Af/Pak & Other News (5/28/2021)

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May 28, 2021, 9:49:19 PM5/28/21
AP Interview: NATO chief says Afghan forces can cope alone

White House Proposes Slight Boost in Aid for Afghan Forces

At Empty Bases, Echoes of War

How a deadly raid shows al Qaeda retains global reach under Taliban 'protection'

US 'rapidly' planning to evacuate Afghan interpreters

Pakistan: Taliban donations, recruitment on the rise

Pakistan Stops Official Contact with Afghan National Security Chief

Misinformation thrives in Iraq's virtual battlegrounds

Fear in Iraq's Mosul as IS families return from Syria

Saudi-led coalition destroys explosives-laden drone -state TV

31 Houthi rebels killed in Saudi-led airstrikes in central Yemen: military source

Syria’s Assad wins 4th term with 95% of vote, in election the West calls fraudulent

Graphics show Hamas' expanded rocket arsenal, which could alter the balance in conflicts with Israel

IDF Explores Ground-to-Ground Rockets; US Co-Production?

'Our season': Eritrean troops kill, rape, loot in Tigray

Mali's top court declares coup leader Goita as interim president

A Rare Species: Cuban David Infantry Mobility Vehicles In Service With Angola

How Navy SEALs Saved Journalists From Being Obliterated in Somalia

Russia Bets Big On S-500; But How Is S-500 Missile Defense System Better Than S-400s?

Russian mercenaries get the big-screen treatment. The reality behind the film is as murky as the plot

Russia Is Working On A New Stealth Fighter It Probably Can’t Afford

The Yasen-M and the Future of Russian Submarine Forces

Russia’s Master Plan to Confront the U.S. Navy

Russian hackers attacking organizations through system used by USAID, says Microsoft

Russia’s Latest Hack Shows How Useful ‘Criminal Groups’ Are to the Kremlin

As Russia tensions simmer, NATO conducts massive war games

Dragons In The Caucasus: Chinese WM-80 MRLs Of Armenia

Croatia Is Getting French Rafale Multirole Fighters To Replace Its Veteran MiG-21s

Poland’s sole submarine a death trap, sailors say in open letter

France resists more joint funding of 'brain dead' NATO

Brtish military to become ‘more engaged around the world’

Cargo Ships Spoofing Location Data to Violate Government Sanctions

China amassing weapons systems at Indian border, complicating efforts to resolve border standoff

Revising Chinese History As It Happens

Is China Preparing Troops For An Invasion of Taiwan?

US should help Taiwan prepare for irregular war, hearing told, but experts fear destabilising region

Taiwanese navy completes trials of ‘Sea Sword II' air-defence missile

US special operators could help Taiwan train to fend off a Chinese invasion, Defense Department nominee says

Australian "Interim" subs? Naval Group Best Bet. Aus Missions?

Situation in North Korea 'Dire' as Residents Attempt to Sell Possessions at Border With China to Pay for Food

North Korea Using Barges to Move Cargos Other Than Sand, Coal

A Quiet Sentence Gives South Korea Back Its ‘Missile Sovereignty’

South Korea’s new CVX Aircraft Carrier project: An overview

Seoul, Manila continue talks on meeting Philippine Navy's future submarine requirements

S Korea's DSME Marketing Type 209 Clone to Philippines

The life extension of the CH-146 Griffon and a plan for what comes next

UFO filmmaker releases 46-second video allegedly showing swarm of objects hovering near Navy ship

How an Accused Russian Agent Worked With Rudy Giuliani in a Plot Against the 2020 Election

What we know about the "unprecedented" U.S. Capitol riot arrests

US soldiers 'revealed locations of nuclear weapons in Europe by posting details on online flashcards,' report claims

US Soldiers Expose Nuclear Weapons Secrets Via Flashcard Apps

Here Are The Major Airpower Developments In The Pentagon's Latest Budget Proposal

Joe Biden Believes China Hiding COVID-19 Origin Info, China Warns 'Political Virus' Spreading

U.S. Is Said to Have Unexamined Intelligence to Pore Over on Virus Origins

Army cuts procurement of airborne jammer in smaller electronic warfare budget

Check Out This Backpack-Mounted Signals Intelligence System Worn By A Marine Special Operator

Marine Corps Invests in Drone Truck-Based Ship-Killer Missile as it Ditches Some MRAPs

Key Piece Of Hypersonic Missile Propulsion Passes Test

Mysterious Black Towed Target Was Built To Support Airborne Laser Tests

STEMless In Seattle

Biden’s budget includes $12 billion for submarine manufacturing, the largest since the 1980s

Navy Confirms It Wants To Ditch Its Very Young Mk VI Patrol Boats In New Budget Request

7th Fleet CO: Deployed LCS USS Gabrielle Giffords ‘Pretty Much Owned’ South China Sea

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