Af/Pak & Other News (12/7/2021)

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Dec 7, 2021, 1:47:40 PM12/7/21
Desperation drives thousands of Afghans a day across borders

Qatar, Turkey to work together on stabilising Afghanistan

Boris Johnson abandoned Afghans at risk of murder by the Taliban so he could evacuate dogs, whistleblower claims

Pakistan army helicopter crashes in Kashmir; 2 pilots killed

India signs trade and arms deals with Russia during Putin's visit to New Delhi

India Successfully Tests VL-SRSAM System, To Be Used On Indian Naval Ships

Iran's Newest Warship Has Fallen On Its Side In A Dry Dock

Iran's RQ-170 Clone Crashes Suspiciously On 10th Anniversary Of The Real One Falling Into Its Hands

Iraq: Crash IAAC Mi-171Sh

Iraqi, Kurdish forces retake village from IS

French Rafale Jets to Complement F-35s: U.A.E.

Saudi coalition bombs Sanaa in tit-for-tat violence with Houthis

Saudi Defense Destroy Houthi Ballistic Missiles/UAVs Over Riyadh

Saudi Arabia Pleads for Missile-Defense Resupply as Its Arsenal Runs Low

Israel strike targets Iran weapons in Syria port: monitor

Why an airstrike on Syria's Latakia Port matters – analysis

U.S. Airstrike Targeting Al-Qaeda Leader in Syria Wounds Family of 6: Officials

Israel announces completion of security barrier around Gaza

Israel: The Good Old Days Option

F-15I Ra’am crew forced to make an emergency landing using just one main wheel and nose wheel

Russian mercenaries in Mali would be 'unacceptable': French defence minister

Ethiopian govt claims recapture of two key towns, rebels say it's 'part of plan'

SAAF grounds Gripen fleet

CIA Chief Warns Putin Has High ‘Risk Appetite’ on Ukraine

Talk Of War: Frontline Ukrainian Soldiers Respond To Invasion Warnings

Ukraine Says Russia Sending Snipers, Tanks to Border to 'Provoke Return Fire' From Its Troops

Biden administration considering options for possibly evacuating US citizens from Ukraine if Russia invades

Russian forces at the ready near Ukraine border, new satellite images show

Why Would Russia Invade Ukraine? Vladimir Putin Fixated on Former Soviet Republic

EXPLAINER: What’s behind Russia-Ukraine tensions?

What would it take to defend Ukraine? Potentially, billions of dollars.

Kremlin-Backed Hackers Still Stealing U.S. Data 'Relevant to Russian Interests': Report

Slide Rules And Sextants Survive In The Sky

Russian Troops Receive TOS-1A Modernized Flamethrower Systems

Putin and Xi Working Together to Force Biden into a Two-Front Crisis He Can't Win

Fortress Europe: the millions spent on military-grade tech to deter refugees

Turkmenistan’s Freak UCAV: The WJ-600A/D

Finland Chooses F-35 As Its Next Fighter: Report

Suspected member of Khashoggi hit squad arrested at Paris airport

F-35 fleet attrition rate estimate revealed

The British Army’s Got Its Hands On Its New Sky Sabre Air Defense Systems

Brazil’s Nuclear-Powered Submarine Project SN-BR Making Progress

The US ups its multimillion-dollar rewards for 2 Sinaloa cartel leaders as another war brews for control of the cartel

What China Learned From the Collapse of the USSR

Chinese Navy Practices ‘Island’ Bombing, Mine Laying with New-Type of Bomber

Chinese weapon makers take second biggest share of global sales as industry avoids pandemic slump

How U.S. Allies and Friends Are Helping Fund China’s New Aircraft Carrier

Taiwan to Fit Armored Vehicles With Upgraded Assault Guns

Japan’s military, among world’s strongest, looks to build

Resolute Dragon 21: A Preview of How Japan and America Would Fight China?

About 100 Japanese lawmakers visit controversial shrine

RTAF F-5 crash was due to bird strike

Routine Inspections Discover Cracks On Almost All The Canadian CH-148 Cyclone Fleet

Ransomware attacks soar, hackers set to become more aggressive - Canada spy agency

DOD Fires Back at UFO Criticism: Claims of Dodging Oversight a ‘Misperception’

Internal Docs Reveal NASA’s UFO Talking Points

DARPA Funded Researchers Accidentally Create The World’s First Warp Bubble

‘Slow-Boil Crisis’: DIA Needs More Capability to Track Russian, Chinese Tech Work

Microsoft seizes domains used by “highly sophisticated” hackers in China

Bidens honor Pearl Harbor’s fallen in visit to WWII Memorial

The CIA Is Deep Into Cryptocurrency, Director Reveals

'Absolute liars': Ex-D.C. Guard official says generals lied to Congress about Jan. 6

Austin Rejects ‘Red Lines’ for Taiwan, Ukraine

Two New Secret Drone Programs Could Emerge In The Air Force's Next Budget Proposal

F-22 Raptors, F-16s and F/A-18 Fighters Just Test Fired A Bunch of Missiles

US Missile Defense Agency declares initial delivery of Long-Range Discrimination Radar in Alaska

Drone crash reported on Holloman Air Force Base, no injuries reported

Underwater Lessons Not Learned

Honeywell starts upgraded T55 turboshaft tests on CH-47 Chinook

Army General Wants More Missile Defense Within First Island Chain

Marine helicopter crew carries 12-ton vehicle over water in testing first

US Air Force unlocks more missions for its KC-46A Pegasus tanker

Navy orders anti-submarine warfare (ASW) sonobuoys with sensor-fusion capability in $222.3 million deal

USS Ford Relies On Spin And A Prayer

Report to Congress on Navy Force Structure

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