Af/Pak & Other News (3/4/2021)

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Mar 4, 2021, 1:37:07 PM3/4/21
Afghan security forces withdrawing from checkpoints, bases

Afghan women journalists and human rights activists are being forced into hiding

Speech Offers Rare Glimpse Into Taliban Inner Politics

Afghanistan: Deadline Fever

Iranian Terrorists Claim to Have Active Cells in Washington, D.C.

Indian Air Force participates for the first time in Exercise Desert Flag in UAE

Yemen's Houthis say fired missile at Saudi Aramco site in Jeddah

Yemen separatist forces say soldiers killed in attack on convoy in Aden

Nine Turkish Soldiers Killed in Military Helicopter Crash

Biden called off second Syria strike after last minute warning of woman and children at target site

Author describes what happened when ISIS underestimated women fighters

Israelis Push New Missile For Patriot Launchers: SkyCeptor

Israeli Vessel Attacked by Iran Owned by Shipping Company With Mossad Ties

Biden and Europe allies worry Israel is preparing a substantial attack on Iran

Who Are the ‘Bandits’ Behind Nigeria’s Mass Kidnappings?

EXPLAINER: Why Ethiopia’s deadly Tigray crisis is growing

Watch Russia’s Su-57 Felon Advanced Combat Jet Let Its 30mm Cannon Rip

Russia Just Repaired the Largest Amphibious Assault Hovercraft Ever

The 1st launch of the Hypersonic “Zircon” from a Sub to be performed not earlier than June

Kremlin dismisses U.S. call to destroy its chemical weapons as baseless

Norway-based US bomber flies over Baltic states in show of solidarity, says Air Force

F-35B lands on Italian carrier for the first time

OSINT Crosshairs: Satellite Catches Submarine Photo Op

KAL 747-8I arrives in Germany for conversion into Code One

France convicts ex-defence minister, acquits ex-PM Balladur in Karachi corruption trial

RAF C-130J declares emergency over Scotland

Gripen starts supersonic flight tests in Brazil

China’s military steps up drone training in mountainous border areas

Mumbai Incident Spotlights China's Cyber Capabilities

China's Three Information Warfares

Interpol warns fake vaccines seized in China and South Africa are ‘tip of iceberg’

As China Gray Zone Warfare Escalates, U.S. May Stand to Lose First Shooting Battle

Why China Could Invade Taiwan Soon

German warship to cross South China Sea for first time since 2002

Photos show North Korea may be trying to extract plutonium

South Korea: Quick Bridge, Little Waiting

South Korea Fights to Guard Its Trade Secrets From China

KF-X: South Korea Wants to Built Its Very Own ‘F-35’

Myanmar pro-democracy protesters back on streets after ‘bloodiest day’ since coup

'I will shoot whoever I see': Myanmar soldiers use TikTok to threaten protesters

Nineteen Myanmar police seek refuge in India, more expected

Philippines sign agreement with India that paves the way for the sale of BrahMos missiles

Japan reduces Chinese interceptions as it deploys F-35s

Japan commissions third Hibiki-class ocean surveillance ship

Confirmed Australia Sticking with Naval Group

C.I.A. to Expand Inquiry Into Mysterious Health Episodes Overseas

House Cancels Thursday Session After Police Warn Of Possible Attack On Congress

50 National Guard troops sickened by food while guarding U.S. Capitol

Man using submarine to smuggle drugs across Detroit River sentenced

U.S. 2nd Fleet Blames Corrosion for USS Vella Gulf Mishap

Biden Secretly Limits Counterterrorism Drone Strikes Away From War Zones

Military Unit That Conducts Drone Strikes Bought Location Data From Ordinary Apps

Why Scientists Aim To Make A Drone Nearly As Small As A Mosquito

GA-ASI Avenger ER receives FAA experimental certificate

DARPA’s Rapid Power Grid Restoration Tech Goes Live

Lawmakers aim to prevent sea-based nuclear cruise missile

Artificial intelligence (AI) to help U.S. military pursue Mosaic Warfare in future all-domain combat

SpaceX unmanned rocket makes soft landing before exploding on ground

Space Force chief says he’s working on a declassification strategy, but offers scant details

US Army’s unmanned aircraft rodeo firms up requirements for Shadow replacement

Let’s Talk About Boeing Loyal Wingman Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s First Flight

Golden Horde Swarming Munitions Program Back On Target After Second Round Of Tests

US Navy researching hypersonic anti-ship missile ‘Screaming Arrow’ for F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Surface ship readiness continues to struggle, US Navy inspections show

How The Aegis Combat System Is Evolving To Dominate Naval Warfare Of The Future

Navy Sends 1st Littoral Combat Ship On A Cruise With Everything To Lose

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