Af/Pak & Other News (10/28/2021)

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Oct 28, 2021, 2:21:17 PM10/28/21
Khalilzad: Ghani's 'Intransigence,' Afghan Elite’s 'Selfishness' Led to Collapse

Four U.S. Intelligence Agencies Produced Extensive Reports on Afghanistan, but All Failed to Predict Kabul’s Rapid Collapse

U.N. Urgently Needs Cash in Afghanistan, but Struggles for Solution

Afghans Accuse The Taliban Of Misappropriating Foreign Aid

China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan Move to Create United Front on Afghanistan

Iranian MiG-29 Blasts Target Out Of Sky In Bonkers Low-Level Display

Iran has agreed to return to nuclear talks — but don’t expect a deal anytime soon, experts say

Saudi-led coalition says killed 95 Yemen rebels near Marib

Israeli Navy's Reshef class to carry C-Dome air-defence system

Hamas has secret foreign investments worth hundreds of millions - report

New airstrike in Ethiopia’s Tigray capital; kids among dead

Sudanese army faces widening opposition to takeover

'If they reach us, they'll shoot to kill': Anti-coup protesters defiant in Sudan

Ukraine Strikes Russian-Backed Forces Using Turkish-Made TB2 Drones For The First Time

Russia's Ataka-Shorokh acoustic UAV detector completes factory trials

Russia’s once-tame Communist Party is becoming an opposition force

Matra R.530F Missile Seized By The Italian Police In 2019 Was Just A “Bizarre” Collector’s Item

Venezuela sought to swap Americans for Maduro ally

'Narco-submarines' play a growing role in ferrying drugs bound for the United States and elsewhere

China steps up number of missile tests in drive to boost reliability

China to build outpost for Tajikistan special forces near Afghan border

Yes, China Could Invade Taiwan

The Fight for Taiwan Could Come Soon

Taiwan's president confirms the US military is training troops on the island as the threat from China grows

Taiwan signs new Patriot air defense deal with US

Taiwan unveils its 'Army Iron Man' exoskeleton

North Korea has the world's largest special-operations force. A defected spy offers hints about how they'd be used in a war.

Philippines: Dragging The Dragon

Myanmar military uses systematic torture across country

North Korea Issuing Temporary Currency as Nation Lacks Paper, Ink Needed to Print Money

South Korea Plans Even Bigger Missile Submarines, But They’re Not Going Nuclear—Yet

Australia: Defence won't follow Pentagon to launch an investigation into UFO sightings or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Part Of U.S. Air Force’s ‘Kill Chain’

Royal Marines to Take on US in Mojave Desert Exercise

Marines investigating after missing 155mm artillery rounds turn up at Camp Pendleton

After Almost 2,000 Weapons Go Missing, Congress May Crack Down

US ships and planes conducted 2,000 spying missions aimed at China this year, says military analyst

The Connecticut Collision Compared

General Atomics developing lasers, missile interceptors to protect its UAVs

This Is A Great Comparison Between General Atomics' Avenger Drone Configurations

Hyten Concerned With Pace of Hypersonics, Counter-UAS Tech

A once-quiet battle to replace the space station suddenly is red hot

US, China, Russia Test New Space War Tactics: Sats Buzzing, Spoofing, Spying

Lockheed Martin showcases new attack aircraft designed to support US special operations forces

Navy Not Sure What USS Connecticut Struck in the South China Sea, Beijing Accuses U.S. of Cover-Up

Report to Congress on Navy Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense

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