Af/Pak & Other News (10/9/2012)

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Oct 9, 2012, 12:45:27 PM10/9/12
Taliban shoot 14-year old Pakistani peace campaigner:,0,1646474.story

'Friendship wall' on Afghan-US frontline:

Bond of brothers: Ex-soldiers enlist Afghans to craft military themed

Afghan addicts help run daring new restaurant in Kabul:

Code Pink joins Pakistani political party in anti-drone protest:

Stratfor: Terrorism Tradecraft:

India Modifies Brahmos Missile with New Nav System:

Indian Air Force training women for combat helicopter role:

China Defends Its Bricks:

Azerbaijan jails 22 Iranian-hired spies who plotted attack on Israeli,
U.S. targets:

Former CIA Analyst Says The US Is Closer To An Iranian Nuclear Deal
Than It's Letting On:

Iran May Cut Ties With UAE Over Disputed Islands:


Iraq buys $4.2 billion in Russian weapons - document:

Report: Turkey reinforces air base close to borders with Syria and

Syrian rebels fight Assad troops over key area near Turkish border:

In Syria, a rebellion calls for revolutionary measures:,0,2372051.story

Al Nusrah Front launches complex suicide assault on Syrian Air Force
intelligence HQ:

Westerners With Roots in Syria Trickle In to Help Rebels:

IDF hits Gaza targets in response to rocket barrage:

Libya's Bani Walid is shelled in standoff over rebel's death:

As Libya Burned, U.S. Terror-Fighters Asked How to ‘Counter

Old Munitions Blasts Rock Central Russia:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Mexico announces capture of Zetas paramilitary suspect:,0,6873363.story

Mexican official: Body of slain Zetas drug lord stolen:

Taiwan to ask Apple to blur sensitive military images:

The Royal Thai Army Signs A Contract for Two AW139s:

Photo: PLAAF Su-30MK2 Aggressors emulate VPAF Su-30MK2V paint scheme:

South Korea questioning Northern defector:

Cyberattacks against US rising unchecked: study:

Pentagon shuts MRAP production line:

Boeing High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator Advances to High-power

Lockheed Led Team To Develop New Autonomous Technology Aboard Unmanned

Mitt Romney plans to build missile defense ship, battle group-
deployable frigate if elected:

Raytheon studies intelligence analysts' tradecraft to learn more about
decision-making process:

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