Af/Pak & Other News (12/6/2020)

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Dec 6, 2020, 11:20:07 PM12/6/20
Afghan forces kill 28 Taliban terrorists in Uruzgan, Kandahar provinces

Airman receiving Air Force Cross for heroic actions during enemy ambush in Afghanistan

India, US gear up to share maritime military intel

Top nuclear scientist was assassinated with help of 'satellite device,' Iranian media reports

Iran, Biden and the Bomb: Why Tehran Is Now Speeding Up Its Nuclear Program

Parsing Iranian Responses to the Killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi

Iran: Concern over mole in intelligence services following assassination of nuclear scientist

US Navy official says ‘uneasy deterrence’ reached with Iran

Airstrike kills 6 Daesh terrorists in Kirkuk, Iraq

Italian Tornado IDS Aircraft Are Flying Anti-Daesh ISR Missions With Enhanced Countermeasures Pod

UAE, Saudi Interested To Acquire BhahMos Missiles As India Deepens Ties With The Arab World – Reports

UAE target of cyber attacks after Israel deal, official says

Jailed Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul accused of passing classified information

Turkish-Backed Rebels Intensify Attacks on Syrian Town

Ukrainian government orders An-178

Armenia's Military Equipment Loss in Recent Karabakh War Stands at $4 Billion, Exceeding State Budget

Latvia: New US Special Operations Site Activated In Heart of the Baltics

Marines training for harsh winter warfare in Norway also have to deal with 'different military terms'

Another Mysterious Monolith Appears, This Time in The Netherlands

Italy says two arrested for defence data theft

German experts defuse WWII-era bomb found in Frankfurt

British aircraft conducts surveillance of Russian territory

UK aircraft carrier set for Japan visit during maiden 2021 deployment

British jets buzz Russian warship off UK coast

Argentina Will Take Another Look at the JF-17 Thunder

Iranian missiles 'will be dealt with' if they get to Venezuela, Trump's envoy for Iran and Venezuela says

Near the China-Bhutan-India border, a new village is drawing attention to old disputes

Don’t Do It: Why Countries Face Buyer’s Regret Over Chinese-Made Drones

China Trips Over Tried And True

China's Low-Tech Exoskeleton Suits Could Be Surprisingly Useful

China Peddles Falsehoods to Obscure Origin of Covid Pandemic

Taiwan, US count on giant radar system for early warning if PLA attacks

Thousands dying in secret North Korean COVID camps: Report

Newest ADF leaders told they need to rebuild public trust following Afghanistan war crimes

Leaked reports from Pentagon UFO task force discuss 'non-human technology,' mysterious objects

Cyber attacks on COVID-19 vaccine production are not quite a war crime

Experts Say Lethal Drones Won’t Transform Warfare But They Will Transform Terrorism

Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down Cold War Spy Gadgets

The US doesn't have a plan to deal with Russia's mercenary armies

This Video Of The Navy's Only Special Operations Helicopter Squadron In Action Is Nuts

Defense bill revives Stars and Stripes newspaper after near dissolution

Military use of social media accounts widens

Bezos says Blue Origin will take the first woman to moon's surface

Hermeus Predicts Hypersonic Test Flights In Four Years

Pentagon, Industry Investing in Space Force Simulations

U.S. Army looks technologies that create 10-x factor advantage in lethality chain

Air Force to Field Interim Enhancements to KC-46 Remote Vision System

U.S. Air Force trained against Russian-made combat vehicles

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