Af/Pak & Other News (6/26/2021)

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Jun 27, 2021, 12:04:44 AM6/27/21
Afghan president rejects intelligence reports that Kabul will fall

Afghanistan is ‘Not a Winnable War,’ White House Says as Taliban Storms Country

Disaster At Hand: Documenting Afghan Military Equipment Losses Since June 2021

The Situation in Afghanistan Is Much Worse Than You Realize

Afghan peace talks should continue unless Taliban pull out -Abdullah

After US Afghanistan withdrawal, will Pakistan, Iran and Turkey take over?

As US Troops Withdraw, Afghanistan Wants India to Send a 'Clear Message to Taliban'

About 80 Afghan interpreters given visas and flown to safety in Australia

U.S. is assessing whether Taliban is serious about peace - Blinken

Taliban’s deputy emir issues guidance for governance in newly seized territory

Pakistan directly responsible for Taliban's return to power: Former US NSA

Tajikistan Tense As Fighting In Afghanistan Approaches Border

India’s Navy Is Becoming a Real Fighting Force Thanks to Russia

Iranian Nuke Centrifuge Plant Badly Damaged By Drones

US condemns drone attack on Erbil in Kurdistan region, Iraq

Iraq paramilitaries show off weaponry in big, anniversary parade

Interpreters on the Run: Baghdad Underground Railroad

Arab Coalition intercepts three drones, ballistic missile targeting Saudi Arabia

US-made drones downed over Yemen weren't military's, CENTCOM says

Gaza: Quad-Copter Blues

Tigray rebels shoots down Ethiopian C-130E aircraft

Tigray Conflict: Videos Provide New Details of Mahbere Dego Massacre

Mozambican helicopter down in Afungi fighting

Kenyan Air Force lose Mi-171E helicopter, 17 dead

Ukraine Reports Daily Shelling In The Donbas

Can offer technology to let subs stay under water for 2 weeks: Russia

Russia Claims It Has a Radar That Can Track 300 Air or Surface Targets

Russia has launched serial production of APR-3ME air-to-submarine missile

New Russian Belgorod submarine launches for first time since incident with British ship in Black Sea

British naval destroyer that angered Russia docks in Georgia

Poland's F-16 fighter fleet reaches 100,000 flight hours milestone

Romania: US Blackhawks and Apaches train with Russian attack helicopters nearby

Germany approves next phase of European fighter jet

First grounding of the Spanish submarine S-81 “Isaac Peral”

‘Super-Rafales’: Dassault Plans To Produce F5 Variant Of Rafale Jets Amid Rising Global Demand & Competition

British Navy uses Puma drone to support landing operations of Royal Marines Commando

Colombian presidential UH-60 holed by gunfire near Venezuelan border

Colombia offers $800,000 reward in attack on leader's copter

China Building Formidable Amphibious Fleet

China Tries To Solve Its Rocket Debris Problem

China deploys J-20 stealth fighter jets to units monitoring Taiwan Strait

Deleted gene sequences confirm coronavirus circulated before Wuhan seafood market

Taiwan security directly linked to Japan, defence minister Kishi says

Japanese military jet intercepts Russian Su-25 Frogfoot attack aircraft

Philippines' human rights record an issue in pending $2.6B military sale

Philippine Defense Secretary says F-16s too expensive

Here Is The Much-Anticipated Government Report On Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon

Pentagon Told to “Formalize” Its Investigation of UFOs, Possibly Expand UAP Task Force

That Pesky “Catchall ‘Other’ Bin” for UFOs

What the Pentagon’s New UFO Report Reveals About Humankind

Why the Pentagon UFO report is deeply troubling for US security experts

UAP Task Force Report Offers Limited Answers While Drawing The Public Spotlight

An exclusive sneak peek of the official trailer to the upcoming Thud Pilots II – Rise of the Hunter Killer documentary

'R2-D2' Spotted On Scaled Composite's ARES Test Jet

Estes Industries launches spin-out rocket company

SOCOM test set the future for modular weapon rail systems

Army soldiers get involved in helicopter design process

Marine Osprey Flies With New Radar-Scrambling Intrepid Tiger System For The First Time

Why a Mach 5 SR-72 ‘Darkstar’ Spy Plane Could Already Be Flying

The Air Force’s new ABMS strategy: Buy new capability, now

US Navy orders 9 more King Stallions ahead of important operational testing

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