Af/Pak & Other News (2/25/2021)

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Feb 25, 2021, 1:50:11 PM2/25/21
Afghan Taliban Ask Fighters Not to Harbor ‘Foreign’ Militants as US Reviews Peace Deal

Is Moscow Creating Roadblocks For The U.S. In Afghanistan?

A Top Democrat Warns Against a Hasty Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Afghanistan

India and Pakistan announce cease-fire for first time in nearly 20 years

Iran Police Arrest ‘Bomber’ Plotting Attacks in Tehran

Iran’s Latest Indigenous Drone Is A Predator Lookalike

IAEA Weakens Iran Nuclear Safeguards

Oil Tanker That Was a Symbol of U.S.-Iran Tension Slips Quietly Away

IDEX 2021 : Al Seer Marine showcases UGV Type 4

IDEX 2021: UAE confirms order for Denel Seeker UAV

IDEX 2021: Rosoboronexport displays Kord 6P68 assault rifle

Recent drone attack on Saudi royal palace launched from Iraq

Saudi Arabia Negotiating S-400, Su-35 Buy

Houthis again delay expert examination of tanker off Yemen

TAI Hands Over First Upgraded ATAK Helicopter to Turkish Security Forces

Turkey: The Hard Line Goes Limp

Turkish Navy Receives New Long-Range Anka Drones

Coalition Plans To Expand Giant ISIS Prison In Syria

Iranian forces form new groups to boost influence in east Syria

Analysis: Hezbollah renews threats in publication, fails to make an impression

Defense Ministry chooses CH-53K as IDF’s new heavy-lift helicopters

A soccer field-sized dig, stories deep: Israel expands Dimona nuclear facility

Rafael marks milestone in development of I-Derby ER air-to-air missile

Egypt becomes the first international customer for MBDA’s VL MICA New Generation surface-to-air system

Libya’s new PM to unveil transitional government

Rights group: Libya fails to hold war criminals accountable

Ukraine says Russia hacked its document portal and planted malicious files

Russian Army orders more Chinese SUVs

Russia’s Project 09852 Special Mission Submarine ‘Belgorod’ Prepared for Sea Trials

Russian Kamikaze Drone to Complete Tests This Year

No, Russia Does Not Have an S-600 or S-700 Anti-Air System

Russia receives requests for Su-57E fighters from foreign customers

Russia jails man for eight years for handing over secrets to China: TASS

Space: Russia Goes Down

S-400 Missile Transporter in Massive Accident near Moscow

Russians Accuse Pashinyan of Lying About Iskander Missiles

Armenian PM Pashinyan calls military’s demand he resign ‘an attempted coup’

Russian Iskander missile system was completely useless, says Armenian Prime Minister

Are There Enough European Requirements For Two Sixth-Gen Fighters?

Bad Idea? NATO Tanks To Go Green—Add Solar Panels

US troops just got their asses handed to them by Lithuanian infantrymen

German man charged with giving Bundestag floor plans to Russian intelligence

Chief of Staff of Italian Air Force flies aboard E-550 CAEW 'Extraordinary multi-sensor system'

French minister: Mafia-type gangs likely behind cyber attacks on hospitals

Bell Announces Sale of Six Bell 505 Helicopters to Jamaica Defence Force

China’s Naval Strength Gives It Crucial Clout in Negotiations around Asia

China’s KJ-600 Early Warning Aircraft Cannot Operate from Current Aircraft Carriers

New report flags Chinese push to field support ships, planes for greater reach

The Dragon Dances with the Ballistic Missiles Shield

China stole NSA zero day—4+ years before Shadow Brokers leak

Navy sends another guided-missile destroyer through contentious Taiwan Strait

China's ships are getting bigger and more aggressive, and Japan is scrambling to keep up

Japan could fire at foreign official vessels aiming to enter waters near Diaoyu Islands

Supporters of Myanmar military coup rampage in Yangon

Australia should ‘look carefully’ at cancelling French submarine contract

DroneShield shares a video of its counter-drone tech in action

FAA Releases Statement On Airliner's Encounter With Unidentified Object Over New Mexico

Twitter reveals state-backed influence operations from Armenia, Iran and Russia

Democrats Ask Biden to Give Up His Unilateral Power to Launch Nukes

Commandos Confront a World After the Forever War

CIA to use AI against China

Pentagon’s dated budget process too slow to beat China, new report says

How The World's First Privately Owned Fleet Of F-16 Aggressor Jets Became A Reality

Hyten wants a greater ‘focus’ with cruise missile defense

Hyten: U.S. ‘Not In A Very Good Position’ Due to Chinese and Russian Missile Capabilities

Glimpses of the Next Air Force One in New Documentary

Check Out The Mystery Drone Model On The Desk Of This General Atomics Executive

Want To Seize A U.S. Embassy? Do It In Two Hours Or Less, Study Finds

Military re-learns the importance of electronic warfare (EW); Top commanders seek to embed EW capability at virtually all echelons as warfighters seek to make up for years of lost time.

DARPA orders six satellites from Blue Canyon Technologies for Blackjack program

Pentagon Pursues Semi-Autonomous Hypersonic Weapons

US Army to test new microwave weapon for defeating drones

U.S. Marine Corps uses its newest ACVs during exercise in Twentynine Palms

Marine Corps Conducting Fleet Flight Tests of CH-53K Ahead of IOT&E This Summer

Stinger SAM-Armed Marines Riding In Rubber Rafts Were Featured In Recent Pacific Exercise

Skyborg Set For Flying Debut At Orange Flag

US Air Force envisions additional Vanguard S&T programmes in the future

Head of PACAF wants E-7s to replace E-3s immediately

GA-ASI Flies MQ-9A Equipped with New Centerline Avionics Bay

AFRL Pushes Laser “SHiELD” Flight Test Back, Again

US Air Force’s KC-46 starting limited ops despite lingering issues

B-21 Completes Redesign With No Cost, Schedule Impact: USAF

After 20 Years, The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Still Stuck In Testing

F-35 costs, testing issues under fire as full-rate production decision nears

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