Af/Pak & Other News (5/26/2021)

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May 26, 2021, 3:27:24 PM5/26/21
Turbulence Ahead? Afghan Air Force Prepares For U.S. Withdrawal

US Completes Up to 25% of Afghan Withdrawal

Pentagon Accelerates Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Pentagon examining how to evacuate thousands who worked for US from Afghanistan

Japan-based Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Will Make Rare Middle East Patrol to Cover Afghanistan Withdrawal

Lawmakers Urge Biden to Keep Guantanamo Bay Prison Open After Afghanistan Pullout

Taliban Warns Afghanistan’s Neighbors Against Allowing U.S. Bases

Pakistan Rules Out Military Bases for US Anti-Terror Afghan Operations

A container ship carrying chemicals near Sri Lanka has been burning for 6 days

Undeleted Hard Disks and Targeting Kitchen Vents: Iran’s Botched Cyberattacks on Israel

Iran temporarily bans cryptocurrency mining after blackouts

Iran Copies' Russian SPP-1M Underwater Pistol

Iran is enriching uranium at levels 'only countries making bombs are reaching,' UN's nuclear watchdog warns

IRGC unveils short-range SAM

Iraq Militia Chief Arrested Over Attacks on Base Hosting U.S. Forces - Security Sources

Turkey bombs Christian villages in Iraq’s Kurdish region - analysis

Yemen officials demand answers after AP report on air base

Turkey touts assassination of top PKK militant as retribution to US

Roketsan KaraOK anti-tank missile to be inducted in Turkish army in 2021

Syria's Assad votes in former rebel town, site of chemical attack

Syrians vote in election certain to give Assad new mandate

Arab states accept sham Syria elections as Assad returns to fold

Assad’s guaranteed election victory in Syria shows how badly U.S. policy has failed

‘Mob boss’ Assad’s dynasty tightens grip over husk of Syria

Thwarting Syria's nuclear program - "Intelligence Matters: Declassified"

Factbox: the Cost of Ten Years of Devastating War in Syria

Right On Cue, Russian Tu-22M3 Bombers Now Flying From Syria Brandish Anti-Ship Missiles

Israel’s Bombardment Of Gaza: Methods, Weapons And Impact

Israel-Hamas cease-fire could be 'pre-game show' for Iran deal, expert says

Israel Admits Iron Dome Battery Shot Down One Of Its Own Drones During Gaza Fighting

Egypt needs new trainers as combat fleet undergoes modernization

Nigerian president’s vow to end violence lies in tatters as insurgencies grow

Covert Shores Guide To Mozambique Navy: New, Fast, and Stuck In The Mud

Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers detain hundreds in Tigray

Mali interim leaders resign 'before mediator' after ex-coup leader takes power

Congo: The State Of Siege Solution

A botched ransom attempt? Ambassador's death in Congo may not be what it seemed

Ukrainian military holds first round of armed ground robots demo

Former top Ukrainian prosecutor's emails seized in Giuliani raid -filing

Russia reveals details of its next 5th generation fighter jet

Russia publishes nuclear arms numbers, accuses U.S. of misleading data

Hypersonic missile for Su-34 and Tu-22M3 bombers to be tested from 2022

Russia launches mission to the sunken Komsomolets nuclear submarine

Russian Military Seeks to Outmuscle U.S. in Arctic

Russia Announces Plans to Send Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft to Jupiter

Russia's FSB reports 'unprecedented' hacking campaign aimed at government agencies

Russia, Iran were top two sources of disinfo on Facebook targeting U.S. during Trump admin, says report

Russian cybercriminal gets 30-month sentence for running site that sold stolen U.S. data

Russian and Japanese Vessels Collide at Sea, Three People Dead

Belarus leader claims plane diversion protected passengers, says country is under ‘hybrid attack’

Belarus leader accuses West of "total lie," insists Ryanair jet faced bomb threat as fear mounts for detained dissident

Belarus leader says detained journalist was plotting ‘bloody rebellion’

Belarusian plane turns back after warning about French airspace

Dutch Judges Visit MH17 Plane Wreckage

Swiss F-5 Tiger jet crashes, pilot ejects

U.S. Army AH-64 Apache Helicopter Made Emergency Landing In Romania

Influencers say they were offered money to discredit the Pfizer vaccine. In France, some suspect Russia is behind it.

Tests of Prototype Hull for New French Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Begins

Look: more European drone-blasting laser tech!

Russian submarine detected in Irish Sea

UK states economic case for Tempest ahead of FCAS concept phase

Sea Ceptor missile chosen to arm Type 31 Frigates

Cuba says it is surprised and irritated by new U.S. terrorism charge

China Media Dismisses Stealth Bomber Reveal as 'Fake News'

India Won't Like This: Why China Wants Mortar Weapons for Mountainous Regions

The Secret Behind the Chinese Communist Party’s Perseverance

Introducing ‘The China Intelligence’

New artillery, air-defence assets enter service with China's Xinjiang Military Command

What I Learned From the PLA’s Latest Strategy Textbook

Tesla sets up data center in China amid spying concerns

The War On Fanboys

Assessing 70 Years of China’s PLA Air Force

Keep Tabs on China’s Growing Space Situational Awareness

China Already Outspends US Military? Discuss

Biden Team Shut Down Secretive Trump-Era Project Pursuing The Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory

A lab leak in Wuhan versus a natural hop from bats: The evidence for each theory of the coronavirus' origin

China Ships Off Catholic Priests and Students for Reeducation

China Military's Taiwan Invasion Force Conducts Amphibious Beach Assault Drills

China Issues a Chilling Warning to Biden Administration Over Taiwan

Why a Taiwan Invasion Would Look Nothing Like D-Day

AP Investigation: Myanmar’s junta using bodies to terrorize

U.S. to hand over decommissioned coast guard ship to Vietnam

US lifts missile restrictions on South Korea, ending range and warhead limits

Japan Likely to Eliminate 1% GDP Military Spending Cap

Japan 'Anxious' About Relentless Intrusions By China Near Disputed Islands

Russian Navy Surveillance Ship Quietly Operating Off Hawaii

The debate over UFOs is about to get more intense

Growth of Extremist Groups Follows Mathematical Pattern: Study

Air Force debuts virtual command and control platform

Pentagon Pushes Testing For Electronic Warfare Vulnerabilities

Russia Company, NtechLab Wins U.S. Face Recognition Tech Competition

U.S. a top target for foreign and domestic influence operations, says new Facebook report

Homegrown ISIS in America

US Military Paper Offers Insights on Energy-Efficient Robots

Super-Robot TAMS Navigates a Marine Corps 'Kill House'

Armenia, Ukraine Lessons Shape New US Cyber/EW Unit

Northern Edge 21 Wraps Up Achieving Important Testing Goals Of New Capabilities For The Joint Forces

X-Net data link, designed for small munitions, gets NSA Type-1 certification

Recon Marine accused of dumping stolen grenades, thousands of rounds of ammo into California ravine

CBO: Maintaining U.S. nuclear arsenal may cost $634B over 10 years

The U.S. Air Force’s New Tanker Plane Can’t Move Gas, But Maybe It Can Move Data

Merlin To Modify King Airs With Autonomy For Special Missions

A Flying Car Could Be the Air Force's Next Medevac Transport

Assassin Into Warrior: How U.S. Is Upgrading Reaper Drones For Confrontation With China

AMRAAM Joint Program Office completes second live firing of new AIM-120D-3

Transition to New F-35 Logistics System Hits Headwinds

Early F-35As May Get Axed Even Though Overall Readiness Has Improved Significantly

Buy Big F-35 Fleet To Lower Program Costs: SecAF Nominee Kendall

Northrop Grumman Testing MQ-8C Expeditionary Controls for Marine, Navy Missions

DARPA’s newest sub-hunting weapon is… Shrimp

US Navy Planning Next-Generation Attack Submarine By 2031

TRANSCOM Rethinking Sealift in Future Conflict for New Study

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