Af/Pak & Other News (1/6/2012)

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Jan 6, 2012, 7:46:24 PM1/6/12
Taliban 'want US prisoners sent to Qatar':

France Buys Acoustic Sniper Localization System for Afghanistan:

Desperate, Cornered And Willing To Kill:

US probes claims filmmaker given bin Laden mission info:

Terry Carrico, Ex-Guantánamo Prison Commander, Says Facility Should

Exclusive: West readies oil plan in case of Iran crisis:

Iran to Hold New War Games in Strait of Hormuz:

US Destroyer Rescues Iranians From Pirates:

Report: Syria troops fire on Arab League monitors:

After Damascus attack, Syria vows to strike with 'iron fist':

Navy Balloon Launches Drone, Which Drops Two More Spy Bots:

Indian Mirage Aircraft to Have 500 Air-To-Air Missiles:

'Jerusalem now target for Arab missiles' :

Hackers Get Symantec Anti-Virus Source Code:

Ex-head of NATO's 2nd-largest army accused of 'forming and directing a
terrorist group' :

Chinese Air Expeditionary Units:

UK concern over future of US F-35 fighter jets:

New DoD Strategy Quietly Targets Africa, South America:

Bloopers in Space:

Livestreaming Journalists Want to Occupy the Skies With Cheap Drones:

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