Af/Pak & Other News (5/4/2021)

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May 4, 2021, 1:28:37 PM5/4/21
Pentagon offers first progress report on exit from Afghanistan

US military: Afghanistan withdrawal process 2 to 6 percent complete

Afghanistan Sees Resurgence Of Warlords, In Familiar Echo Of Civil War

Ashraf Ghani Concerned Taliban Are More Interested in Power Than Peace in Afghanistan

Taliban launches huge Afghan offensive after deadline for U.S. pullout

Taliban attacks threaten provincial capitals in Afghanistan amid U.S. forces withdrawal

The Taliban Is Ready to Be Al Qaeda’s ‘Darling’ Again

David Petraeus: US troop withdrawal 'is not going to end the endless war in Afghanistan'

Afghanistan: The Chinese Ultimatum

Bin Laden Raid Pilot Says Unique Marine Air-To-Air Course Likely Saved Him From Pakistani F-16s

Situation Room Meetings to Raid bin Laden Were Named 'Mickey Mouse Meetings' for Secrecy

Iran sought nuclear weapons, technology for WMDs last year, reports find

Iran 'almost certainly' meddling in Scottish election to destabilise the UK

A Swiss diplomat in Iran has died after mysteriously falling from a high-rise building, state media says

4 rockets hit Iraqi air base housing US contractors, no casualties

Following Deadly Attack, Iraqi Kurds Call for Better Coordination in Countering IS

Loitering ammunition from UAE Adasi Halcon Edge QX Shadow family drone UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

On the ground with Yemeni soldiers battling Iran-allied rebels

Turkey’s Air Force Is Obsolete, Warns New Study

Forget the F-35: Will Turkey Build Its Own Stealth Fighter?

Aftermath of explosion at jihadist arms depot in Syria's Idlib

Israel: Asymmetric Echoes

IDF says it downed two Hezbollah drones in recent weeks

Israel Defense Forces unveil its revolutionary robotic system

Egypt buying further 30 Rafales from France under $4.5B deal

Ethiopia ‘at a crossroads’ amid spiraling ethnic conflict

Around 30 reportedly killed in Burkina Faso village attack

DR Congo imposes military rule in regions under 'state of siege'

Kazan: The New Russian Nuclear Submarine Built to Fight Anything

Russia creates Udar combat ground robot – Part 1

Analysis: Russia's secret services betray their weakness

Why did Russia go after the European Parliament?

Is Russia Using Directed Energy Attacks Against US Personnel?

Germany prefers Boeing P-8A Poseidon to France’s ATL2 offer

France Red Brigades Arrests

British F-35Bs Will Soon Fly Middle East Combat Missions From HMS Queen Elizabeth

China Sends First 'Homemade' Aircraft Carrier to Contested South China Sea

China sends navy ships to help Indonesia salvage sunken submarine

What Does It Take To Stop A Chinese Land Grab? Satellite Coverage, A Lot Of Ships—And America’s Backing

Taiwan and Japan Track China Warship Together in Apparent Team-up at Sea

Taiwan Military Expert Warns Chinese Capable of Long-Range Raids

Taiwan conducts test-launch of Sky Bow III extended-range version anti-ballistic missile

Report: U.S. spy planes deployed near North Korea amid possible military activity

Analysis: Diplomatic dance or standoff? N.Korea and U.S. tread cautious line

Philippines Protests ‘Blocking’ of Its Patrol Ships by China

Australia to buy latest Abrams tank version

Inspector General Launching Evaluation into The Pentagon’s Actions With UFOs

US-China infowar escalates as America deploys task force in battle for power and influence

CIA briefing to lawmakers on suspected energy attacks turned contentious

Honeywell Fined Millions Over Exporting Sensitive Info On F-22, F-35, And More To China

Genetically modified grass used clean soil pollutants at military test sites

Armed intruder stopped, shot by FBI agents after attempting to drive through CIA main entrance

Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden sounds off on 'woke' CIA ad

Is the New Air Force One Doomed?

Declassified Docs Offer New Details About A Growing RQ-170 "Wraith" Force

Marine Corps Suspends General Over Deadly AAV Accident, Navy Launches Own Investigation

Vandenberg Air Force Base to launch unarmed missile this week

Northern Edge 2021 gathers 240 aircraft, six warships for huge drill in Alaska

X-44 Manta: How Lockheed nailed the NGAD in the 90s

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: May. 03

Textron Unveils New Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle Prototype

US Marines May Have Lost Their ‘Amphibious Edge,’ Leaders Say

F-16s Are Now Getting Washed By Robots

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