Af/Pak & Other News (12/8/2021)

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Dec 8, 2021, 1:47:38 PM12/8/21
Afghans wait and worry at US bases after frantic evacuation

Hundreds approved for evacuation to UK remain trapped in Afghanistan

U.K. saved animals in Afghanistan over people since murdered by Taliban, whistleblower says

Taliban Fighters Now Manning Checkpoints in Afghan Cities

Defense Department's review of Afghanistan drawdown begins 3 months after withdrawal

In Pakistan’s borderlands, Taliban quietly expanding influence

Serial Production India's BrahMos Air-Launched Cruise Missile Cleared Following Test from Su-30MKI

Video: Pilot flying over Pacific Ocean spots ‘fleet of UFOs flying in a weird formation’

India’s top military official reportedly killed in helicopter crash along with 12 others including wife

Tense nuclear talks with Iran to resume Thursday in Vienna

In militants’ hands, drones emerge as a deadly new wild card in the Middle East

US announces 'largest-ever' forfeiture of Iranian missiles, oil seized in US Navy raids

Kuwait Has Received Its First Typhoon Fighter Jets

Houthis Claim Drone Attacks On Saudi Oil Facilities

Saudi Arabia Is Running Out Of Patriot Missiles In Its Conflict With The Houthis

UN: Fighting around key Yemeni port displaces over 25,000

Turkey's 214TN "REIS-2" Submarine Project: Special AIP.

Turkish company Dasal Aviation unveils VTOL UAV armed with 81mm mortar rounds

Why Israel was not ready for an airstrike on Iran in 2019 - analysis

Poll: 51% of Israelis would support strike on Iran, even without US approval

Egypt to host its first naval defense expo in 2022

Another Ethiopian Civil War

Russian military capacity on Ukraine's border is on a 'more lethal scale' than 2014 Crimea invasion, US official says

War With No Air Power? Eastern Ukraine Could Be Too Dangerous For Russian And Ukrainian Planes

Expect 'shock and awe' if Russia invades Ukraine

Putin Can Take Eastern Ukraine, But He Won’t Like What He Gets

U.S. Military Steps Up Planning For Evacuation Operation In Ukraine As Crisis Deepens: Report

Russian Tanks Outnumber Ukrainian Tanks—But That Might Not Matter In Wartime

Special Operations: The Russian Plan For Absorbing Ukraine

Russia's cosmos town, an isolated relic of Soviet glory

Defector Helps Build Case Against Belarus Over Ryanair Flight It Forced Down

Polish F-16 fighters scramble to intercept Russian reconnaissance aircraft

Nammo readies SFRJ for initial THOR-ER test-firing in 2022

France frees Saudi arrested in case of mistaken identity over Khashoggi killing

The Wreck Of A Crashed British F-35 Has Been Pulled Out Of The Mediterranean

Sailor arrested after F-35 aircraft carrier crash video leak

Could Depth Charges To Kill Submarines Make a Comeback?

U.N. Peacekeepers Seek More Troops, Better Weapons Against New Threats in Divided World

Peru: Crash FAP Mi-171Sh

China ‘hiding’ missiles for surprise attacks

Chinese military’s largest amphibious assault ship passes assessment

Philippines to Purchase More Black Hawks, Patrol Vessels

Pentagon UFO Rapid Response Teams Ordered Up by Congress

High Strangeness at Skinwalker Ranch

Congress approves the retirement of more than 160 USAF aircraft but forbids the retirement of the A-10

New Defense Bill Saves 2 Cruisers, Approves 13 Battle Force Ships; Adds 12 Super Hornets

Space Force launches experimental sats to detect nukes, test laser communications

US Army to receive 110 next-gen PrSM missiles in 2022

Nearly 70 Percent of Receivers Now Cleared to Get Fuel From KC-46

Air Force previews plan to phase out enlisted drone pilots

SEAL Team 8 commander died Tuesday following training accident

Report to Congress on Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter

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