Af/Pak & Other News (10/8/2021)

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Oct 8, 2021, 3:07:10 PM10/8/21
Explosion at mosque in Afghanistan kills and wounds at least 100

Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan (TTP) consolidates power in tribal areas

Prospects of Iran nuclear talks going smoothly are ‘bleak,’ Eurasia Group says

U.S. lifts sanctions against Iranian missile producers

Watch Saudi F-15 Strike Eagles Unleash Harpoon Missiles Against Ship Targets

Turkey reportedly seeks 40 F-16 fighters from US

US President Biden singles out Turkey for undermining fight against ISIS in Syria

Unidentified aircrafts target Iranian militia sites in Syria - report

Israel, Palestinian militants use bodies as bargaining chips

Libya's eastern forces say plan agreed to withdraw mercenaries

Nigeria yet to locate missing Alpha jet, six months after it went down

Nigerian forces free more than 180 hostages, say police

Analysis: Sudan coup drama lays bare distrust between civilian, military leaders

Russia: Shut Up And Obey

Russia labels reporters foreign agents after Nobel award

Russia names Bellingcat investigative outlet 'foreign agent'

Poland confirms acquisition of 250 US M1A2 SEPV V3 main battle tanks

Poland Kicks Off Homegrown SHORAD System: Narew

PATRIOT Missile Batteries to Arrive in Poland by 2022

Greece's first VTOL UAV shown at ‘Parmenion-21' exercise

Italy drops drone program, instead buying Piaggio aircraft

Germany probes far-right incidents in military guard unit

Interview: U.K. Royal Navy’s First Sea Lord Talks AUKUS, British Carriers in the Pacific

Mexico and US prepare new security framework

Analyst uses radar imagery to shed additional light on Chinese missile sites

Are Chinese incursions into Taiwan's air defense zone a prelude to war?

EXPLAINER: How China flights near Taiwan inflame tensions

Chinese Air Force Should Kill American 'Invaders' in Taiwan, State Newspaper Boss Says

American Forces Have Been Quietly Deployed To Taiwan With Increasing Regularity: Report

Taiwan is spending an extra $9B on its defense. Here’s what the money will buy.

Iron Dome heads to missile defense experiment in Guam

One Of The Navy's Prized Seawolf Class Submarines Has Suffered An Underwater Collision

USS Connecticut Collision: Some Facts So Far

New DOD Climate Plan: Adjust Ops, Training, Gear for Extreme Weather

Marines Say COVID-19, Burnout Played Roles in AAV Mishap That Killed 9

Leaked documents reveal just how concerned the Marine Corps was about Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller’s call for ‘revolution’

Newly Declassified Data Shows Unexplained Increase In U.S. Nuclear Warhead Stockpile

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: October 7, 2021

Bell Picks Rolls-Royce Engine for V-280 Valor in Army Black Hawk Replacement Contest

U.S. Army Looks At New Ways To Beat Drones

The AC-130J Gunship's First Solid State Laser Weapon Has Arrived For Testing

AESA Evolution Continues

Why pilots love the F-22 even though it's a pain to get off the ground

Air Force Stumped By Sudden Pitch Down Events Reported On Upgraded KC-135 Tankers

Oct 10, 2021, 2:03:25 AM10/10/21

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