Af/Pak & Other News (6/15/2021)

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Jun 15, 2021, 2:13:32 PM6/15/21
MoD charters aircraft to move personnel out of Afghanistan

U.S. To Continue ‘Robust And Serious’ Afghan Assistance After Withdrawal

Afghan allies ‘begging’ for their lives, face Taliban attacks amid US withdrawal

US out, Taliban ride on violence, situation critical in Afghanistan

Taliban takes control of 30 districts in past six weeks

NATO to decide on Kabul airport, key role for Turkey: Stoltenberg

Turkey seeks US support to maintain troops in Afghanistan

Turkey’s Erdogan proposes new security mission involving Pakistan for Kabul airport safety

Iran says it produced 6.5 kg of uranium enriched to 60%

The Mossad’s International Brigade in Iran

Iran intensified efforts for nuclear weapons, missile tech in Germany

Khamenei set to tighten grip in Iran vote as frustrations grow

Biden Backs Effort in Congress to Repeal 'Forever War' Authority in Iraq

How special-ops units used 'old-school commando stuff' behind enemy lines to keep Saddam's forces distracted

UAE-backed Yemen leader says his troops at island air base

Houthis Lay Sea Mines In Red Sea; Coalition Boasts Few Minesweepers

Israeli military says Gaza tower bombing destroyed Hamas EW capability

Israeli Blue Bird Aero Strikes World's Single Biggest Drone Deal for 150 UAVs with European Nation

US Navy’s largest exercise in Africa underway in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal

S-400 SAMs Knocked Out In Simulated Strikes During Big Army-Led Exercise In Africa

Eritrea and Somalia’s Behavior in the Tigray Conflict Is Worse than First Reported

LUCH to develop SD-300 mid-range air defense system for Ukrainian Army

New Ukrainian Attack Drone Concept Has Russian UAVs, Tanks in its Sights

From the trenches of Russia's undeclared war on Ukraine, a warning for America about Putin's intentions

Russia, Once a Space Superpower, Turns to China for Missions

New Missile Tested for Russia's S-500 Air Defense System

Why Vladimir Putin Wants A Deal to Prevent 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' From Pulling Joe Biden Into War

NATO: “Case By Case” Decisions On Whether Cyber and Space Attacks Could Trigger Article 5

Nato says China presents ‘systemic challenges’ and vows to counter its rise

Germany: New Generation Military Trucks

UK to sell E-3D to US Navy as ‘Doomsday' trainer aircraft

The Chinese navy is building destroyers so quickly that it's running out of cities to name them after

Chinese Air Force Pilots Pit their Skills against AI Opponents in High-Tech Simulator

Explainer: What happened at China’s Taishan nuclear reactor?

Bad News: China Is Copying More Than Stealth Fighter Jet Technology

China's maritime militia breaks rules and charts course for global dominance

China: Peace In Our Time

Critical entities targeted in suspected Chinese cyber spying

Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese air force

Police deployed at South Korea THAAD base as U.S. seeks upgrades

Vietnam Expands Maritime Presence Amid South China Sea Tension

Australia: New Material Able To Withstand Extreme Temperatures Discovered Totally By Accident

Canadian Submarine Bedeviled By Accidents For A Decade Is Finally Back In The Water

That Pentagon UFO report has us thinking all wrong about the military

Former Boeing 737 pilot tells the story of an odd UFO sighting he had in the skies above Los Angeles

Military stumped by stolen box of armor-piercing grenades

Hawaii-Based F-22s Scrambled On FAA's Request But Nobody Will Say Why

U.S. to take steps against white supremacists and militia groups

Stolen Army assault rifles keep showing up in California

The US Army beat every other service in losing track of weapons over the past decade

Biden to Stay Course on Nuclear Modernization

XF-108 Rapier: The Mach 3 Monster The Air Force Said ‘No’ To

Researchers ask industry for military technologies in artificial intelligence (AI) and unmanned aircraft

Report to Congress on Precision-Guided Weapons

Space Force Got A Satellite Into Orbit In Just Four Months

GPS III Launch Will Provide Global M-Code

The U.S. Army Is Falling In Love Again with the M240 Machine Gun

U.S. Army moves on to the next phase of next-gen artillery system program

US Army to fund extended-range Precision Strike Missile starting in FY22

Special Ops MH-47 Chinooks Can Use These Fuel Dump Pipes To Help Climb Over Mountains

US Army looks for vehicle-launched swarming loitering munition ideas

Army orders two prototype sensor suites for next generation surveillance plane

U.S. Marine Corps eyes DARPA OpFires hypersonic missile to target enemy ships from islands in the Pacific

MADIS Marine Air Defense Integrated System allows US Marines to be swift

Why The Air Force’s Plan For Fighting China Could Make Nuclear War More Likely

F-35 pilot: Forget drones, the skies still belong to fighter pilots

Small drone biz Vanilla Unmanned has big plans for the US Navy

The Navy's Railgun Is Finally Dead

US Navy’s Zumwalt Destroyers to Carry 12 Hypersonic Weapons in 2025

A Few Weeks Ago, American And Chinese Aircraft Carriers Were On A Collision Course In The Western Pacific—Check Out The Map

US Navy accelerates TACAMO nuclear communications recap plan

MDA: U.S. Aircraft Carriers Now at Risk from Hypersonic Missiles

The Navy Is Developing "Bio-Inspired" Drones That Transition Between Air And Water

Drop “Littoral Combat”-America’s 17 Independence Class Ships Are Surveillance Frigates

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