Af/Pak & Other News (3/30/2012)

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Mar 30, 2012, 8:36:02 PM3/30/12
F-15E crashed in Afghanistan, pilot killed:

Afghan cop drugs colleagues, kills them as they sleep:

UK says report of Afghan plot to kill envoys is credible:

On the run, bin Laden lived in 5 houses:

Wife: Bin Laden Fathered 4 Children While on Run:

PTSD Defense Won’t Save Accused Shooter in Afghan Massacre:

Where Russia And China Support NATO:

After 50 Years, There Is No End in Sight for the Chinook:,ThereIsNoEndinSightfortheChinook.aspx

U.S. drones attack militants in Pakistan, Yemen:

Swiss woman’s Yemen captors want OBL wives freed:

Exclusive: Iran helps Syria ship oil to China: sources:

Activists: Fresh clashes erupt in Syria:

Saudi Arabia could be next C-17 customer:

Russia to Send New Anti-Piracy Force to Gulf of Aden:

State Department: ‘Too Much Water to Patrol’ in Fight Against Somali

The Plan to Attack an Israeli Naval Vessel:

Libya tribal chief demands end to 'ethnic cleansing':

Falklands: Arguing over a Patch ... of Land:

LATIN AMERICA: Raids on Colombian Rebels:

'Gamera' radar leads defense of Japanese airspace:

Chilling Audio: B-52s Being Shot at Over Hanoi:

International Debut for the Russian T-90MS Tank Upgrade at DefExpo

Former top KGB spy found dead in Moscow apartment:

British F-35 Data Breach:

Lockheed’s Response to the F-35 Cost Growth Report:

Marine Corps Chief Eyes New Cost-Cutting Plan for F-35B Aircraft:

Why Norway wants the F-35:

Richard Clarke: All U.S. Electronics From China Could Be Infected:

USAF has revised plan for TPS-75 replacement:

Army Experiments With Electric Bandages:

Flying the V-22:

Army Wants Flapping Wings to Fly Drones of the Future:

Navy’s Electric Gun Could Hit Targets More Than 100 Miles Away:

Navy: We’re 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships:

Weight will determine who gets to fly UAVs in U.S. Navy:

USAF vows to discover root cause of Raptor's maladies:

Orbiting White Elephants: Military Satellites Don't Perform as

U.S. Army Charts Path To New Rotorcraft:

USAF promotes 767-2C as civil freighter:

The Chairmen Doth Protest Too Much:

Unconventional and Emerging Armament Committee Formed:

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