Af/Pak & Other News (7/17/2021)

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Jul 17, 2021, 9:46:48 PM7/17/21
Afghan, Taliban officials meet in Qatar amid US troop withdrawal

Back to Militias, the Chaotic Afghanistan Way of War

In Afghanistan, Deja Vu All Over Again

China Is Worried About a Post-U.S. Afghanistan

America Has Lost a Proxy War against Pakistan

Daughter of Afghan envoy abducted and ‘severely tortured’ in Pakistan

Iran wary but pragmatic as Taliban resurges next door

Non-profit No One Left Behind is buying interpreters’ tickets out of Afghanistan. Here’s how you can help.

Afghan Vice President: Pakistan Threatened To Shoot Down Afghan Air Force Aircraft

Is Pakistan Using Its Airforce Inc JF-17 Fighter Jets To Support The Taliban Against Afghan Army?

Analysis: How Afghan war showed limits of US military power

Indian Navy Receives First Two MH-60R Utility Helicopters

More forces rushed to Ladakh as China builds infra all across LAC

Iran says it successfully tests new naval cruise missile

Opinion: Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s government in Iraq has a long way to go. But at least it’s a start.

The Iraqi Spies Who Helped Defeat ISIS

Power struggle in Kurdish region of Iraq raises questions - analysis

The Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group Conducts Anti-Submarine Warfighting Exercises in Gulf of Aden

Sefine Shipyard teams up with Aselsan on new USV development

Syria’s President Assad sworn in for fourth term with 95% of vote

Syria's Assad starts new term after re-election dismissed by international community

Gantz and Sa'ar to launch official inquiry into Submarine Affair

How Schoolchildren Became Pawns in Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis

Jihadis expand control to new Burkina Faso fronts

2 killed in helicopter crash in Ukraine

Is Putin Ready to Move Against Ukraine?

Now We Know Russia’s Mysterious New Fighter Is A Single-Engine Design

Russia’s Got A New Stealth Fighter—What’s It For?

Russian Shipbuilder Unveils Export-Oriented Missile Corvette Project 22160E

Ultra-short Take-off and Landing Aircraft to be Presented at MAKS 2021

Pilot Describes Emergency Landing in Russia Which Saved All on Board: 'We Had a Job to Do'

Russia Developed ‘Aggressor Squadrons’ to Practice Dog Fighting F-15 Fighters

Putin escapes accountability for chemical weapons use

What Russia’s National Security Strategy Has to Say About Asia

State probing "Havana syndrome" cases among U.S. diplomats in Vienna

Royal Marines seek 'battlefield advantage' as they train with drone swarms in UK first

Haitian Ex-Intelligence Officer Gave Order to Kill President, Colombia Says

Is China military trying out new combat tactics with J-16 sorties?

What Threat Do China’s New Missile Silos Pose to the US?

China Says It Conducted A Successful Suborbital Test Of A Reusable Spaceplane

Development of the Yongbyon Uranium Enrichment Plant Between 2009 and 2021

South Koreans Now See Nation as Stronger Than North, But More Want to Reunite: Poll

Video: Japan’s Latest And Future Naval Defense Equipment

A Fifth Of The Air Force's Combat-Coded F-22 Stealth Fighters Are Headed For Guam

B-52 bomber task force deploys to Guam ahead of Talisman Saber exercise

Length Confirmed of Classified UAP Report by Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

The Battery Revolution Is Just Getting Started

Report on U.S.-China Competition in East, South China Sea

'This is really f---ed up down here': GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan called Mark Milley during the Jan. 6 riot and spoke against a tentative plan to evacuate senators, book says

Man sentenced in scheme to ship military boats to China

Taiwan’s F-16 pilots are in Oregon to have DACT with F-15s

Kitty Hawk’s eVTOL Heaviside Aircraft Gets U.S.A.F.'s Airworthiness Approval

Check Out These Detailed Shots Of The Massive XB-70 Valkyrie Mach 3 Super Bomber’s Cockpit

Landing gear mishap unlikely to affect Bronco II’s chances in SOCOM competition

GAO: Marines Need More Training; Clearer SOPs, Oversight Needed to Stem Fatal Vehicle Mishaps

US Marine Corps picks 2 companies to build prototypes for new recon vehicle

USAF to update MQ-9A Reaper fleet in 2022 with auto-land-and-take-off capability

F-35 Operates as ‘Elevated Sensor’ to Destroy Cruise Missile

The number of major F-35 flaws is shrinking, but the Pentagon is keeping details of the problems under wraps

In CRS: Discussing Large Surface Combatants

An Earth Shattering Disaster

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