Af/Pak & Other News (6/18/2021)

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Jun 18, 2021, 1:01:08 PM6/18/21
Afghan peace envoy fears pullout will embolden Taliban

Elite Afghan Forces Suffer Horrific Casualties as Taliban Advance

UN Says Planning for Afghanistan Violence Hike When US Troops Withdraw

Militia Takes A Page From Insurgent Playbook In Fight Against Taliban

US will be able to keep embassy in Afghanistan after Turkey agrees to secure airport

Turkey Looks to Expand Footprint in Afghanistan

U.S. says Biden, Erdogan agreed on Afghanistan but S-400 issue is unresolved

Did Joe Biden Get Played by Erdogan on Afghanistan?

Judge under U.S. sanctions set to take over Iran presidency

House votes to repeal 2002 Iraq War authorization as Senate prepares to take action

Turkey’s ALPAGU Fixed-Wing UAV Test Fires Ammunition

Is Islamic State rebuilding in Syrian desert?

World powers promise to help Lebanon's army, without specifics

Israeli military again strikes Gaza after reports of 'incendiary balloons' sparking fires

Iran’s Role in the Latest Gaza Conflict

Iran Creates A Phantom Threat

Rafael networks Python-5 short-range air-to-air missile with Global Link SDR

Why are British C-17s flying to Libya at night?

Haftar sends reinforcements to south Libya

France Slams Russian 'Seizure Of Power' In CAfrica

France is pulling back from Africa’s fastest-growing conflict. Who will fill the security void?

How Russian threats in the 2000s turned this country into the go-to expert on cyber defense

German defense group unveils new autonomous platform

M-346 challenges fifth generation fighters during multinational Falcon Strike 21 exercise

Airbus responds to Air Force call for new tankers to replace Boeing's KC-46

China's Space Station Is Now Manned As Concerns About Its Space Ambitions Grow

Persistent Paper Dragons

Going Coastal: Image Shows Chinese Navy Still Investing In Fixed Defenses

China’s Air Force Has a New Enemy (No, Not the U.S. Air Force)

Chinese AI Learns To Beat Top Fighter Pilot In Simulated Combat

PLA warplanes enter Taiwan air defence zone 2 days after record sortie

US touts Taiwan ‘porcupine’ strategy to thwart Chinese threat

Kim Jong Un told North Korea's government to 'get fully prepared for confrontation' with the US

South Korea’s KSS-III Batch 2 Submarine to Feature both AIP and Li-Ion Batteries

Japan to outline Taiwan’s strategic importance, concerns over China’s maritime strength in defence white paper

‘Something’s going on’: UFOs threaten national security, US politicians warn

Lawmakers react to classified UFO briefing

Biden's 'off-limits' list for Russian cyberattacks criticized as 'green light' to target everything else

Rumors of U.S. Secretly Harboring Top China Official Swirl

An Air Cushion Patrol Seaplane Was Once In The Works With The U.S. And Japan

AC-208: America’s Cessna that shoots Hellfire missiles

US Will Try Using Lasers to Send Data From Space to Drones

Air Force Says Hypersonic Missile Tests Could Kill Four Snails And 90 Clams

Competitors Vie for Army Arctic Vehicle Contract

Army Signals The Abrams Tank Is Here To Stay

Army's New Unmanned Missile Launcher Could Target Ships And Air Defenses

US Army could soon have a high-power microwave to destroy small drone swarms

Check Out This USAF Animated Video of THOR Destroying Drones

Boeing Readies Fix For T-7A Wing Rock, Narrows Schedule Slip

The Air Force Might Make Two Distinct Versions Of Its Next Multirole Stealth Fighter

Navy releases long-range shipbuilding plan that drops emphasis on 355 ships, lays out fleet design priorities

Lawmakers Probe Navy’s Plan to Decommission Cruisers, Navy Says Cuts Will Save $5B Across FYDP

Radar-Equipped Drones May Protect U.S. Navy Ships From Mach 10 Hypersonic Missiles

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