Af/Pak & Other News (2/3/2021)

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Feb 3, 2021, 2:01:21 PM2/3/21
Taliban on diplomatic blitz after Afghan peace talks stall

Afghanistan troop withdrawal should be tied with peace talk progress, says German foreign minister

To Leave Afghanistan, Biden Must Solve His Ghani Problem

Insider attacks against US troops in Afghanistan have dropped to a historic low. Here’s why

Groundhog Day in Afghanistan

UN report: Widespread torture of detainees in Afghan prisons

Pakistan says it successfully test fired short-range missile

HAL's Displays RUAV Drone Concept for High-Altitude Cargo Delivery

British-Iranian academic jailed in Iran tells of escape through mountains to return to UK

Suspected Iranian loitering SAM powered by Dutch minijet

U.S. cool to, but does not reject, Iran's idea on reviving nuclear deal

Turkey launches F-16 life-extension program amid lack of replacement aircraft

IDF: Anti-aircraft missiles fired at Israeli drone from south Lebanon

IDF to receive improved Trophy APS

Israel Is Going To Market Its Weapons Systems In The United Arab Emirates

Rafael unveils SPICE 250 ER development

Egyptian Air Force displays SCALP cruise missile

Libya: Negotiate Or Die

Tunisian soldiers killed by explosive device in mountains close to Algerian border

Ukraine Sanctions 'Russian Trojan Horse' Media Assets Associated With Putin Friend

Russia Researching Future Interceptor Technologies, New Light Fighters

Russia proceeds with Ka-226T light rotorcraft program

Russian Foreign Minister Accuses 'West' of Staging Alexei Navalny's Poisoning

Russia: Mass detentions after Putin critic Navalny jailed

Documents Show Firm That Created Security, Communications Systems For Russian Government Also Worked On 'Putin's Palace'

Hackers Target Pro-Kremlin TV Site, Redirect Users to Alexei Navalny's Putin Palace Film

Kazakhstan receives first Buk-M2E air-defence system from Russia

B-1 Bombers Are Deploying To Norway For The First Time With An Eye On Nearby Russia And The Arctic

20-Strong Drone Swarm Deployed in Largest Ever UK Trial

Royal Navy Submarine Appears In Gibraltar Equipped With Enhanced Wake Detection System

Royal Marines to Use Drones for High Seas Anti-Smuggling Operations

Opposition to Lethal Autonomous Weapons Remains Strong: Survey

Dozen state police charged in the massacre of 19 in Mexico

Chinese Breath Easier

China Copies U.S. Air-Ground Multi-Domain Operations

WHO team probing COVID-19 visits Wuhan lab, meets 'Bat Woman'

China and Russia blocked the UN from condemning Myanmar's military coup

Myanmar's ousted leader Suu Kyi charged with 'illegally importing walkie-talkies'

North Korea's Systematic Rights Violations May Amount to Crimes Against Humanity, UN Says

Defector says North Korea 'popular uprising' likely

South Korea's military has big problems that are much closer to home than North Korea

Australia to Boost its Naval Arsenal to Counter China; Government announces $1 billion investment in new missiles, mine sweepers.

Former CIA Officer: Treat Domestic Extremism As An Insurgency

The long tail of the SolarWinds breach

3 National Guard members were killed in the second deadly Black Hawk helicopter crash in less than a month

U.S. extends arms control treaty with Russia for 5 years, Blinken says

The B-21 Raider Bomber Combined Test Force Has A Ridiculously Sinister Shakespearean Motto

Commandant Calls Marine Corps Tech Refresh ‘Urgent’

U.S. Army preparing its heavy dump trucks for extremely cold environment

This long-forgotten unit was the predecessor to the Army's Delta Force

Robot Tanks Are Awesome. But Are They Too Expensive To Risk In Combat?

Every Soldier a Drone Fighter: Plan Would Make Counter-UAS Training an Army Requirement

U.S. Marine Corps new heavy-lift helicopter practices landing in fields

Air Force Says KC-46 Is A “Lemon” That It’s Trying To Make Lemonade Out Of

Air Force study on future aerial refueling tanker could start in 2022

Pipistrel Teams With C-Astral To Expand Nuuva UAS Into ISR

Pentagon to field low-collateral, counter-drone interceptors in FY22

The Air Force’s New F-15EX Eagle Just Took To The Sky For The First Time

US Navy flies new TCTS II air combat training system for first time

Navy Task Force Calls for Changing Ship Names that Honor Confederacy

US Navy helicopters and Coast Guard snipers are firing on suspected drug traffickers 'daily,' top admiral says

SOSUS used for drug law enforcement

Navy Looking At America And Ford Class Derivatives In New Light Aircraft Carrier Studies

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