Af/Pak & Other News (1/8/2021)

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Jan 8, 2021, 12:18:53 PM1/8/21
Officials: Attacks around Afghanistan kill at least 23

Pakistan Sentences Alleged Leader Of Militant Group Blamed For 2008 Mumbai Attacks

Iran's Revolutionary Guards unveil underground missile base in Gulf: state media

Iran Hasn't Said a Word About Its New Warship. That's Suspicious.

Tehran's 20 Percent Enrichment is Designed to Extort Washington

The Iraqi Air Force’s F-16 Fleet Is On The Brink Of Collapse Despite Showy Flybys

How the Space Force foiled an Iranian missile attack with a critical early warning

B-52s Fly Direct to Middle East for 4th Time in 2 Months

Watch C-17 landing on dirt strip in Syria to deliver equipment for 1st Armored Division

Libya urged to probe missing people in town ruled by six brothers and their lions

Tunisia makes U-turn, acquires 3 Turkish ‘Anka S’ drones

U.S. airstrike on Somalia kills 5 al-Shabaab members

Ethiopia Army Says 4 Key Members Of Tigray Party Killed

Ukraine: Like, Share, Recruit: How a White-Supremacist Militia Uses Facebook to Radicalize and Train New Members

SA-2 SAM system explained in detail (Soviet name S-75)

Desperately Seeks Stealth Success

Russia, China, and the Facts of Polar Security

French Air and Space Force receives its first renovated Mirage 2000D

UK Army Medics to Use AR Glasses for Remote Battlefield Surgical Assistance

China’s next-gen J-20 stealth fighter jettisons Russian engine in favour of home-grown technology

China, Russia, Iran Spin Capitol Insurrection

Chinese Army Debuts Reconnaissance-Attack Robot

Big Brother Plays Defense

The Chinese air force's record number of flights around Taiwan is really a message to the world, experts say

China Voices Objections to U.S.-Taiwan Military Talks

Japan Planning Deployment of Native Combat Drone By 2035

South Korean court orders Japan to pay "comfort women," WWII sex slaves, reparations

Capitol Rioters Planned for Weeks in Plain Sight. The Police Weren’t Ready.

The Pentagon blocked the DC National Guard from receiving riot gear or interacting with protesters without explicit approval from Trump's defense secretary

Why Plainclothes Police Had Striped Reflective Tape On Their Glocks During The Capitol Siege

Extremists consider Capitol raid a success, UNO counterterrorism expert says

Capitol Hill Rioters Scrub Their Social Media in Race Against Archivists

‘I thought I’d have to fight my way out’: Combat veteran lawmakers took action after Capitol stormed

A top Capitol security official is resigning after the assault by a pro-Trump mob, and more are expected to go

‘This is Not a Drill’: Documentary on false missile alert now streaming on HNN digital platforms

Russian Hacker Gets 12 Years In Prison In U.S. In Massive Consumer Data Theft Case

Defense Department Further Accelerating 5G Development

The military is scrambling to understand the aviation crash risk from a new 5G sale

US Army researchers help soldiers find targets with augmented reality

Intel Is Inventing Faster, Smarter Drones With ‘Biological’ Brains And 1000X Faster Cameras

New strategy wants to counter increasingly complex drone threats

GA-ASI Demonstrates BLOS HF Command and Control Using MQ-9 UAS

U.S. Army plans to digitize its Stryker brigade combat teams

Why the Air Force Can’t Seem to Retire the A-10 Warthog

The Four Biggest Hurdles To Rebuilding The Nuclear Bomber Force

U.S. Air Force F-16 Released Collaborative Small Diameter Bombs During First-Ever Collaborative Weapons Demo

The Age Of Swarming Air-Launched Munitions Has Officially Begun With Air Force Test

'Like a perpetual car crash': The captain of the US's only working icebreaker describes a 'treacherous' trip north

General Atomics to Manufacture Hypersonic Projectiles for U.S. Navy's Railgun Project

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