Af/Pak & Other News (9/17/2012)

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Sep 17, 2012, 1:05:49 PM9/17/12
Taliban provide some details on Camp Bastion attack:

NATO defensive over unprecedented base losses:

NATO: 1 Wounded in Latest Afghan Insider Attack:

Taliban targeted Afghanistan base to get to Prince Harry:,0,6583550.story

Al Qaeda 'facilitator' killed in Kunar airstrike:

USMC lost part of its electronic warfare capability with attack on

Afghan insider attacks are 'last gasp effort' by Taliban: US:

Afghan protest over anti-Islam film turns into melee:

Reports: Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile:

Feds: Hide SEAL name given to Hollywood:

U.S. Army Eyes Robot Supply Copters:

Latest developments on anti-Islam film protests:

15-20 high ranking CIA spies in Turkey, says Philip Giraldi:

Suicide bomber kills at least 8 in Baghdad:

Flight of The Mystery Drone: Bird ‘Bot Flew over Iraq:

Syrian jets hit Lebanese territory near border:

Benghazi emerges as key recruiting ground for al-Qaida, US intel
analysts say:

Air traffic controllers' strike grounds Libya flights:

Mogadishu, Somalia, leader knows he might not survive being mayor:,0,6218002.story

Royal Navy’s Newest Attack Submarine Ready for Sea Trials:

Bill Sweetman: China’s new fighter is F-35 without STOVL constrains:

Secret hearing for police chief in China scandal:

US-Japan agree on new defense system to counter North Korea ballistic

China sends 1,000 boats armada to disputed island chain:

AMRAAM: Fixing a key missile:

Raytheon to debut target-seeking BattleGuard at US Army Conference:

Cyberwarfare and Combined Arms:

OSINT Gets Some Respect:

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