Af/Pak & Other News (5/27/2021)

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May 27, 2021, 2:04:37 PM5/27/21
Analysis: Predicting the coming Taliban offensive

Afghan forces struggle, demoralized, rife with corruption

A Wave of Afghan Surrenders to the Taliban Picks Up Speed

Afghan military targets Al Qaeda’s network in Helmand

US Planning to Evacuate Afghan Interpreters, Top US General Says

Withdrawal From Afghanistan May Be Done in July, but Then What?

India: Pakistan Punches Above Its Weight

India to Receive Israeli Heron Drones for China Border Deployment

Fight to douse Sri Lanka ship fire could take 'days': navy chief

Pompeo Rekindles Debate About US Response to Iran's Hosting of Al-Qaida

New Iranian Underwater Weapon Hints At Technology Advances

Iraqi militia members surround PM’s office after arrest of commander

Iraq: Affordable Corruption And Disruption

Saudi forces deploy military armoured vehicles in vicinity of Al-Ma’ashiq Palace in southern Yemeni's Aden

Saudis: Coalition kit on Yemen island where base being built

Watch a Turkish unmanned combat vessel destroy target with laser-guided missile

Turkey pushed NATO allies into softening outrage over Belarus plane, diplomats say

'Is everything I'm trying to do pointless?': Syrians helpless in face of 'sham' election

Syrian mercenaries robbed of their wages: report

IDF Intelligence hails tactical win in Gaza, can’t say how long calm will last

Israel's operation against Hamas was the world's first AI war

In Conflicts Like Gaza War, 90% of Casualties Are Civilians, Report Says

Libya: Drones may have attacked humans fully autonomously for the first time

Was a flying killer robot used in Libya? Quite possibly

Mali’s ousted civilian leaders are freed from military custody as sanctions loom

Ethiopia says 22 regional officials killed by Tigray rebels

Ukraine Unhappy With Lack Of Progress In Joining NATO As Kyiv Is Not Invited To Summit

Russia’s New State-of-the-Art Ballistic Missile Submarine Will Soon Head to Sea

Russia Is Building a Single-Engine, 'Hypersonic' Fighter Jet

Kalashnikov's Upgraded “Vihr” missile tested from KA-52 Helicopter

The Expanding List of Putin’s New Nuclear Superweapons

Is Russia Getting Ready to Buy Combat Drones from Turkey?

Graffiti Artists Defaced Soviet-Era Buran Space Shuttle At Russian Space Center

Russia, Iran Leading Disinformation Charge on Facebook

'A serious foreign policy weapon': Russia and China align against religious liberty advocates

Russian authorities deny entry to European airlines as EU mulls sanctions on Belarus

‘Bomb Threat' That Justified Belarus Hijacking Came 24 Minutes After

Armenia says Azerbaijan has detained six servicemen at border

How NATO Would Wage a Fourth Battle of the Atlantic Against Russia

Incredible photos show Swiss Air Force F-5 Tiger II crashing after alleged engine failure. The pilot ejected safely.

US Army deploys Artemis demonstrator to Europe, eying high-speed ISR jet capability

French Navy Horizon Air Defense Destroyer Intercepts Supersonic Target

Airbus Delivers The 100th A400M Atlas Tactical Airlifter

Royal Navy appoints first female admiral

Secret's Out: Here's the U.S. Military's 1962 Plan To Conquer Cuba

China-India border dispute: as Himalayan snow thaws, could conflict reignite?

China’s New Xian H-20 Stealth Bomber: Could It Strike Targets in Guam?

China supplying North Korea, Iran with dangerous nuclear tech, missiles: Report

China tries Chinese Australian writer on espionage charge

Uighurs targeted in cyberattacks by 'Chinese-speaking' actors using UN logos

Taiwan Navy to deploy new air defense missile system in August

South Korea, Philippines discussing future submarine capabilities enhancement

Australia considers German submarine option as tensions with French company grow

Australian Navy Eyes German Type-214 Submarine?

Philippine Navy says AW159 helicopters are ‘mission-capable'

Philippines to receive two T129Bs in September

Singapore deploys fighters, AEW aircraft to Guam

Ex-official who revealed UFO project accuses Pentagon of 'disinformation' campaign

Navy pilot remembers the ‘absurdity’ of her famous UFO sighting

How pop culture set the stage for the coming UFO report — for better or worse

A group of US diplomats and employees with 'Havana Syndrome' symptoms say the Biden administration is denying them care and ignoring their evidence

More Actions Expected After 2nd Investigation Into Deadly AAV Sinking

Joe Biden orders US intelligence to intensify efforts to study Covid’s origins

The Covid-19 origin story has massive political consequences

Shuttered Chinese Houston consulate called 'major hub' for science and tech espionage worldwide

CIA Adds 4 New Stars to Memorial Wall, Each for a Still Secret Name

Biden’s Asia Czar Says Era of Engagement With China Is Over

Peace with Russia, China ‘Fraying at the Edge,’ Milley Tells Graduating Cadets

US Navy confirms Russian spy ship operating off Hawaii, delaying a Missile Defense Agency missile test

As militaries get busier in the Arctic, the US and Russia are running out of ways to solve problems there

5 predictions by the US's top spies about what the world could look like in 20 years

Report on Military Applications for Quantum Computing

Autonomous flight specialist Merlin Labs emerges from stealth with $25M funding

As Space Junk Multiplies, Pentagon Is Stuck Tracking It for Civilians

Super-Jammer Goes To Army Multi Domain Task Force

Army tests new techniques with airborne jamming pod

Better Seats For Long-Suffering Apache Helicopter Crews Could Come From A NASCAR Team

Small Diameter Bombs Collaborate in Golden Horde Test

USAF should consider supersonic business jets for battlefield management: think tank

Mission capable rates of USAF fighters rise in 2020, led by F-35A. F-15E’s mission capable rate declined.

“Fuck stealth!” An F-15 pilot opines on why the Super Eagle is needed (and the story of the ‘Eagle Eye’ hunter scope)

Plan To Buy 145 B-21 Raider Bombers Gets Endorsement From Biden Air Force Nominee

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