Af/Pak & Other News (12/13/2021)

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Dec 13, 2021, 1:48:14 PM12/13/21
For a Taliban-Ruled Afghanistan, and the Rest of the World, a Crisis Looms

The AP Interview: Taliban seek ties with US, other ex-foes

Top Taliban official called the US 'great and big' and asked it to release $10 billion of frozen Afghan reserves

India successfully tests long-range Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo off Balasore coasts

Indian Army to Hold Unmanned Ground Vehicle Experiment

Iran builds new 'intel ship' dubbed Shiraz - analysis

Turkey and Ukraine to jointly produce Turkish TAI Anka combat drones

Hostages taken during US airborne operation, according to Syrian media

Israeli airstrikes in Syria targeted chemical weapons facilities, officials say

US 5th Fleet tests new USV in Jordan

US rejects Israeli request for tanker aircraft as Iran plans advance

Libya: plan for presidential election on 24 December close to collapse

In Libya, Gaddafi leadership bid opens old wounds

Morocco Buys Israeli AUDs

Ukraine’s border is a frozen no man’s land. Pro-Russian forces are just 50 yards away.

Ukraine accuses Russia of information warfare after 'neo-Nazi' arrests

Ukraine Rebuilds With NATO Ships

Russia says it may be forced to deploy intermediate nuclear missiles in Europe

Assessing Russian Use of Social Media as a Means to Influence U.S. Policy

What Russia Wants from a Ukraine Crisis: A Sphere of Influence in Eastern Europe

Russia’s Vladimir Putin reveals he moonlighted as a taxi driver after Soviet Union collapse

EU ministers debate ways to shield Ukraine from Russia

EU imposes sanctions on Russian mercenary group Wagner over human rights abuses

China’s Nuclear Arsenal Is At Least Doubling in Size—But Under What Circumstances Would Beijing Actually Use It?

PLA drills near Taiwan may turn into full-scale attack, island’s defence ministry warns

Taiwanese Ministry of Defense Assesses Chinese Invasion Would Be Very Difficult

The US cut a Taiwanese minister from a video feed after she displayed a map showing her country as separate from China

Moon says North Korea has agreed 'in principle' to formally end Korean War

South Korea Has Long Wanted Nuclear Subs. A New Reactor Could Open a Door.

Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency investigate Chinese aerospace researchers

Japan to allocate budget for F-15JSI in 2022 (but Tokyo will drop the integration of the LRASM on the Japanese Eagle)

Singapore finally, officially unveils its secret new naval craft

Australia buys K9 howitzers from South Korea’s Hanwha Defense

Here’s the charge sheet of the sailor accused of setting a $1.4 billion warship on fire

Fixing What is Wrong With Our Generals

The President’s New Helicopters Are Ready For Service. So Why Aren’t They Flying?

The machiavellian backstory of the F-16

Let’s Talk About The Secretive RQ-170 Sentinel Photographed In Flight Over California Desert Recently

Latest AMRAAM Air-To-Air Missile Aims To Keep Pace With China

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