Af/Pak & Other News (1/25/2013)

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Jan 25, 2013, 1:08:24 PM1/25/13
Illegal copies of Zero Dark Thirty popular in Pakistan:

Women could serve in combat in Afghanistan:

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander targeted in Kunar raid:

Afghan Police: Suicide Bomber Misses NATO, Kills 5:

Militant clash in Khyber tribal region kills 24:

Afghanistan in the Rear-View Mirror:

US blacklists Afghan airline accused of smuggling opium:

India to launch sub-sonic missile next month:

India & Israel’s Barak SAM Development Project(s):

1st C-17 Airlifter ‘Delivered’ to Indian Officials:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Al-Qaida's No. 2 in Yemen succumbs to wounds:

Reports: Arms From Turkey Found in Yemen:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Car bombs kill 8 in Syrian Golan as Assad’s regime calls on refugees
to come back home:

Shin Bet: Rise in attacks from the Sinai in 2012:

Israel acquires surplus CH-53 helicopters for spares:

Tens of Thousands Fill Cairo Square on Anniversary of Egyptian Revolt:

Norway says 2 missing hostages dead in Algeria:

France orders special forces to protect Niger uranium: source:

Mali crisis: US admits mistakes in training local troops:

Mohammed al Zawahiri threatens West, condemns Mali intervention:

Islamists Destroy Bridge Near Niger Border In Mali:

Mali army pushes farthest east toward city of Gao:

French planes destroy Islamist bases in Mali:

"Never leave", shell-shocked Mali residents tell France: Satellites Observe Mali War:

Somali Militants' Twitter Shut After Death Threat:

2 Islamic Caucasus Emirate leaders reported killed in Chechnya:

Night of rioting prompts police response in Azerbaijan:

British sub cleared of sinking French trawler:

Russian air force replacing transports:

Swedish Gripens fly at Red Flag:

Russia, China Working On Deal Despite Property Rights Trouble:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

As Deadly Mexican Cartel Loses Control, Heroin and Meth Trafficking

Photo: Z-10 attack helicopter with ferry tanks:

IN FOCUS: Chinese air force not yet a match for Japan's:

South Korean rocket launch set for Jan 30:

China develops deep-sea submarine:

Cambodia to buy 12 Z-9 helicopters:

Vietnam takes delivery of last Spanish-built C212:

The Secret To Having It All:

USA Developing New 3DELRR Long-Range Ground Radar:

Understanding the Strategic and Tactical Considerations of Drone

PBS’ ‘Rise of the Drones’:

Hoss Cartwright Heralds New Era In Warfare: 'No longer do we troll for
trouble; we predict it':

Bluefin to Deliver Knifefish Variant to Naval Research Laboratory:

U.S. is a hotbed of botnet activity, says McAfee:

11 Body Parts Defense Researchers Will Use to Track You:

USAF C-17 that landed at wrong airport was carrying Gen. James Mattis:

RAF Typhoon FGR4s arrive to train with 1st FW F-22 Raptors:

Here’s How the Military Will Finally Accept (Most) Women in Combat:

Ex-CIA man Kiriakou gets 2 ½ years for leaks:

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