Af/Pak & Other News (8/24/2021)

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Aug 24, 2021, 3:29:15 PMAug 24
US Has Evacuated 42,000 from Kabul; 16,000 in last 24 Hours Alone, Pentagon Says

UK has so far evacuated 7,000 people from Afghanistan

The UK accidentally evacuated someone on its no-fly list from Afghanistan, but is now letting them go

France detains Afghan evacuee, investigates possible Taliban links

US sends helicopter into Kabul neighborhood to extricate stranded Americans

U.S. Prepared To Destroy Equipment It Can't Airlift Out Of Kabul As Withdrawal Deadline Looms

Airbnb says it will house at least 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan

U.S. scraps plan to use S.Korea, Japan bases for Afghan refugees -sources

Pentagon Dismisses The Idea Of Retaking Bagram Air Base To Support Kabul Evacuations

The US military has been sending troops to rescue Americans stuck outside the Kabul airport, Pentagon says

How Could Afghans Have Hung onto the USAF C-17A Globemaster III Escaping Kabul?

The US and Taliban are heading to a confrontation over the Kabul airport if thousands of Americans and allies don't get out in the next 7 days

Official: Biden to Stick to Aug 31 Deadline to Withdraw US Forces from Afghanistan

Biden wants to trade Afghan heroin trafficker back to Taliban for last US hostage

Al-Qaeda Is Still in Afghanistan: Denial Hurts US Credibility

The top U.S. officer in Afghanistan talks with the Taliban almost every day.

CIA chief secretly met Taliban leader as Biden faces pressure over Afghan evacuation deadline

G7 leaders to hold emergency summit over crisis in Afghanistan

Petraeus Questions U.S. Ability to Counter Terrorism After Afghanistan’s Fall

Afghan refugees living in 'dire conditions' at US air base: report

Squalid, Unsanitary Conditions Reported at U.S. Afghan Refugee Base: 'A Living Nightmare'

The Deeper Crisis Behind the Afghan Rout; Observers abroad see the culmination of decades of American incompetence.

Taliban close Kabul airport road to Afghans to block their evacuation

Taliban Block Afghans’ Access to Kabul Airport

Afghanistan: Credible reports of executions by Taliban says UN

Evacuating Jets Execute Combat Manoeuvres Amid ISIS Missile Fears

5 evacuated Afghans are under surveillance over links to the Taliban

‘Digital Dunkirk’: How Social Media Is Aiding the Kabul Evacuation

Afghans Without Formal Papers Develop Signals to Tell Military They Qualify for Evacuation

The Taliban Are Ditching AK-47s for Captured U.S. M16 Rifles

Taliban transformed by haul of advanced U.S.-made weapons; lawmakers demand answers

The Taliban Now Controls a U.S.-Made Super-Surveillance System

‘An enormously valuable trove’: America’s race against Afghan data

Taliban could sell data about U.S. military operations to China, former State Department official warns

Afghanistan’s Precarious Networks: Will The Taliban, Once Again, Go Dark?

A look inside Afghanistan's crypto underground

The Taliban's Quest For Legitimacy Faces Mounting Obstacles

Taliban's Control of Afghanistan Could Mean Rapid Al-Qaeda Resurgence, Official Says

Adapting to a new reality in Afghanistan

China’s Top Priority In Afghanistan Is Stability, Experts Say

Taliban sends hundreds of fighters to final province beyond its control

Local Afghan militias claimed victory last week in 3 northern Afghanistan districts. On Monday, the Taliban took them back.

Panjshir Resistance Digs in to Defend Key Valley From Taliban

Anti-Taliban Resistance Seeks Power-Sharing Deal to Limit Sharia Law in Afghanistan

Taliban seat on UN Commission on the Status of Women is 'likely,' John Bolton says

Gissar Military Aerodrome -- India’s first overseas base that came to the rescue in Afghan crisis

Iran Revolutionary Guard launches missiles into Syria over parade attack

Low Cost, No Questions Asked

No end to Yemen civil war on the horizon, senior UN official briefs Security Council

Saudis Sign Military Cooperation Agreement With Russia

LAÇIN Guidance Kit is being prepared to enter the inventory

Roketsan adds Tanok laser guided strike power to tanks

ROKETSAN Is Developing A Ground-Based Version of The ATMACA Missile

Roketsan displays Smart Micro Munition Family MAM-T

Roketsan showcases Close-in Air Defense System Levent

Syrian army and pro-Iranian militias attack rebel enclave in southern city

Russian army patrol rebel enclave in Syria to avert offensive, sources say

Israel bombs Hamas sites in Gaza over fire balloons, Israeli military says

Israel: Entebbe in person: A new oral history challenges official account of 1976 rescue

Nigeria Says 'Safe to Assume' Boko Haram Leader Is Dead

French Reaper Block 5 UAV conducts first airstrike

Congo: Rare Objects And Practices

Ukraine, Iran deny report Ukrainian plane hijacked in Afghanistan

Russia Casts a Pragmatic Eye on Afghanistan’s Taliban

Russian MiG-29 Burns Down in Accidental Fire, Follows Fatal Crash 5 Days Ago

Russia Lays Keel of Four Submarines and Two Corvettes at Once

Russian Helicopters advances Mi-171Sh Storm development

Russia’s ‘Orion’ Drone to Get Electronic Warfare System

Russia Uses Defense Show To Try And Boost Arms Sales To Middle East

Abandoned T-90 tank found at a garbage dump in Volgograd

Massive Expansion Underway At Russia's Northernmost Arctic Air Base

Russia uses new hardware to target Navalny's anti-Kremlin app - experts

US military presence surges to assist Haiti-relief efforts

China Has Improved Accuracy of Its Missile Force, U.S. Army Finds

China unveils improved short-range ballistic missile

A Post-Afghanistan Chinese Push Could Impact Relationship With Israel

China's Mach 30 Wind Tunnel to Help In Hypersonic Weapons, Spacecraft Development

The YJ-18 ASCM Expands China’s A2AD Strategy

Beijing’s American Hustle

China Pushes Own 'Lab Leak' Conspiracy As Biden's COVID Report Draws Near

Taiwan military seeks to add anti-submarine helicopters to 2022 national budget

The new reality of UFOs: An interview with journalist Leslie Kean

So you want to fly a drone over a nuclear weapons lab ...

Check Out This Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine Transformed Into A Floating Schoolhouse

The American Foreign Policy Establishment and the Sino-Russian Split

US military must prepare for POW concerns in the deepfake era

What Satellite Attack Weapon Might The US Reveal Soon?

U.S. Army Engages 8 Cruise Missile Targets in First Live Fire of ‘Iron Dome’

Here’s who the US Army has tapped to build an enduring capability to counter drones and cruise missiles

The Army's New Laser Weapon Can Burn Holes Right Through Drones

After procurement cuts, US Army jammer in ‘prove it’ phase

Red Dragon airdrops palletised JASSM-ER from EC-130J, C-17A

Report to Congress on Navy Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense

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