Af/Pak & Other News (6/7/2021)

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Jun 7, 2021, 12:30:29 PM6/7/21
He spent years at war in Afghanistan. Now he commands the U.S. withdrawal.

Afghan troops suffer 'shockingly high' casualties as violence mounts

U.N. report cites new intelligence on Haqqanis’ close ties to al Qaeda

Taliban Demand 'Remorse' From Fearful Afghan Interpreters

Germany to ship army beer home from Afghanistan

Indian navy to float $6 billion tender for six submarines

Iran cleric who founded Hezbollah, survived book bomb, dies

IAEA head: Iran hasn’t answered questions on uranium find

US and Europe dismiss IAEA warning in hope of reviving Iran nuclear deal

Top Kurdish Official Killed in Turkish Operation in Iraq: Erdogan

Yemen's Socotra, isolated island at strategic crossroads

Turkish armed forces to receive 118 T129 Atak helicopters

Is Egypt planning to retake control of the Gaza Strip?

Chinese Mercenaries in Africa

Mali: Another Coup Against Previous Coup

Ethiopia’s ambitions to have a naval power

Burkina Faso: Islamist groups target civilians in 'cycle of vendettas'

MH17 trial moves to crucial merits phase, examining evidence

Kyrgyzstan Armed Forces Mi-8 Helicopter Crashes In The Alay District

Is Latvia the Next NATO Nation to Order Bayraktar TB2 Drones?

US Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft has successfully launched Harpoon missiles for the first time in Europe

British carrier heads to sea with Apache gunships

Close call between jet carrying top UK official and suspected drone

China Is Turning Its Water-Scarcity Crisis into a Weapon

Chinese Navy is more dangerous with YJ-18 missile

China Furious Over U.S. Senators' Trip to Taiwan, Says It Could Embolden Separatist Forces

Taiwan to test US 105mm cannons for Clouded Leopard M2 armored vehicle project

U.N. nuclear watchdog sees indications of plutonium work in North Korea

South Korea's Moon orders task force after military sexual assault, suicide

Vietnam to procure T-6 to boost pilot training

Australian F-35As fly with full weapons loadout for first time

New NASA chief doesn't think UFOs are an optical illusion, according to interview

Cyberattacks on US targets are ‘here to stay,’ says US commerce secretary

Phones and fitness devices that make it easier to track US troops are a new headache for special operators overseas

Pentagon’s Accelerating ‘Connect-Everything’ Effort Hinges on Uncertain Cloud Program

Pentagon Budget 2022: US Space Force expanding M-Code GPS capability

Jeff Bezos and his brother, Mark, will travel to space on Blue Origin's first human flight on July 20

The Army's Legendary Little Bird Might Be Flying Away for Good

Marines: Return Of The RIF

These Are The Best Images Ever Of The World's Most Secretive 737

Anticipating War With China, The U.S. Air Force Is Fanning Out Across The Pacific

U.S. Air Force successfully completes tests of swarming munitions, but their future is unclear

The F-35 Stealth Fighter Could Soon Be Much Cheaper

Questions About Costs, Force Mix Could Spell Trouble for F-35A

The MQ-25 Performs The First Aerial Refueling Between An Unmanned Tanker And Manned Receiver Aircraft

Boeing to provide upgrades to airborne anti-submarine warfare (ASW) sonar system aboard Navy's P-8A Poseidon

Navy Targets Early FY 2022 For First Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ship Fix

Cost Estimates for Lead Boat in Columbia-class Program Grow by $637M

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