Af/Pak & Other News (12/14/2021)

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Dec 14, 2021, 1:45:19 PM12/14/21
Examining the Taliban’s Words, Thoughts, and Deeds, Part I: The Myth of Taliban 2.0

UN Warns Of Killings, 'Total Reversal' On Rights In Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule

Pentagon won’t punish troops in wrongful Kabul drone strike

India may become the first buyer of S-500 anti-aircraft missile system: Russian deputy PM Borisov

Nuclear deal with Iran will soon be 'empty shell' -European diplomats

Europe, US frustrated with Iranian stance in nuclear talks

IRGC Navy receives another batch of attack boats

UAE threatens to pull out of $23 bln F-35, drone deal with U.S.- WSJ

Turkey Tests World’s First Laser-Equipped Drone

U.S. Navy Tests Unmanned Sailboat Off Jordan

The message behind ‘Israel airstrikes on Syrian chemical weapons’? - analysis

Israeli official says Syria must not have chemical weapons

Israel won’t have tankers needed for Iran strike until late 2024 — report

Operating In Plain Sight

RADA teases new exMHR radar for mobile Iron Dome variants

French soldiers to leave Timbuktu, last of three bases in Northern Mali

Tanzania displays Chinese VT2 Main Battle Tank during military parade

Aided by Drones, Ethiopia Is Turning the Tide in Tigray

New Drone Infrastructure Emerges At Harar Meda Air Base

Burkina Faso says it killed about 100 militants in operation with Niger

How Ukraine Can Strengthen Itself

Ukraine MoD to order additional RK-360MC Neptune coastal missile battalion

Ukraine Says Troop Call Up is Defensive Maneuver Over Concerns Russian Planning Invasion

Russia to Upgrade Air Defense Along Ukraine Border

Don’t Expect Tank-On-Tank Battles In Ukraine

Russia Unveils Stealthier Version Of Its Flying-Wing Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle

CIA employees worked in Russian government in mid-1990s — Putin

“Unidentified Aircraft” Causes Russian Commercial Flights To Change Course

EXPLAINER: Moscow’s rocky relationship with NATO alliance

Large helicopter order Serbian Armed Forces

Germany Blocks Anti-Drone Guns Sale to Ukraine

MBDA’s Marte ER Anti-Ship Missile Successfully Passes Final Test

‘Porcupines’ at sea: British lawmakers sound the alarm on the Royal Navy

S-70i for UK's NMH?

Type 83 Destroyer to enter concept phase next year

Chinese army builds highways and roads in eastern Ladakh

China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Enters Mass Production after Domestic Engine 'Puzzle' Solved

Time to set global rules for AI warfare, China tells UN weapons review

Don't Buy China's Hypersonic Head-Fake. Its Spaceplanes Are Racing Ahead.

How Beijing Influences the Influencers

China: Priorities Foreign and Domestic

A recent spy case shows how China has been able to pull off its whirlwind military modernization

Sinpho South Shipyard: The SINPO-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine Moved to Drydock

South Korean Navy Launches High Speed Landing Craft

Thai Army’s Training Helicopter Crashes, 2 Crew Killed

Australia’s Aukus nuclear submarines could cost as much as $171bn, report finds

Scientists Will Release Over 3 Terabytes of UFO Data in 2022

A Stanford Professor Wants to Unlock the Secrets of UFO Crash Materials

The Navy's fusion plans could produce a world-shattering weapon

Hackers launch over 840,000 attacks through Log4J flaw

This New AI Tool Can Help Spot an Imminent Invasion

US and Mexico begin work on new security framework

Solid-State Batteries Are Here and They're Going to Change How We Live

Electric vehicles for military just a ‘matter of timeline’: BAE Systems Inc CEO

US to provide C408 SkyCourier to FMS customers

Kaman Pitches New Cargo Drone for Marines

This Is Our First Look At Kratos' Shadowy New Drone Design For The U.S. Air Force

Jet ejection seat, breathing system oversight strengthened in defense bill

U.S. Space Force holds war game to test satellite network under attack

USMC to conduct first live-fire test to ‘stress' MRIC prototype against cruise missile threat

Raytheon to Upgrade radars of U.S. Marine Corps’ F/A-18 Hornet Jets

Long-range missiles force US Air Force to rethink AWACS technology

USAF Short Lists Concepts For High-Speed VTOL Prototyping

391st Fighter Squadron F-15Es are the first aircraft of an operational unit to drop the GBU-53/B StormBreaker Small Diameter Bomb II

Damaged USS Connecticut Likely Had A "Nightmare Voyage" To San Diego Says Veteran Submariner

Report to Congress on DDG(X)

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