Af/Pak & Other News (9/30/2021)

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Sep 30, 2021, 2:36:33 PM9/30/21
Milley privately blames State Dept. for chaotic Afghanistan evacuation

Milley Warns ‘Real Possibility’ of Al-Qaeda, ISIS Resurgence in Afghanistan By Spring

Al-Qaeda Could Flourish With New Strategy Under Taliban Rule

With Naming of New Atomic Chief, Is a Nuclear Taliban Possible?

U.S. commander confirms Taliban floated U.S. control of Kabul security during evacuation

Taliban order fighters out of Afghan homes they took over

Holding Bagram Air Base required more troops in Afghanistan, Pentagon officials say

Pentagon officials say Afghan govt's collapse was rooted in 2020 US deal with Taliban

Kabul's mayor on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Afghans bury paintings and hide books out of fear of Taliban crackdown on arts and culture

Testimony: The Biden Administration’s Policy on Afghanistan

Former adviser Sarah Chayes: The US failed to understand how Afghans wage war

One Senator’s Plan to Cut Through the Politics and Get Answers on Afghanistan

'We just got 70 kids and 30 adults to safety': How an ad hoc group rescued thousands of the Afghans left behind

U.S. intensifies talks to use Russian bases for Afghan counterterrorism ops

Unprecedented standoff with China at LAC needed huge mobilisation amid Covid-19: Gen Naravane

Tensions grow with Azerbaijan as Iran moves forces to border

Iran Counts Down Days Until U.S. Withdraws from Iraq

Turkey Demands U.S. Deliver Fighter Jets or Return $1.4 Billion Payment for Them

Top generals step down in ominous sign for Turkish military in Syria

Turkey seeks closer alliance with Russia in Syria

Libya: Negotiating the Price of Peace

An autonomous robot may have already killed people — here’s how the weapons could be more destabilizing than nukes

Russia to Test Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile Ahead of Rollout for Armed Forces

Putin, Erdogan Discuss "Broadening" S-400 Cooperation Amidst U.S. Threat to Increase Sanctions Against Turkey

Communists sue, say online voting in Moscow was rigged

Russia declares editor who delved into Navalny poisoning a wanted man, he says

“Disaster For NATO,” Defeated By Russia Over And Over In Their Own Wargame Exercises

Bayraktar TB2 UAVs Join The Inventory Of The Turkmenistan Army

Belarus blocks news site after deaths of dissident, KGB

Safran Patroller tactical drone system in the Finnish sky

Fugitive former Nazi death camp secretary 'found' hours after fleeing ahead of war crimes trial

Boeing Awarded Contract for Five P-8A Poseidon MPA for Germany

Greece Signs Mutual Defense Treaty With France as Tensions Rise With Neighboring Turkey

Royal Navy tests carrier-borne drone ops with HMS Prince of Wales

Type-31 Frigate Key to U.K. Royal Navy’s Growth

Ecuador: At least 116 dead in prison battle that has left bodies 'decapitated' and 'dismembered'

Airshow China 2021: Janes analysis of a highly anticipated event

New version of China’s most advanced air-to-air missile the PL-15 is destined for export market

China ready to start exporting supersonic cruise missiles

China preps rollout of a new carrier-based fighter jet

CASC unveils airdrop AUV concept

China's Belt and Road saddles nations with billions in 'hidden debt,' study finds

Online Tiananmen museum is blocked in Hong Kong as Internet curbs widen

China's Military Aircraft Flights Near Taiwan Hit Monthly Record High

Kim Jong Un vows greater nuclear capability, warns US

N.Korea's Kim offers to reopen hotline with South; denounces 'hostile' U.S.

Kim Jong Un's mysterious sister was promoted, cementing her place in North Korea's leadership

South Korea advances plan for next-generation amphibious assault vehicle

US, Philippines assessing defense treaty, China wary

Philippines defence chief says was urged by China to drop review of U.S. pact

First two Mitsubishi XSH-60Ls delivered.

What AUKUS Means For Australia: More Than Nuclear Subs

NSA Cyber Chief Warns Hackers Increasingly Use Commercial Tools to Stay Hidden

Researchers Warn Of ‘Dangerous’ Artificial Intelligence-Generated Disinformation At Scale

U.S. and Russia say they held 'substantive' arms control talks in Geneva

RAND Report Asks What Pushes America’s Competitors to Send Military Abroad

Skunk Works Boss Says He Can't Comment On Video Of Mysterious Stealth Shape At Radar Test Range

5G Tower Designed to Protect Battlefield Communications

It's No Coincidence that the U.S. and China Are Building Replicas of Each Other’s Tanks

M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun: Massive and Old (But Irreplaceable?)

20 KC-135s Were Rapidly Launched Out Of Fairchild AFB This Morning

What it means to be an Apache pilot, according to 6 Apache pilots

Army investigating suspected suicides of three Fort Drum soldiers

US Army trains forces across military on tools to fight drones

U.S. Fighter Jets Will Operate From Japan’s Newest Aircraft Carrier, the JS Izumo

Transfer of F-22 Formal Training Unit to Langley delayed until tactical air study will determine how many Raptors the USAF needs

The Future Is Here: Air Force Porters Get Exoskeleton From Arizona State University

Hypersonic Missile Tests For The B-1 Bomber Are Coming Next Year According To Boeing

Northrop Grumman Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Extended Range transitions into low rate initial production

Failed Destroyer Design Finds A Purpose

The New Threats Affecting Aircraft Carriers

Navy asks Raytheon to build ESSM Block 2 anti-air shipboard missiles in potential $1.3 billion deal

Report on Virginia-class Attack Submarine Program

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