Af/Pak & Other News (4/11/2021)

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Apr 11, 2021, 10:02:15 PM4/11/21
Afghanistan’s crystal meth boom is rooted in this plant

What US Warship’s Lakshadweep Sail Means for India & China

India protests U.S. Navy's transit through its exclusive economic zone

I Thought My Job Was To Report On Technology In India. Instead, I Got A Front-Row Seat To The Decline Of My Democracy.

India’s Third Aircraft Carrier Is Most Likely a Waste of Money

Iran calls blackout at underground atomic facility 'nuclear terrorism.' Israeli outlets blame an Israeli cyberattack.

Israel appears to confirm it carried out cyberattack on Iran nuclear facility

Natanz incident said to cause huge damage, set back Iran’s program by 9 months

Israel fears Iran could become next North Korea

Telling The Truth Brings On Many Changes

5 IS militants killed in airstrike in Iraq

The unknown story of the US Navy F-14 Tomcat that intercepted a Concorde during Operation Desert Shield

UAE selects first Arab woman for astronaut training

Saudi-led coalition intercepts Houthi drones - state media

70 dead as battle for Yemen's Marib rages on three fronts

Turkey Tests Hybrid Engine for Moon Mission Rocket

Turkey’s cutting-edge Akıncı drone passes another test

Turkish-backed Syrian Rebel Group Holds 'Graduation' For New Fighters

Syria’s civil war is 10 years old—but still Bashar al-Assad survives

Lebanon civil war survivors say today's crisis even worse

After Saviz strike, Israel may be in dire straits trying to battle Iran at sea

Ever Given ship forbidden to leave the Suez Canal until its owners pay up to $1 billion in compensation for the chaos it caused

Ukraine developing new heavy infantry fighting vehicle

Kremlin: some conditions must be met for further peace talks on eastern Ukraine

Would Russia Invade Ukraine and China Invade Taiwan Simultaneously?

Russia to display four types of main battle tanks at Victory Day 2021 military parade

Bitter Military Losses Lead To Power Struggle In Nagorno-Karabakh

France Outlines Future Aircraft Carrier Design

Portugal selects Embraer Super Tucano trainer/light attack aircraft

The Royal Navy Wants to Build a Submarine Mothership

Colombia’s cartels target Europe with cocaine, corruption and torture

China v Russia v America: is 2021 the year Orwell’s 1984 comes true?

China's plans for Himalayan super dam stoke fears in India

China’s Aircraft Carrier Battlegroup Can Now Really Battle

The Coming Demographic Collapse of China

Antony Blinken Warns China Taiwan Attack Would Be 'Serious Mistake' as Military Tensions Mount

U.S. Will Send More Ships to South China Sea, Philippines Ambassador Says

Intelligence Sources: North Korea Nears Completion of New Submarine

Australia commissions first of two Supply-class replenishment-class ships

Canada calls out China, climate change as growing concerns in Arctic

Ransomware: The internet's biggest security crisis is getting worse. We need a way out

The Intelligence Community’s Deadly Bias Toward Classified Sources

Black Army Lieutenant Sues Virginia Cops Who Pulled Guns on Him, Pepper-Sprayed and Struck Him in the Legs After Stop in New SUV

‘Clear the Capitol,’ Pence pleaded, timeline of riot shows

Maverick Can't Catch a Break. 'Top Gun' Sequel Delayed Again to November 2021

The Navy has fired 4 commanding officers so far this year

Inside the US government's top-secret bioweapons lab

The Army wants deadlier, more destructive ammo to go with its new sniper rifle

U.S.A.F. C-17 Airlifter Catches Fire on Runway

KC-135 will soon be able to defend itself using the Gladiator Pod

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