Af/Pak & Other News (4/7/2021)

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Apr 7, 2021, 1:04:52 PM4/7/21
Afghan Army Retakes Key Southern District From Taliban

Waiting for a withdrawal decision

Australia Investigates War Crime Allegations In Afghanistan

India's 6 Future Alpha SSNs - SSBN Protectors

Iran ship said to be Red Sea troop base off Yemen attacked

Iranian vessel, said to be IRGC-linked spy ship, hit by limpet mine in Red Sea

Attack On Iranian Forward Base Ship In Red Sea: What You Need To Know About Saviz

Iran tankers with 3M barrels of crude oil head to Syria, defying US sanctions

Iran has produced 55 kg of 20% enriched uranium since January: official

Exploding Evidence In Iran

In Soleimani’s path, Iran’s IRGC is in Iraq for meetings

60 IS militants killed in airstrikes in Iraq

Battle for Yemen desert city now a key to Iran, US tension

Turkish Stars NF-5 Jet Crashes During Training Flight At Konya Air Base Killing Pilot

Turkey sentences dozens to life terms over 2016 failed coup

Israel notifies US it attacked Iranian ship in Red Sea - report

Yemen, Syria and Iran’s capabilities: A look at Israel’s strategic view of key proxy conflicts in the MidEast

Suez Canal blockage: Investigators analyzing Ever Given's black box that could hold key to costly grounding

IS-Linked Militants ‘Chased’ From Mozambique Town of Palma: President

Ukraine says NATO path is only way to end war in eastern region

In Russian state TV, experts gladly discuss Russian nuclear strike in case of further escalation in Ukraine. “This will make Americans fear and we will be able to do what we want” - is the main message.

The Guns of April: Six Questions About the Russia-Ukraine Situation

Kremlin says Russia to keep troops near Ukraine border for as long as it sees fit

Russia sent sniper squads to eastern Ukraine

Russian Knights Aerobatic Jet Team Launches Live Missile

5 Ways The Russian Navy Could Target Undersea Internet Cables

Belgorod nuclear powered special mission submarine to serve in Pacific

Is Russia's Secret MiG-41 Stealth Fighter For Real?

Russia to boost ties with Pakistan, supply military gear

Russian Ruselectronics Creates Surveillance, Reconnaissance Device for Special Forces

Amnesty International says Russia may be slowly killing Navalny

For autocrats like Vladimir Putin, ruthless repression is often a winning way to stay in power

Submarines and trawlers: Nord Stream 2 director spots something fishy in the Baltic

Greece-hosted ARIADNE-21 multinational MCM exercise conducted in the Gulf of Patras

First UK E-7 Wedgetail ready for conversion work

Borderline Illegal: The Story Behind the UK’s Most Secretive SOF Unit

China’s ‘new’ border rules in Tibet point to same old dispute with India

China is betting that the West is in irreversible decline

China hands two Uighur ex-government officials death penalty for 'separatism'

Chinese Fighter Pilot Sends 'Airspace' Warning in Latest Fracas With Taiwan

China sends more jets; Taiwan says it will fight to the end if there's war

US military cites rising risk of Chinese move against Taiwan

Computer-simulated invasion will kick off Taiwan war games

Chinese spy ships appear as Taiwan prepares missile tests; Missile launches believed to involve Thunderbolt-2000, Sky Bow III weapons systems

Taiwan says may shoot down Chinese drones in South China Sea

US Navy Strike Group Enters South China Sea Amid Growing Tension

N. Korea moves submersible missile test stand barge: US think tank

Kim says North Korea facing its ‘worst-ever situation’

South Korea’s KAI looks to develop home-made transport aircraft

KAI to roll out first KF-X on Apr. 9; Indonesia’s Defense Minister invited to attend

Would Access to Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base Really Benefit China?

Indonesia begins construction of submarine base in South China Sea

Myanmar security forces kill 13 protesters; small blasts hit Yangon

Russian Pantsir-S1 air defense system enters in service with Myanmar army

Philippines: Burned More Often Than Benefitted

Australia puts Black Hawk helicopter fleet up for sale

Mystery Objects Remain Unidentified; New photographs obtained by Mystery Wire show different shaped objects

Navy Seabees built Kamala Harris a desk with wood, copper, and nails from the US's oldest warship

US Special Operations units to take on Chinese disinformation

NORAD test connects all combatant commands with AI-driven information

Defense Intelligence Agency continues progress on MARS database

DOD Report Shows Troubling Trend in Military Suicides

USAF airmen are playing a new board game that focuses on a hypothetical situation in the Western Pacific

New Telescopes Will Help Space Force Watch For Hostile Satellite Activity

Sierra Nevada Chases Its LIFE Dream

The Army Wants Networked Mines That Leap Up To Attack The Tops Of Tanks

US Army Developing Self-Reliant Drones

Future Tank: Beyond The M1 Abrams

Why The Army May Still Need to Attack Enemies in A "Manned" Tank

US Army’s Not Stupid for Wanting Long-Range Fires — But More Analysis Needed, Hyten Says

US Navy, CENTCOM seek solutions for stratospheric ISR operations

Marines Launch Investigation into 15th MEU After Fatal AAV Incident

Raytheon to make upgrades like cryptographic modernization to new GBU-54/B Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) II

The F-15EX Is Now Officially Named The Eagle II

The U.S. Navy Is About To Buy A Whole Lot Of Frigates—It Matters Who Builds Them

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