Af/Pak & Other News (6/4/2021)

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Jun 4, 2021, 12:59:48 PMJun 4
Afghan general faces Taliban with 'optimism'

UN report on Taliban controlled and contested districts tracks with LWJ data

UN Report Warns of Impending Taliban Power Play

Pakistan seeks Afghan settlement before foreign troop pullout: Khan

China, Pakistan Partner in Afghanistan Against Foe U.S. Denies Exists

Indian Navy’s lone nuclear attack submarine heading back to Russia, next one to take five years

India wants to launch the tender for six new submarines

Iranian warships appear to begin first Atlantic crossing as U.S. warns against weapons transfers

Loss of Iranian Navy Ship Mutes Tehran’s Global Ambitions, 3rd Warship Lost Since 2018

Iran’s Proxies in Iraq Threaten U.S. With More Sophisticated Weapons

Houthi Rebels fire anti-tank missile at Saudi Abrams tank

UN: Risk of Massive Oil Spill in Red Sea Grows Daily

Interview with UN ambassador as Russia threatens to cut off Syria aid

Watchdog: Syria has likely used chemical weapons 17 times

French military suspends joint operation with Mali military

State Department announces reward for information on AQIM leader

Ukraine Denies Russian Claims of Covert NATO Weapons Shipments

Russia stirs ethnic divisions in Ukraine in hopes of triggering civil war, says foreign minister

MH17 plane crash families prepare for critical trial phase

The Russia’s Nebo-M Radar Claimed to be Capable of Tracking F-22s & F-35s

Is Russia’s Su-57 the worst stealth fighter on the planet?

Russia eyes arms sales to Iraq, but experts say there’s competition ahead for the Kremlin

Russia and Norway Exercising Together in the Barents Sea

Putin inks law to ban 'extremists' from elections amid Navalny crackdown

The 'shocking' arrest of a Belarusian dissident sparked international condemnation, but it falls into a 'pattern' of ongoing authoritarianism from Alexander Lukashenko

NSA’s European spying scandal shouldn’t come as a surprise

Danish armed forces to test Pipistrel electric aircraft as trainer

Italian Air Force F-35 Lightning IIs train at Aviano Air Base for first time ever

UK: High-Tech Navy Ship Piloted Using a Laptop and a Tablet From Ashore

UK Ajax Tank Trials Halted Over Design Concerns

China Leading Strategic Airlift Fleet Expansion

Hong Kong locks down Tiananmen vigil park amid tight security, arrests organiser

The real issue with the COVID-19 lab leak theory? The US isn't spying on China like it used to, experts say

US keeps up spy plane flights over South China Sea, in ‘huge increase’ from 2020

The North Korea Threat Is Growing. U.S.-South Korea Military Training Must Press Forward.

S.Korean air force chief resigns over death, sexual abuse of sergeant

US gives green light for Apache sale to Australia

Boeing to Implement Anti-Surface Warfare Capability for Australian, U.S. Navy's F/A-18, EA-18G aircraft

U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can't Rule It Out, Either

Inspector General Will Have a Critical Role in the ‘UFO Mystery’

Astrophysicist on UFO sightings: It looks terrestrial, not alien

FAA Data Shows Strange Pattern Of Military Encounters With Unidentified Aircraft

Judge Permits Information From C.I.A. Torture in Terror Case

Intelligence: What Is Old Is New Again

The Military’s Mobile Nuclear Reactor Prototype Is Set To Begin Taking Shape

White House mulls launching counteroffensive against Russian hackers

The Day Might Come When Chinese Missiles Strike American Warships. The U.S. Navy Isn’t Ready.

Biden urged to bring missile defense reductions to Putin summit

'Air Force Two' Replacement Dropped With Funds Redirected To Supersonic Transport Research

Defeating Delay Days Debacle

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: June 03

What It Was Like Dogfighting In The F-14 Against America's Secret MiG Squadron

Space Force seeks $832 million in classified spending, new missions and more in annual wish list

Now boarding: Space Force wants to turn launch ranges into rocket ‘airports’

U.S. Army taps Textron Systems for ‘second set of eyes’

US Army chooses Oshkosh to build new Stryker Medium Caliber Weapon System

Dynetics unveils Enduring Shield, its solution for the US Army's future cruise missile defense capability

U.S. Marine Corps awards contract to Northrop Grumman for XM914E1 chain guns

USMC mounting Tamir launcher on to trailer for cruise missile interceptor

The Good News About Boeing’s KC-46 Tanker

AGM-183A to attempt another test flight next month

Textron delivers first serial production LCAC to US Navy

U.S. Deploys One-Third of Pacific Submarine Fleet for Major Naval Exercise

MEDUSA Is U.S. Navy’s Secret Minelaying Submarine

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