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Af/Pak & Other News (7/22/2021)

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Jul 22, 2021, 2:27:10 PM7/22/21
Half of all Afghan district centers under Taliban control - U.S. general

Taliban seek to cut off Afghan population centres: Top US general

Gen. Milley says Taliban appear to have ‘strategic momentum’

U.S. military official says a ‘complete Taliban takeover’ is possible in Afghanistan.

A ‘Life and Death Fight’ Against the Taliban in Central Afghanistan

Taliban battles Afghan military for control of Kandahar City

US launched several airstrikes in support of Afghan forces

Number of Private Contractors in Afghanistan Drops Precipitously as Biden Pushes Withdrawal Plan

Why is Australia talking about going back to Afghanistan when we only just left?

Afghanistan Withdrawal Raises Questions About Future Wars

Afghanistan after the US withdrawal: The Taliban speak more moderately but their extremist rule hasn’t evolved in 20 years

Afghanistan-Pakistan Ties Fray Further Over Abduction of Afghan Ambassador’s Daughter

Pakistan’s Pyrrhic Victory in Afghanistan

China puts hold on multiple projects in Pakistan

Tajikistan Holds Massive Combat-Readiness Check Amid Rising Instability In Afghanistan

Is satellite footage of attacked Iran facility being blocked?

Iran opens oil terminal to bypass strategic Strait of Hormuz

Iran’s Largest Warship Now in the Baltic Sea Bound for Russia

Why Are U.S. Forces Still in Iraq and Syria?

Kuwaiti airbase upgrade revealed

Israeli jets said to strike inside Syria for second time in days

Three dead in Syria from American aerial attacks - report

The IDF cannot let Lebanon become like Gaza - analysis

Israeli Air Force international Blue Guardian drone drill comes to a close

Iran, terror concerns are changing France’s ties with Israel, say visiting MPs

Will Russian forces really leave Libya?

Nigeria: Obsession Confronts Reality

Nigeria secures release of 100 kidnapped mothers and children

Several Suspects in Custody in Plot to Assassinate Madagascar’s President

Cyber attack disrupts major South African port operations

Ukraine to form new patrol boat squadron with former US Coast Guard boats

Russia says Ukraine blocking water supply to Crimea in European lawsuit

Russia Unveils New Hybrid ‘ZALA VTOL’ Drone

MiG Shows Model of Single-engine Light Fighter, Possible MiG-21 Replacement

Russia to test-fire Tsirkon hypersonic missile to maximum range soon

Russia’s Mighty S-500 Anti-Aircraft System is No Joke

UAC-Shvabe to Develop Electro-Optical Sighting for New Russian Jet, LTS Checkmate

Russia’s new “Checkmate” ripped from Northrop’s Low Cost Fighter concept

Russia’s ‘Checkmate’ Fighter Jet to Be AI-Enabled

What Happens to the Su-57 Now That the Su-75 Stealth Fighter Is Here?

Lockheed Martin rolls out first C-130J slated for German Air Force

German Navy orders new generation of experimentation and test support ships

Italy: Give The Customer What They Want

France weighs cybersecurity moves after spyware reports

Belgium Military Intelligence Chief Controversially Sacked in Fallout of Conings Manhunt

JPALS deployed on UK’s HMS Queen Elizabeth and Italy’s Cavour aircraft carriers

UK Faces Tough Choices To Fix Troubled Ajax Vehicle

United Kingdom signs a contract to acquire 13 Protector remotely-piloted aircraft

Russia Threat Could See U.K. Fighter Jets Operating From Highways Once Again

UK should be concerned at Chinese gene data harvesting, lawmaker says

Royal Navy To Field New FC/ASW Missile From 2028

Britain will permanently deploy 2 warships in Asian waters after aircraft carrier visits in September

Cuba censored the Internet amid protests. Florida leaders want Biden to respond with balloon-based wireless.

Cuba Becomes Battlefield in Fake News War

Colombia arrests 10 over bombing, shooting of president's helicopter

Colombia says attack on president was planned from Venezuela

Violence flares in Haiti ahead of slain president’s funeral

China recruits young Tibetans in PLA, militias along border

China Has New Man for Afghanistan and Plan to Avoid Civil War Across Border

Inside the KQ-200

China Rejects Second Probe Into Coronavirus Origin

A Taiwan Contingency and Japan’s Counterstrike Debate

Explained: How North Korea Made Its Nuclear Missiles Mobile

Philippines Considering Addendum to U.S. Visiting Forces Agreement

Australia: Buying military hardware from the US: wish list or shopping list?

Havana Syndrome Task Force to Be Led by Veteran of Hunt for Bin Laden

National Reconnaissance Office wants a more distributed architecture

F-117 Aggressors Photographed Low Over The Nevada Desert During Red Flag War Games

Lockheed’s CEO Wants His Company to Connect All the Pentagon’s Weapons

Former A-10 pilot: ‘Yes, you can fire the GAU-8A Avenger gun while the Warthog is inverted but you’d better not do it. And here’s why.”

Four more Israeli F-16s transferred to Top Aces

Air Force Directed Energy Report Argues Defensive Force Fields May Be "Just On The Horizon"

Ratheon’s Revolutionary Radar Could Extend the Life of Older Aircraft

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: July 21

US Army working with academia on dust-proofing aircraft engines

These Marines were the first to try new infantry training range in SoCal with a million-dollar view

Bell restarts UH-1Y Venom helicopter production for first international operator

Marine UH-1Y Venom Helicopters Have Been Assisting In The Hunt For Submarines

To afford next-gen combat aircraft, the US Air Force will make cuts to ISR inventory

Rapid Dragon demonstrates BLOS command and control of Palletized Weapon System

Beyond KC-46: Air Force Exploring ‘Advanced’ Tech On Next Tanker

US Navy’s Shipbuilding Plan Doesn’t Meet Congress’ Needs, Lawmakers Say

America's Newest Carrier Is a Fiasco. The Navy Just Admitted Why.

The Case For Stripping The P-8 Poseidon Down Into An RB-8 Multi-Role Arsenal Ship

Submarine leaders want to tap into JADC2 network without giving away their position

SSN(X) Will Be ‘Ultimate Apex Predator’

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