Af/Pak & Other News (1/6/2021)

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Jan 6, 2021, 1:44:03 PM1/6/21
No U.S. Troops? Taliban In Gov't? Peace? What Lies Ahead For Afghanistan In 2021

America Already Won in Afghanistan But We Missed the Victory

Afghanistan busted Chinese spy ring, kept it a secret. NDS chief explains why

In first mention, Defence review says ‘unorthodox’ weapons used in Galwan

Indian Navy to Buy 10 Shipborne Drones to Boost Surveillance

Indian Air Force MiG-21 Bison Aircraft Crashes in Rajasthan, Pilot Ejects Safely

Iran Renews Interpol Request To Arrest Trump, Other U.S. Officials

U.S. Collects $7 Million in Iranian Assets for Terror Victims and Families

Iran Allocates $150,000 For Families Of Each Victim Of Ukrainian Plane Crash

Pro-Iran militias in Iraq grow increasingly hostile toward the U.S.

Bodies of nearly 100 'unarmed civilians' killed by IS found buried in Mosul rubble

South Korean Destroyer Is Now Patrolling Near The Strait Of Hormuz After Iran Seizes Tanker

Saudi spy drone downed in Yemen: Houthi spokesman

Khashoggi murder documentary, too explosive for streaming, debuts on-demand

Syria: ‘Identified gaps, inconsistencies’ raise questions over elimination of chemical weapons

Russia and West clash over Syria chemical weapons sanctions

Fighting Continues Over Flashpoint Town in Northern Syria

In Beirut, a bronze bust of Iran general sparks controversy

Israel prepares for changes to security landscape in 2021

Israel/Brazil/Philippines Armor:

Egypt getting U.S. infrared countermeasures and Sniper advanced targeting pods

Libya: Haftar's militia violates ceasefire agreement in Sirte

Libya: Follow The Money, Militias and Mercs

France says dozens of jihadists killed in weekend Mali air strike

After Eight Years of Mali Campaign, France Seeks Exit Strategy

Sudan says it signs deal on normalizing ties with Israel

Ukrainian Marines to receive amphibious version of BTR-4

Ukraine to Buy Additional Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drones for Navy

SAFE Boats secures $19.9 million Pentagon contract for MK VI patrol boats for Ukraine

All roads lead to Ukraine in Putin’s global hybrid war

Russia blamed for SolarWinds hack in joint FBI, NSA and CISA statement

Russia is planning to test-fire a salvo of new hypersonic missiles from a warship for the first time this year, state media says

Did Russian State Media Reveal a Mobile ICBM Cheating Program?

Silicon Valley Technologists Interested In Swiss UFO Case

The U.S. Air Force Established A Permanent Base For MQ-9 Reaper Drones In Romania

Greece Joins Forces With Israel To Revamp Its Fighter Pilot Training Program

United States confirms the procurement of three Hawkeye E-2D tactical airborne early warning aircraft by France

The British pick MBDA’s Spear 3 cruise missile for their F-35s

BAE Systems to demonstrate new RF countermeasure system for US Navy P-8As

Pixelated Camouflage to Make British Tanks 80 Percent Harder to Detect

China develops world-class escape system for submarine crew members

Experts: Report of China Hacking African Union HQ Fits Larger Pattern

Changhe Z-11WB attack and reconnaissance helicopter to enter PLA service

PLAAF 2021 recruitment video

WHO team probing pandemic's origins blocked from entering China

China is desperate to control the narrative of Covid-19's origin - whatever the cost

U.S. lawyer among 53 arrested in huge crackdown on Hong Kong pro-democracy figures

Facing Economic Woes, North Korea Admits Failure, Mulls Future

What Is the Truth About COVID-19 in North Korea?

Hmm, South Korea’s First Aircraft Carrier Looks Awfully Familiar

Hyundai Rotem aims to roll out unmanned K1 MBT testbed by 2024

Australia begins prototyping Hunter-class frigates

Sorry, Believers — Many UFOs Are Just Military Aircraft; There's no shortage of secret prototypes

Ominous Iran-Related Threat To Fly Plane Into Capitol Broadcast To Air Traffic Controllers

New Arctic Strategy Calls for Regular Presence as a Way to Compete With Russia, China

Why Getting Rid Of U.S. ICBMs Could Make Nuclear War More Likely

Minuteman III Missiles Are Too Old to Upgrade Anymore, STRATCOM Chief Says

An A-12 Oxcart Spyplane Crashed Near Area 51 In 1967. This Is How One Explorer Found It.

Hospital Ship USNS Mercy Tied Up in Maintenance, Can’t Deploy for COVID Relief

Inside the CIA, She Became a Spy for Planet Earth

Rare, cool video shows A-10s and Thunderbirds Formation Flying

Mass of Drones Storms Manhattan in Trial to Counter Future Threats

The U.S. Army’s Robot Tanks Will Make Great Bait

Army Says "Sky's the Limit" With New Armored Infantry Carrier

Stealth Fighters: Why U.S. Marine Corps Is Issuing Silencers To All Infantry Units

An Update on the CH-53K from VMX-1: The Perspective of Lt. Col. Frank

The Aging B-1 Bomber Just Won't Die

Navy Secretary: US Plans Patrols Near Russian Arctic Bases

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