Af/Pak & Other News (8/19/2021)

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Aug 19, 2021, 1:58:25 PMAug 19
The Taliban have declared the 'Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,' the same name it used when it brutally ruled the country in the 1990s

Afghans clash with Taliban for 2nd day; Biden vows to get U.S. evacuees out

Taliban crush opposition across Afghanistan, as chaos builds at airport

Read What The Taliban Told NPR About Their Plans For Afghanistan

Armed US fighter jets launched from a Navy aircraft carrier are flying overwatch for evacuations in the Afghan capital

The Dangerous Road to the Kabul Airport

Taliban fighters have created a ‘gauntlet’ outside Kabul’s airport making escape nearly impossible

Hardline Haqqani Network Put in Charge of Kabul Security

Taliban 'intensifying' search for Afghans who helped US: UN document

Taliban commander rules out democracy in Afghanistan: 'It is Sharia law and that is it'

‘Cannot Ensure Safe Passage’: US Tells Americans in Kabul to Get to Airport On Their Own

Pentagon Leaders: Not Enough Capacity For Rescue Operations In Kabul

Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Will Become A Hostage Crisis

US contractors rush to get former employees out of Afghanistan

21st Century Dunkirk: The story of how air traffic controllers used social media DMs to help rescue friends trapped in Afghanistan

The US Is Removing Records of Its War in Afghanistan From the Internet

The State Department Has Abandoned Its CH-46 Helicopters In Afghanistan

Austin promises ramped up evacuation efforts from Afghanistan for 'as long as we possibly can'

Biden says US troops could be in Afghanistan past 31 August deadline – video

US Sends Top Special Operations Generals — and Mostly Untested Troops — to Kabul

About 100K Afghans Seeking Evacuation Via U.S. Visa Program, Refugee Assistance Group Says

Pentagon says 7,000 civilians taken out of Kabul

Trump’s Pledge to Exit Afghanistan Was a Ruse, His Final SecDef Says

From 300,000 to a Few Hundred: What Happened to Afghanistan’s Army

The failure of intelligence in Afghanistan - opinion

‘A massive policy fail’: CIA warned White House of swift Taliban takeover

Why Didn’t They Fight? Inside the Collapse of the Afghan Army

The Afghan gov't overthrown by Taliban never existed - ex-soldier; Former US soldier discusses how myths, bad data, desire for promotions, corruption and waste underpinned the Afghan war.

Planes, guns, night-vision goggles: The Taliban's new U.S.-made war chest

Russia was ready for Taliban’s win due to longtime contacts

Russia Gushes Over ‘Fun’ Taliban at Theme Park—Then Reports Taliban Burned It Down

WhatsApp shuts down Taliban helpline in Kabul

IMF to withhold $460M in funds from Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

Arrival of the #Taliban leadership in #Kandahar /south #Afghanistan with help of #Qatar'i Air Force today

Taliban shifts focus to governing, but protests, empty coffers and isolation pose challenges

Taliban takeover: How the Chinese shadow looms large over Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Pakistan fences off from Afghan refugees

Pakistan’s hand in the Taliban’s victory

Pakistani Taliban’s emir renews allegiance to Afghan Taliban

Pakistan cheers Taliban out of ‘fear of India’ – despite spillover threat

What Pakistan Stands to Gain From the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

Iran Braces for Life Next Door to the Taliban Once Again

A New Northern Alliance Against The Taliban Is Forming In Afghanistan's Panjshir Valley

After fall of Kabul, resistance to Taliban emerges in Panjshir

The Taliban captured a female Afghan governor who recruited militants to fight the Taliban, report says

Defiant Afghans Challenge Taliban At Independence Day Rallies With National Flag

Written in Taliban: U.S. Veterans Voice Anger Over Afghanistan

What went wrong in Afghanistan? Perspectives on the 'forever war' from those who saw it up close

‘Now is the time where you bend the rules’ — Inside a US Marine veteran’s fight to get his Afghan interpreter to safety

Turmoil In Afghanistan Spills Into Central Asia

Americans could owe $6.5 trillion for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — and that's just the interest

Cost of caring for Iraq, Afghanistan vets could top $2.5 trillion: report

The War In Afghanistan Was A Generational Experiment On The Effects Of Roadside Bombs. I’m Part Of It.

HAL orders 99 F404 engines to support Tejas production

IAF Starts Inducting DRDO-made Chaff Technology to Deflect Incoming Missiles

India and other Quads Tracking Chinese Submarines

‘Lion of Herat’ Reportedly in Iran Following Taliban Capture

Iran ramps up uranium enrichment as nuclear talks stall

Saudi Arabia operating new air-defence radar

FNSS from Turkey displays new version of Shadow Rider UGV

Roketsan showcases Akya heavy class torpedo

Tübitak Sage displays Togan air launched mortar munition

Turkey Unveils Serial Production Version of Kaplan MT Tank at IDEF-2021

MKE displays Close Air Defence System YHSS for first time

Tübitak Sage showcases SARB-83 penetrator bomb

Daring Israel and US to act, Hezbollah says Iran fuel tanker to sail to Lebanon

Russia supports withdrawal of foreign fighters from Libya

Here are Morocco’s top priorities for modernizing its Air Force

Chadian military parade reveals new equipment deliveries

Ukraine anniversary parade to unveil new generation of military hardware

Senior Russian security official questions U.S. commitment to Ukraine after Afghan exit

MiG-29 Crashes, 3rd Russian Military Plane Accident in a Week

Chief test pilot among crew lost on crashed Il-112V

New satellite images show Russia may be preparing to test nuclear powered 'Skyfall' missile

Russian warship fires warning shots at S. Korean fishing boat

Russia Integrates Kh-35U Anti-Ship Missiles Into Su-34 Bomber

Russia is Top Military Threat to U.S. Homeland, Air Force General Says

Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny tells Russians to sabotage upcoming elections

Italy Increasing Tempest Funding And Planning New Support Aircraft Acquisitions

Forget the cake: Drone flies contraband metal saws into a French jail

British vessel deployed to assist with Haiti earthquake

China conducts military exercises southwest and southeast of Taiwan

China portrays the U.S. as 'weak and unreliable' to draw Taiwan closer, analyst says

China Won't Dial Down Aggression, Taiwan Preparing for the Worst: Official

N. Korea issued navigational warning for East Sea in indication of missile launch preparations

Japan to Deploy Largest Vessel to Guard Senkaku Islands From China Patrols

Japan’s Sea-based Aegis System Faces Ax

Emerging Tech Key to Unraveling UFO/UAP Mysteries, Officials Say

World’s Largest Association of Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineers Joins Call for Scientific Inquiry of UFOs

US and Canada want to collaborate on NORAD modernization

U.S military is now seeking a ground-effect craft

Pentagon Shifting Approach to Chem-Bio Defense

We Were Soldiers: Effort to rename Benning ‘Fort Moore’ gains steam

The Air Force’s Investment In Hypersonic Startup Hermeus Isn’t About Producing A Hypersonic Presidential Executive Transport

As BlackSky Tees Up Hourly Imagery, NRO Extends Contract

Army On Track to Deliver Laser Weapon Prototype in 2022

US Army wants a high-altitude jammer

Army Hammers Out Multi-Domain Ops Doctrine: Capstone FM 3-0 Due Next Summer

These Marines will spend 2 years testing the Corps’ new ship-sinking missile

Stingray tanker aces Hawkeye refuelling test

U.S. Navy Awards Contract for Anti-UAV High Energy Laser Weapon System

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