Af/Pak & Other News (4/4/2021)

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Apr 4, 2021, 7:43:12 PM4/4/21
Afghan leader proposes peace road map in three phases - document

U.S. Looks to Build on Secret Portions of Taliban Deal to Reduce Violence

Guantanamo’s Secret CIA Prisoner Unit Camp 7 Closed

India joins French-led naval exercise, revealing clues about Quad’s plans to contain China in Indo-Pacific

Indian security personnel killed after ambush by Maoists

How Close Is Tehran to Developing Nuclear Weapons?

Rockets hit near Iraq base housing US trainers, no one hurt

Kurds in 'mountain prison' cower as Turkey fights PKK with drones in Iraq

Turkey slams admirals' warning over Bosphorus treaty

In Turkey’s Failed Coup, Trainees Face the Same Stiff Punishments as Generals

The Marine Corps’ fight to ‘degrade and defeat ISIS’ using ‘Reagan-flavored’ Kool-Aid

Report: Iran transferred short-range missiles to militia in Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria

Jordan says prince liaised with 'foreign parties' over plot to destabilise country

Why Jordan’s Apparent Coup Attempt Could Throw the Middle East Into Turmoil

Jordan’s king sends tough message on dissent in royal family

Israeli offered to send jet to evacuate detained Jordan prince’s family: reports

The Israeli Air Force Officially Introduces The “Oron”: A Highly-Modified G550 With “Unprecedented ISR Capabilities”

Merkava Matures And Mutates

The blocking of the Suez Canal: the next time, it could be the result of terror

Israeli intelligence met with general Haftar's son in Libya - report

Ethiopia says Eritrean troops have started withdrawing from Tigray

Crashed Alpha jet not shot down by Boko Haram, Nigerian Air Force says

Nigerian Air Force A-29 Super Tucano: All you need to know

Ten killed in suicide bomb attack in Somali capital

Ukraine does not expect Russian attack in Donbas; Russian military activity does not indicate approaching major armed conflict, say Ukrainian security experts

Russia to Build Airport in Laos, Train Armed Forces in Sign of Strengthening Military Ties

Reactor core unloaded from fire-hit Losharik submarine

Russia Is Being Left Behind In The Energy Transition

Russia’s ‘worst-kept secret’ is its dependence on mercenaries to project power

Crypto AG machines compromised 1982 to present day?

Busy Easter Eve for Italian Air Force aircraft

UK’s ‘New Medium Helicopter Programme’ detailed

Locals mesmerised as submarine crew enjoy barbecue on deck in Mount's Bay

Britain doubling range of its M270 rocket artillery

Chinese troops are heading to Russia to take part in a tough mountain-warfare competition for the first time

China's Liaoning Carrier Strike Group Passes Through Japan’s Miyako Strait

Corruption in China: ex-boss of arms company Norinco placed under investigation

China’s Film Authority Orders All Cinemas to Screen Propaganda Films at Least Twice a Week

Philippines accuses China of plans to occupy more South China Sea 'features'

Vietnam Defends A Line In The Sand

Myanmar protesters make Easter eggs a symbol of defiance

Feds Indict Kansas Man for Allegedly Hacking Into Water Supply

Gamers: The New Generation of Warfighters?

U.S. Navy beefs up its Red Sea presence

DoD to Spend a Quarter-Billion Dollars Reorganizing Its Data for AI

Space Based Solar Power 10 Watt Demos in Space Now and Beaming and Other Demos Now to 2023

The Army Needs To Rethink Its Opposition to Upgrading the Chinook Helicopter

U.S. Marines releases fascinating video of heavy lifts with CH-53 helicopters

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