Af/Pak & Other News (7/18/2021)

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Jul 18, 2021, 5:51:11 PM7/18/21
Afghan gov't and Taliban to meet again after inconclusive talks

Taliban say they want Afghan deal, even as they battle on

Retired U.S. general: Afghanistan is disintegrating

Afghanistan: What happens if the Taliban takes over Kabul

Afghanistan Withdrawal: China Accuses Biden of “Shirking Responsibility”

Afghanistan Recalls Diplomats From Pakistan Over Kidnapping of Envoy's Daughter

Russia offered U.S. use of Central Asia bases for Afghan intel - paper

India’s worries over Taliban in Afghanistan fuels talk of revived ‘Northern Alliance’ with Iran, Russia

India: OFB Dies For Our Sins

Why induction of American MH-60 Romeo choppers is good news for Indian Navy

Defence ministry extends emergency powers to armed forces as India-China stand-off continues

Biden administration rips Iran over delay in prisoner exchange talks

Power struggle in Kurdish region of Iraq raises questions - analysis

Militia officials: US drone destroys militia truck in Syria

China takes firm stand against regime change in Syria

Revealed: leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon

Russia’s Disturbing Actions on Innocent Passage in the Black Sea

Russia's New Fighter Design Seen Uncovered For The First Time

U.S. intelligence calls new Russian fighter jet a “Screamer”

Spy Submarine: Russia's AS-31 Losharik

Russian military aircraft help fight wildfires in Siberia

Russia's mysterious campaign against Jehovah's Witnesses

What the Afghanistan Withdrawal Means for Georgia’s NATO Dreams

In Orban’s Hungary, spyware was used to monitor journalists and others who might challenge the government

U.S. wants to build a new DARC site in U.K.

After unrest and arrests, Cuban government holds flag-waving rally as show of strength

'The government is losing ground' residents say as gangs take territory in Venezuela's capital

China builds new Great Wall as global sea conflict escalates

For North Korean workers, Russia’s Far East remains a windfall for them and for Kim’s regime

South Korea to bring home sailors aboard virus-hit destroyer

Australia: US Army Launches Patriot Missiles During Talisman Saber 21

Ex-Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen: 'Incredibly disturbing' that military leadership reportedly feared Trump coup

Navy helicopter crashes in California while searching for hiker, crew rescued after 20 hours in rugged terrain

MDA, SDA satellite efforts look to mature RF, optical broadband capabilities

The rifle setup Force Recon Marines carry into the fight

The Marine Corps Just Beat the Air Force and Navy in the Latest Jet Capability Race

Why the U.S. Navy Is in Dire Straits

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