Af/Pak & Other News (3/26/2021)

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Mar 26, 2021, 12:59:16 PM3/26/21
Biden: U.S. Will Miss Deadline for Afghanistan Pullout; All Troops Likely Out by 2022

The Forever War in Afghanistan Drones On: Biden Won’t Leave on May 1

Sticky bombs latest weapon in Afghanistan’s arsenal of war

Top U.S. General: Afghan Army Could Not Survive on Its Own

Was Germany's military mission in Afghanistan worth it?

50 Years of Mirage Fighter Aircraft In Pakistan Air Force

Iran showing increasing nerve as fight with Israel spreads to the sea

Yemen's Houthis warn of stronger attacks after drone strikes on Saudi Arabia

Shadowy Drone Program Gives Yemen Rebels Regional Reach

Saudi-led coalition says it destroys several Houthi drones launched at kingdom

The UN leaked a Saudi threat to assassinate an official to make sure the killing didn't happen

Why Yemen’s Houthis turned down Saudi Arabia’s ceasefire offer

Turkish Navy launches first Type 214TN submarine

Turkey's Defense Agency Starts Drone-based Electronic Warfare Project

Analysis: Lebanon frozen by political intransigence as it hurtles towards collapse

Israel’s Shadow War With Iran Moves Out to Sea

Pollard: Jews ‘will always have dual loyalty’ & should consider spying for Israel

Titanic Traffic Jam of Cargo Ships Growing Around Blocked Suez Canal Can Be Seen From Space

Shipping Companies Stuck Near Suez Are Reportedly Alerting U.S. Navy Over ‘Piracy Risks’

Strike Kills Six in Mali in Disputed Circumstances

Ethiopia says Eritrea has agreed to withdraw forces from Tigray region

Russia trolls Suez Canal with northern 'alternative'

Russian hackers target German parliament again -Der Spiegel

Kremlin 'Won't React' To Plea For Navalny's Release Due To Health

So…Can you actually buy a fighter jet? Royal Norwegian Air Force could soon sell its F-16 Fighting Falcon fleet

Czech Air Force Aero L-159 Trainer Loses Canopy During Flight

Leonardo Celebrates 50th Anniversary Since First Flight Of Iconic Lynx Helicopter

Sea Trials Successfully Completed: Italian Navy Aircraft Carrier Achieves F-35B Airworthiness Certification

Aircraft Carrierbnb? Without Enough F-35Bs To Fill Its Carrier Decks, The UK MoD Suggests Other Nations Come Aboard

Britain’s Royal Navy is testing new robotic submarine tech in deep water trials

Hawk T1 fleet temporarily grounded after crash

Cartels Are Using ‘Narco-Drones’ to Smuggle Drugs Across US Border

China’s Dam Building Is a Security Risk for India’s Northeast

Chinese Foreign Minister Heads to Iran As Clash Brews Over U.S. Oil Sanctions

Unwanted Company

Why China Could Decide to Invade Taiwan, and Soon

Taipei, Washington seal coastguard deal ‘to counter Beijing’s grey zone threats’

Taiwan Tripwire: A New Role For The U.S. Army In Deterring Chinese Aggression

USAF Deters War Game Taiwan Invasion With Updated Tactics

Taiwan reports largest ever incursion by Chinese air force

North Korea Carried Out The First Known Test Of Its Newest Ballistic Missile

New US sanctions target military conglomerates in Myanmar

Japan's Lithium Battery Submarines Becoming Operational

Canada’s CF-105 Arrow Interceptor Is The Cold War Legend That Refuses To Die

Rubio on Pentagon's UFO report: 'There's stuff flying over military installations'

Why is the Pentagon releasing a UFO report, anyway?

Military and spy agencies accused of stiff-arming investigators on UFO sightings

FBI Warns Imminent Deepfake Attacks “Almost Certain”

US military conducted 2 dozen cyber operations to head off 2020 election meddling

Report on U.S.-China Competition in East, South China Sea

Endless U.S.-China Contest Risks 'Catastrophic' Conflict, Henry Kissinger Warns

The Air Force Spent $134M To Repair 39 Hail-Damaged T-1 Jet Trainers It’s About To Retire

The Pentagon is investigating whether special operators have committed war crimes, and if their commanders have even been checking

US troops had to use their phones as flashlights to try to escape a sinking assault amphibious vehicle that killed 9 of them

Investigation: 7-Month-Long ‘Chain of Failure’ Led to 9 Killed in AAV Sinking

Fewest number of special ops forces deployed since 2001 as Pentagon reviews decisions to draw down troops

VH-92As being tested at Joint Base Charleston

Man-Machine Interactions

Space Force begins loaning anti-jamming GPS tech to allies

Relativity Space printed its Terran 1 rocket’s second stage in a few weeks

SOCOM Shifting To Great Power Competition Strategy, But Needs More ISR Capabilities, Commander Says

American Special Operators Set To Get New Advanced Computerized Sights For Their Rifles

Special Operations team in Pacific will confront Chinese information campaigns

US Army to transform over the next 14 years to be able to dominate adversaries in large-scale combat operations

SNC delivers modernized RC-12X SIGINT aircraft to US Army

Attacking In Milliseconds: Army "Aided Target Recognition" IDs Enemies

U.S. Army is blowing up this low-cost threat emitter built by the Navy

Dozens Of AH-1Z And UH-1Y Helicopters Will Be Retired As Part Of The USMC's Force Redesign

NORAD Fighters Are Using Arresting Gear For Year-Round Ops At Greenland’s Thule Air Base

Almost Overnight, New Ships Make U.S. Coast Guard A Big Geopolitical Player

US Navy receives first Block V Tomahawk missile

GDMS delivers first LRIP Knifefish SMCM UUV system to USN

Navy lays out plans for rapid acquisition of unmanned surface ships and submarines to augment manned fleet

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