and Proxies are Turning the Tide of War

Mali’s Proposed Deal With Russia’s Wagner Group Could Light up the Sahel

Russia delivers four Mil Mi-17 helicopters to Mali

West Africa’s Jihadists Are Going to War—Against Each Other

SAFE Boats Contracted For Six More Mk VI Patrol Boats for Ukraine

Rostec to Develop Wheeled Variant of ‘Sprut’ Light Tank for Export

Russia to Test Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile from a Submarine

Kremlin Moves to Label All Independent Journalists as Foreign Agents

The U.S. Air Force's First Europe-Based F-35A Squadron Has Been Activated

Armenia’s Last Deterrent: The Buk-M1-2 SAM System

Report: The Netherlands is 'descending into a narco-state'

JF-17 Row: Has Argentina Put Thunder Fighter Jets On Backburner As It Negotiates Exclusive Military Deal With Russia?

Chinese Troops Deployed In Considerable Numbers Across Ladakh: Army Chief

Bad News: China’s Nuclear Weapons Arsenal Is Growing Fast

Taiwan says further 20 Chinese air force planes entered its air defence zone

Taiwan reports a record 38 Chinese warplanes, including nuclear-capable bombers, entered its air defense zone

Taiwan slams largest-ever incursion by Chinese into air defence zone

North Korea Is Weaponizing the Naval ‘Gray Zone’ Against the South

Philippines’ Duterte says he’ll retire, citing views that ‘I’m not qualified’

The possible reasons why Rodrigo Duterte is retiring from Filipino politics

Gov’t UFO Report: No evidence of aliens, but most objects unexplained

After years as a San Diego tourist draw, rusty Soviet sub is headed to the scrap yard

House Intel Committee OKs Space Force Intel Center

Is the Havana Syndrome Real? A Newly Declassified Report Says It May Be Crickets

Soldiers’ Super Suits Will Sense Surroundings Soon

C-130 on floats: Can we expect a seaplane renaissance?

Last Chance For Minuteman

Marine Corps F-35s Are About To Be The First Fighters To Fly From A Japanese Carrier Since WWII

Pratt Testing XA101 Adaptive Engine, Has Two Offerings for F-35

US Navy awards contract to Boeing for more JDAM munitions

Littoral Combat Ship: A Light Amphibious Warship?

General Dynamics to deliver anti-submarine mine system Hammerhead Prototype to US Navy

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