Af/Pak & Other News (4/5/2021)

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Apr 5, 2021, 12:26:33 PM4/5/21
Afghan president proposes three-phase peace roadmap: Report

Afghan Violence Surges Ahead of Turkey-Hosted Peace Conference

India grapples with rising Maoist violence, fuelled by pandemic

Iran says ditching sanctions is top goal in talks with U.S. about nuclear deal

Iran arrests 'Israeli spy', others in touch with foreign intelligence: Iranian media

Saudi Arabia’s scramble for an exit strategy in Yemen

Turkey detains 10 retired admirals over open letter critical of canal project

Kurds Sweep al-Hol Camp in Syria and Capture 125 ISIS Members

Palace turmoil, wave of arrests in Jordan over plot to 'destabilise' kingdom

Estranged Prince Hamza defies Jordan's military in voice recording

Libya: The Turkish Problem

Ukraine and Britain to hold joint military drills

Ukrainian future infantry fighting vehicle program unveiled

Russia is working on anti-submarine warfare drones

Russia May Have a Secret Main Battle Tank

North Korean workers in Russia defect to South Korea

Russia Demos New Remote-Controlled Combat Module on Armored Personnel Carrier

Satellites Show Russia Continuing to Strengthen Arctic Military Presence

Putin signs law allowing him to stay in power for another 15 years after ruling over Russia for two decades

What the United States Military Can Learn from the Nagorno-Karabakh War

Tochka-U ballistic missile system crashes into home in Belarus

France-led Multination Naval Exercise Commences in Eastern Indian Ocean

The UK intends to purchase ‘around 60’ F-35B jets and then ‘maybe more up to around 80’, the First Sea Lord says

‘The OSINT Bunker’ – Episode 4 released

The United Kingdom Doubles Down on Covert Operations

China Makes Breakthrough In New Fifth-generation Stealth Fighter Jet

China Gets A BMEWS

Taiwan reports new incursion by Chinese jets into defence zone

Japan deploys destroyer to gather information after Chinese carrier group spotted in Okinawa

Philippines turns up heat on China over boats massing in South China Sea

Philippines' defence chief says China intends to occupy more South China Sea areas

Canada Had More UFO Sightings in 2020, Says National Survey

Canadian submarine may have permanent damage due to errant test: report

Alleged UFO sighting at Skinwalker Ranch – Brandon Fugal’s Eyewitness account on Jessop’s Journal

U.S. Adds Russian To FBI Most-Wanted List For Alleged Theft Of Industrial Secrets

A 'cadre' of soldiers has been suspended following a female soldier's sexual assault allegations at an Army base in Oklahoma

New Marine Corps manual offers template for reimagined force

Offutt's Open Skies jets headed for desert scrapyard

USAF Considering Inflight Rearming For Gremlins Concept

The U.S. Navy Might Buy Small Aircraft Carriers—But Who’s Going To Build Them?

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