Af/Pak & Other News (1/21/2021)

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Jan 21, 2021, 12:40:05 PM1/21/21
Undermining The Taliban? Kabul Tries To Bolster Its Religious Credentials

How India May Rely On Its Navy To Offset China

HAL tests Anti-airfield Weapon from Hawk Aircraft

The Case Against the Iran Deal

The Curse Of Too Many Eyes

Twin Suicide Bombings In Baghdad Market Kill At Least 32, Wound Over 100

UAE Air Force to help 3 Rafale fighters reach India, 7 more in April

About One Hour Before Biden Takes Office UAE Signs Deal With U.S. To Buy 50 F-35s and 18 MQ-9s

Bayraktar Vertical Take-Off UAV revealed in Company Video

Syria Sends First Message to President Biden: Withdraw Troops, Stop Stealing Oil

Fears of Syrian government offensive mount in Idlib as Turkey withdraws from military posts

Egypt upgrading Beechraft 1900C ISR aircraft fleet

Ukrainian startup develops low-cost drone interceptor

Russia Is Building Four Special Submarines To Haul Its Weird Doomsday Drone

MiG-35 Gets Electronic Flight Mode Limiter.

Russia says militant commander linked to 2011 Moscow airport bombing killed in Chechnya

We See You! How Russia Has Expanded Its Video‑Surveillance System

Alexei Navalny's last stand: Why Putin's leading opponent made a defiant return to Russia

The abandoned Soviet nuclear missile base hidden in a Polish forest

Leaked Belarusian Audio Points To Plan For Barbed-Wire-Bound 'Camp' For Protesters

New European Parliament report calls for hemming in use of military AI on battlefield

China to field more nuclear weapons that can target the United States, says report

53 years after capturing a US spy ship in a deadly attack, North Korea is still bragging about its prize

Mandatory Morale Manipulation

South Korean Navy conducts live firing of Spike NLOS missile from AW-159 Wildcat naval helicopter

Another Suspected-Chinese device found in Indonesia

Submarine Matters: Unlikely Australia Wants to End French Submarine Deal

Biden's Inauguration Featured The Mother Of All Motorcades With Seven 'Beast' Limos

The VH-3 Marine One Helicopter Has Flown Its Last President Into Retirement

The Nuclear Football Is Now Following President Joe Biden Around

‘Really quite shocking’: Inside the ugly transition at the Pentagon

The SolarWinds Hackers Used Tactics Other Groups Will Copy

Navy captain relieved due to loss of confidence in ability to command

FBI Locates Armored Military Vehicle Stolen in California

US DOT&E reveals loss of 5GAT target prototype

Three Soldiers Killed in New York Guard Helicopter Crash

Light-sensing nanomaterial creates super-flexible displays that could lead to real-lime military camouflage

Biden to seek five-year extension of nuclear arms treaty with Russia: Washington Post

Space Force Receives Fifth SBIRS Satellite

Section 31: The Military Coders Who Hacked How We Track Objects in Space

Army is developing ‘aim control enhancer’ giving soldiers ‘iron man’ like capability

Army preps for key tests of seeker capable of attacking maritime targets

Marine Corps to Stand Up First Marine Littoral Regiment in FY 2022

US Air Force pilots could fly Agility Prime aircraft in 2021

U.S. Air Force seriously discusses F-16 order

Navy Working on Better Maintainability, Self-Sufficiency for LCS and Rest of Surface Fleet

Post-2040s: The Aircraft Carrier Concept Revisited

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