Af/Pak & Other News (10/11/2012)

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Oct 11, 2012, 1:18:38 PM10/11/12
Taliban says they will try to kill injured schoolgirl who defied them:

US drones kill 16 'militants' in Arakzai strike:

Gunmen Abduct Pakistani Counter-Terror Official:

Afghan Officials Denounce Western Group’s Report on Country’s Future:

Afghan Contract Fraud Puts Troops at Risk of Bombs, Watchdog Warns:

Islamic Terrorists Go Too Far:

India to produce export variant of PAK-FA from 2020:

Yemeni security official at US Embassy in Sanaa shot dead, local officials tell AP:

Report: Syrian plane carried military comms gear:

French terror cell allegedly planned trip to Syria:

Some U.S. Lawmakers Push For Iron Dome Coproduction:

Israeli fighter pilot fired two Python missiles to down drone:

French Cluster Munitions in Libya, and a Call for Help:

Congressional hearing outs CIA base in Libya:

New details emerge of second U.S. facility in violent Benghazi:

Libya guards speak out on attack that killed U.S. ambassador:,0,3772440.story

DNI Clapper Defends Intel Handling of Benghazi Attacks; Ducks Commercial Imagery Question:

Ukraine Brings Back Naval Killer Dolphins:

Russia Says It Wants End to U.S. Arms-Disposal Plan:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

New stealth frigate ready for the Arctic:

Nuclear hide-and-seek: Activists disappear at Swedish plant:

Photo: Second Saab 340 AEW for RTAF delivered:

Chile deploys Israel's RecceLite system:

'Even the captain didn't know': veteran recalls Cuba crisis:

Army Looks Beyond Budget Cuts To The 'Deep Future':

New Launch and Recovery System Takes UAV Into the Future:

This is Stealth?:

US Navy evaluating second electromagnetic railgun:

‘Vortex surfing’ could be revolutionary:

10 Ass-Kicking Warplanes You’ve Never Heard Of:

Next generation of spaceflight taking shape in Mojave:,0,5185481.story

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