Af/Pak & Other News (3/11/2021)

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Mar 11, 2021, 12:57:28 PM3/11/21
The leaked U.S. plan to end the war in Afghanistan

Departure of foreign contractors from Afghanistan may be ‘devastating' for ANDSF effectiveness, warns SIGAR

AP Interview: Karzai says US plan catalyst for Afghan peace

Even After a Peace Agreement, Afghanistan’s Future Unclear

‘I Was On The Taliban’s Hit List’: Journalists Flee Afghanistan Amid Targeted Killings

Fixing Afghanistan Might Be 'a Bridge Too Far,' US Watchdog Warns

Tanzania President John Magufuli ‘in India with COVID-19’

Iraq Praises West's Fight Against ISIS, Syria Says It Only Made Things Worse

Saudi-led coalition destroys Houthi 'hostile aerial target' in Yemen's Marib

Saudi military fends off surge in Houthi attacks

Turkey, Russia, Qatar to push for political resolution in Syria

Syria: This Will Not End Well

UN Chief: 10 Years Into Conflict, Syria Remains ‘A Living Nightmare’

Gaza fishermen killed by Israeli drone caught in nets, Hamas says

State Department designates Islamic State in DRC, Mozambique

That Time F-15 Eagle Defected to Sudan

Shock and uncertainty after death of Ivory Coast PM Bakayoko

First modernized Tu-160M bomber handed over to Russian Air Force

Russia Says Foiled ‘Terror’ Attack in North Caucasus

Spanish jets intercept Russian aircraft over Black Sea

Denmark’s first F-35 has flown

Italian Carriers Upgraded

France’s Arquus unveils Scarabée, a hybrid armored vehicle that moves like crab

Peruvian Air Force Plane Veered Off The Runway While Landing At San Lorenzo Airport

Chinese lawmakers endorse tighter control over Hong Kong

U.S. Military Reveals Where It Challenged China During Record Year of Operations

Taiwan's Pro-China Opposition Suffers Identity Crisis as Chief Admits Beijing Threat

Indonesia shortlists four options in follow-on to SIGMA 10514 frigates

US Forces Korea commander was underwhelmed by North Korea's most recent missile display

South Korea to buy more attack helicopters

Manila aims to acquire one BrahMos missile battery

Philippine Air Force officers start training on Israeli air defense system SPYDER

Japan scrambles jets to intercept nuclear-capable Russian bombers - Interfax

Australia requests EoIs for forward operating base on Cocos Islands for MC-55A Peregrine EW aircraft

At least 10 hacking groups using Microsoft software flaw: researchers

One Of America's Most Capable Submarines Has Been In An Ongoing Battle Against Bed Bugs

Racial, political divides in military grow as services try to weed out extremists

A 35-year-old Capitol riot suspect is a Marine Corps veteran who served in the presidential helicopter squadron

U.S. Extradites Thai GDMA Associate in Ongoing ‘Fat Leonard’ Corruption Probe

Orange Flag, Black Flag exercises collaborate to accelerate change

U.S. intelligence agency to buy three heavy-lift drones to install LiDAR sensors

US Army wants to enable air dropped unmanned vehicles to “self deploy”

New U.S. Army Laser Machinegun Fires ‘Bullets’ Of Light

Marine Corps purchasing too many CH-53Ks while still testing its capabilities, GAO finds

The Pentagon Is Using the SR-71's Legendary Engine for ... Something

Northrop Grumman Reveals Sky Viper Chain Gun And New Suicide Drone For Future Helicopters

Retired B-1B to serve as USAF integration lab

This Close Up Video Shows B-2 Stealth Bomber’s Control Surfaces During Pre-Flight Checks In Stunning Detail

Sabrewing Aircraft nears first flight of Rhaegal UAV half-scale protoype

USAF changes height standards, opens doors for women

The heavy-duty ship the US needs to protect its thawing border with Russia 'is just falling apart,' captain says

Report to Congress on Amphibious Warship Programs

The U.S. Navy’s Submarine-Launched Aerial Drone Capacity Is Set To Greatly Expand

Pentagon Mulling Aircraft Carrier Reduction as Part of FY 2022 Budget Review

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