Af/Pak & Other News (8/4/2021)

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Aug 4, 2021, 1:37:09 PM8/4/21
The U.S. Won Afghanistan Before Losing It

Blast in Afghan capital as Taliban claim attack on minister's compound

How do Afghanistan forces and Taliban compare?

Afghanistan's elite special forces pushed to the brink

Taliban Commander Who Led Attack on Afghan City Was Released From Prison Last Year, Officials Say

The Taliban Say They've Changed. Experts Aren't Buying It And Fear For Afghanistan

Taliban going door to door to hunt down Afghan interpreters

Afghan Free Media Was Touted by the US as a Success Story. Its Journalists Are Now Under Threat

Why B-52 Bombers Went to War in Afghanistan (Again)

Osama bin Laden told his children 'I advise you not to work with Al Qaeda,' new book reveals

Why Turkey wants to be in charge of securing Kabul airport

As Taliban Takes More Territory, Pakistan Army Completes 90% Fencing along Afghan Border

Broke Pakistan puts up Prime Minister Imran Khan's official residence for rent

Indian Navy begins the sea trials of Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Vikrant

India moving forward with project to arm Heron drones

Why Russia is offering India old submarines

India deploys warships in South China Sea as part of 'Act East' policy

Al Jazeera says India building naval base with airstrip on Mauritian island

A Tale of 2 Navies: India and China’s Current Carrier and Escort Procurement

Iran's Revolutionary Guard drone commander behind ship attack

Analysis: Iran strikes hard-line pose ahead of new president

Gantz: Iran is 10 weeks from breakout to a nuclear weapon

An Iran Armed with Nuclear Weapons: Impossible to Stop Now?

Three decades on, Saddam's 'human shields' want answers

Puzzling Hijacking Of Commercial Vessel In Gulf Of Oman Comes To An End

'5-6 armed Iranians' responsible for tanker hijack off UAE coast - report

UK 'Urgently Investigating' Incident on Ship Between UAE, Iran Amid 'Hijacking' Report

Israel-linked ship hit in drone attack docks in UAE

Saudi Arabia says sees an emboldened Iran around Middle East

Al Qaeda group claims bus bombing in Damascus

U.N. Forces Plead for Calm as Israel Strikes Continue on Lebanon After Rocket Attacks

Israel: Swarming For Targets

Mali: The Saudi Factor

How Russia’s Yasen-M Submarine Compares To The U.S. Navy’s Block-V Virginia

Bad News: Russia Is Developing a New Long-Range Hypersonic Missile

Russian nuclear submarine lost propulsion in Danish waters, sails submerged outside Norway now

Russia’s New PAK DA Stealth Bomber Will Have Hypersonic Weapons

With Eyes on Afghanistan, Russian Military Exercises in Central Asia

Bionic arms and blue-eyed bots: How Russia aims to nurture a tech hub in its Far East

Turkmenistan’s President flew in the M-346FA

NATO Is Desperate For Front-Line Air-Defenses. Romania’s Old Gepards Are The Best It’s Got.

UK seeks zero emissions training aircraft

Tempest: Everything we know about the UK’s 6th-gen fighter

Assassination Mastermind May Still Be at Large, Haiti’s Caretaker Leader Says

China and India agree to withdraw soldiers near site of deadly border clash

Liaoning & Shandong provide know-how for more capable and powerful aircraft carriers

New Missile Silos May Be China’s Answer to Rivals With a Lot More Nukes

Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization

Why Elite Chinese Type-96 Tanks Are Headed to Russia for a Special Wargame

China launches Pakistan’s third Type 054A/P frigate

Top U.S. intel analyst sees North Korea clinging to its nukes

Japan to Deploy Island Missile Defenses to Counter China Military Blockade

Japan likely to scrap plans to procure U.S.-made anti-ship missiles

Australia: Building a New Maritime Surveillance Network Across the Indian Ocean

Canada’s Arctic Problem

Harry Reid urges Congress to press for more public disclosure of UFO sightings after landmark report

New Documents Shed Light on NASA's Secretive 'Project Moon Dust'

Pentagon Police Officer Dead, Several Other People Injured, After Attack at Metro Entrance

Drone Striking World Trade Center Is A Wake-Up Call

Hackers target Kubernetes to steal data and processing power. Now the NSA has tips to protect yourself

Retired Marine C-9B Jet Transport Is Getting Second Life As An Air Force Sensor Testbed

Microwave Arms Race Is Heating Up

Army to court-martial soldier charged over mysterious firefight in Syria

The U.S. Is Losing The Legal War Against China

Senate nears pivotal 60-vote threshold for scrapping Iraq war authorizations

Congress Rips Into OMB Over Coast Guard Budget And Unfunded Priorities List

A Millennial’s Retort: ICBMs are Essential

Boeing Unveils New Hypersonic Cruise Missile Concept

First Flight Test Of Hypersonic AGM-183A ARRW (Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon) Fails, Again.

US Army Developing System to Enable Soldier-Robot Dialogue

BAE Systems stretches APKWS range 30% using new trajectory

Lockheed Martin to build JAGM air-to-ground missile with multimode seeker for Army UAVs and helicopters

U.S. Army National Guard fields new compact sniper system

U.S. Air Force Predicts Force Fields And Death Rays By 2060

Lasers Destined For Fighter Jets Are Now Being Tested In The Air Force’s Wind Tunnels

Air Force to delay production of Grey Wolf helicopter

Here’s why the Air Force’s workhorse C-17 is called ‘the Moose’

Navy Questions Future Viability of Super Hornets; Recommends Against New Buy

BAE Cuts Operating Costs Of F-35 EW System By 50 Percent

The F-35A Lightning II is playing the role of Aggressor at Red Flag for the First Time

The Truth About The Air Force's Biggest Changes To Pilot Training Since The Dawn Of The Jet Age

Navy's New Triton Drone Getting Close to Taking Over for Older Patrol Aircraft

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye plays ‘tanker king’ role by controlling MQ-25 in simulation

Navy Plans Upgrades to Fly E-2Ds into the 2040s

The Navy Says It Can’t Afford To Fully Modernize. So What Should It Give Up?

The US Navy Is Reversing Its Fighter-Jet Design Philosophy

Critical Fix Will Take Years To Reach All Navy Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ships

Up to 40% Female Crew on US SSN

All Three Of The U.S. Navy’s Most Powerful Submarines Were Under Way At The Same Time, In The Same Place

Navy: Large USV Will Require Small Crews for the Next Several Years

Navy Says Constellation Hull Change Won’t Affect Internal Design

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