Af/Pak & Other News (5/11/2021)

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May 11, 2021, 1:55:41 PM5/11/21
At Least 1300 Pieces of U.S. Military Equipment Destroyed Amid Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal

Taliban leader boasts of security under his Islamic Emirate

The Untold Story of the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden

America departs Afghanistan as China arrives

The End Of Iraq's F-16 Fleet Is A Real Possibility As Lockheed Contractors Prepare To Leave

UN experts: Islamic State committed genocide against Yazidis

Warning Shots Fired After Iranian Vessels Swarm American Missile Submarine In Strait Of Hormuz

HALCON from UAE has developed P2 Desert Sting and P3 Thunder precision-guided munitions

AL TARIQ company integrates guidance kit on a newly developed Penetration Warhead

Saudi Arabia Builds UAVs

Turkey to Produce 50 Units of Armed Unmanned Marine Vessel a Year

French Military Leader Asserts Islamic State is 'Regenerating' Underground

Israel Hits Gaza With Airstrikes as Hamas Increases Rocket Fire

Israel Says Struck 130 Gaza Military Targets, 15 ‘Operatives’ Killed

Israeli airstrikes hit Hamas commander's home, Gaza tunnels

What is Hamas trying to achieve by fighting Israel? - analysis

Shabaab photos detail control over town in central Somalia

Kyiv Says Some NATO Allies Worried About Provoking Russia With Ukraine Membership

Ukraine advances treason case against Kremlin ally, reports say

Top Russian Submarine Design Bureau Hit By Cyber Attack With Chinese Characteristics

Russian spy unit suspected of directed-energy attacks on U.S. personnel

What is DarkSide? Russia-Linked Hacker Group Behind Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

Pipeline Hackers Say They’re ‘Apolitical,’ Will Choose Targets More Carefully Next Time

US Navy special warfare units stage Trojan Footprint, Black Swan drills

Lockheed Martin delivered Patriot PAC-3 MSE air defense missiles to Sweden

Italy navy: Turkish, Italian fishing boats involved in clash

Competition to enhance Royal Navy early warning capabilities

Britain sets out plans to crack down on spying by foreign states

RAF Typhoon Litening III pod mistakenly destroyed during testing

MV-22B Osprey aircraft land on HMS Queen Elizabeth

China Announces Facility Capable of Producing 100 Drones Annually

China fields J-10 jets powered by homemade engine

China: Learning From 1941 Japan

PLA releases videos showing marines in island landing drills ‘targeting Taiwan’

When and Why China Might—or Might Not—Attack Taiwan

Norwegian Flagged Civilian Ship “Spying” for U.S. Near Taiwan: Chinese Think Tank

Kim Jong Un Had Conductor Executed by Firing Squad Following Celebration, South Korean Paper Says

South Korea unveils design for future military transport aircraft

Japan conducts first joint drills with France and US with eye on China, North Korea

Civic group based in Tokyo is complaining about USAF CV-22 Osprey flights with machine gun mounted on ramp

100 days in power, Myanmar junta holds pretense of control

Australia plans big defense and security investments

US approves potential sale of AEGIS Combat System to Canada

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the SolarWinds hack were all but inevitable – why national cyber defense is a ‘wicked’ problem

U.S. needs to prepare for physical or cyber counter-attack in future, policy expert says

National security agencies warn of 5G network vulnerabilities, adversary influence

Hackers Leak Personal Data of Washington DC Police Officers

Senate to vote on bill aimed at countering China's influence this month

US Army researchers believe they have found energy storage solution

Pentagon Exploring Tech to Convert Waste Into Energy

Kratos Mako Loyal Wingman Drone Emerges With Major Modifications For Skyborg Trials

Space Force general: Chinese lasers, jammers threaten GPS satellites

Decision on Minuteman to shape US nuclear policy for decades

US Military Acquiring 600 Advanced Ground Robots Worth $70 Million

Pentagon orders small Israeli drones for indoor special operations

Marines Will Make Reports on Fatal Accidents Available in New 'Mishap Library'

More Marines Will Test Lighter Polymer-Cased Ammunition as Experiments Expand to Fleet

USAF Reaper drones will get a big update to deal with new type of threat

Air Force Tests New Suits to Protect Aircrew from Biological, Chemical Attacks

Expeditionary Mine Countermeasures Community Advancing Technology, Tactics for High-End Fight

About Those Custom Rifles Navy SEALs Were Seen Carrying On A Recent Training Mission

Cannibalized parts, systems that sailors can’t fix: LCS maintenance woes could get worse, watchdog warns

Report to Congress on Navy SSN(X) Next-Generation Attack Submarine

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