Af/Pak & Other News (12/22/2020)

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Dec 22, 2020, 1:48:11 PM12/22/20
Acting SecDef Miller Visits Troops in Afghanistan

Time to Make the Taliban Diplomatically Uncomfortable

Journalism Watchdog Says Reprisal Killings Doubled In 2020, Cites Afghanistan As Hotspot

Pakistan warns India against ‘false flag’ attacks in Kashmir

AK-47, ammunition part of drone drops from Pakistan recovered in Punjab

3D Modeling Finds Surprising Source Of The Shots That Killed Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Message To Iran: Navy Sends Guided-Missile Submarine On Rare Trip Into The Persian Gulf

Iranian Navy's largest Ship, I.R.I.N.S Makran, Observed On Sea Trials

The U.S. Navy Is Surging A Lot Of Firepower Into The Persian Gulf—And It’s Not Clear Why

Iran Presses U.S. to Exit Iraq and Afghanistan, Maneuvers to Influence Both

Will Iran’s threat to Israel from Iraq increase?

Iraq: The War On Joy

How the Army Out-Innovated the Islamic State’s Drones

Qatar Will Emerge From Saudi-Led Blockade With A More Powerful Military Than Ever

Yemen rebels: Fighters shot down Saudi-run drone near border

U.S. imposes fresh sanctions on Syria in push for Assad to end war

A look at Russian and Iranian rivalry in Syria

Israeli submarine reportedly crosses Suez Canal in ‘message’ to Iran

Israel Shipyards starts construction of first African OPV-45 patrol boats

Has the EU lost Libya to Russia?

U.S. Aircraft Carrier, 2,500 Marines Off the Coast of Somalia as Pentagon Repositions Forces in Africa

UN probe accuses Mali army of war crimes, armed groups of crimes against humanity

Russia sends 300 military instructors to Central African Republic

Ukraine to buy Turkish warships, co-produce drones

The Soviet Union is long gone, but its aircraft carriers live on

Russia’s New Long-Endurance Arctic Research Vessel Might Be The Ugliest Ship We’ve Seen

Putin signs law letting ex-presidents become senators for life

Russia Hits EU Officials, Entities With Tit-For-Tat Navalny Sanctions

Putin’s Former Filmmaker Arrested for Underwear Protest Outside the FSB Headquarters

Russian and Chinese bombers fly joint patrol over Pacific

Russia prompts Sweden to revive its defense

Why German Troops Won’t Get Armed Drones

Commander Giacomo Iannelli, Leonardo Project Test Pilot, talks about complex, exciting lives of test pilots

Airbus Delivers First A400M Airlifter to Belgian Air Force

UK selling off Sentinel and Sentry aircraft

U.S. sanctions top Nicaraguan officials, Cuban military-linked businesses

Navy Warship’s Secret Mission Off West Africa Aims to Help Punish Venezuela

China launches new Long March-8 rocket in step towards reusable space vehicles

Beijing Ransacked Data as U.S. Sources Went Dark in China

Chinese PLA Troops in Tibet are Getting New QBU-191 Sniper Rifles

China can copy everything except aircraft engines. Why?

AP Interview: China signals shift but no letup in Xinjiang

China’s Drive to Make Semiconductor Chips Is Failing

U.S. targets Chinese, Russian companies with military ties

U.S., China Send Navies Into Contested Sea After Taiwan Show of Force

FONOP: US destroyer sails past China’s Spratly Island artificial reef

North Korea: Minding Mines In Korea

North Korea prison camp likely site of 'thousands' of deaths, report says

S.Korea scrambles jets as Chinese, Russian aircraft enter air defence zone

Japan moves ahead with JNAAM co-development

Dozens of West Point cadets caught in worst cheating scandal in decades

U-2 makes rare flyover at the funeral of former CO of 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

F-35s, F-16 Aggressors, KC-135 Tankers Put On Impressive "Elephant Walk" In Alaska

SpaceX's Starship SN9 Rolling Out to Launch Site, Possible 2020 Launch

Five Persistent Misconceptions About Modernizing The U.S. ICBM Force

Nexter's CAESAR joins pack competing in US Army's mobile howitzer shoot off

Army long-range cannon gets direct hit on target 43 miles away

The Army is going all-in on its souped-up new M1 Abrams tank

Marine Corps builds tactical cyber force to help with growing threats

Air Force Research Lab demos ‘record-breaking’ scramjet and ‘high-speed’ warhead

Roper: ARRW Hypersonic Missile Will Fly This Month

AF Says Lasers Are Being Field Tested, But NOT THOR Or Other Microwave Weapon

The Navy's Wants To Go Back To Flying The C-130 Hercules As Its Next Doomsday Plane

Northrop Grumman Receives U.S. Navy Contract for 19 GQM-163A Coyote Target Vehicles

Why The Navy Is Looking To End Carrier Qualifications Entirely For Its Pilots In Training

New US joint naval strategy focuses on China

The Navy's newest carrier, once criticized as a 'floating barge,' may be ready for action sooner than expected


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