Af/Pak & Other News (6/8/2021)

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Jun 8, 2021, 1:44:35 PM6/8/21
Afghan Soldiers Gird for Taliban to Attack Cities After the U.S. Leaves

Taliban aversion to peace talks could imperil U.S. diplomats and interpreters after military leaves

US pullout from Afghanistan half done, but questions remain

Afghan army racing to recruit 1,500 troops to defend Bagram Airfield as US troops prepare to leave in 20 days

US Could Close Kabul Embassy If Future Afghanistan Government Includes Taliban, Top General Says

Turkey To Take Over Kabul International Airport From NATO

Indian Navy to receive three of the first MH-60R Seahawk naval helicopters

Iran Steps up Efforts to Sow Discord Inside the U.S.

Blinken: Iran's nuclear 'breakout time' a matter of weeks if violations continue

Former Iranian Officer Says Sabotage, Hostile Action Possible In Sinking Of Navy's Largest Ship

Drone Attacks On U.S. Airbase In Iraq Give Cause For Concern

Turkey wraps up ‘largest-ever’ version of Denizkurdu naval drill

Lebanese Navy to receive 7 offshore patrol vessels

Erdan to AP CEO: Hamas worked on anti-Iron Dome tech in AP Gaza building

Libya: Possible First Use of AI-Armed Drones Triggers Alarm Bells

Four new C-130J Super Hercules for Algeria

France Freezes Aid to Central African Republic Over its Collusion With Russia

Ukraine Making Progress on Defense Reforms, But More Needed Before NATO Entry: U.S. Official

Judge sees evidence of Buk missile being used in downing of MH17 airliner

Russian Navy's First Full-Stealth Ship Reportedly Under Construction

Russia: Frustrating Foreign Wars

The Russian Submarine Threat In The Atlantic Is Growing, But A Low-Cost Solution Is Available

Multi-nation BALTOPS 50 exercise includes defensive cyber warfare for first time

UN court upholds conviction of former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic on war crimes charges

Polish MiG-29 accidentally shoots on another fighter jet

F-35 Lightning IIs from Four Nations Integrate with fourth-generation aircraft in Italian Exercise

Why Portugal paints F-16s to look like tigers

UK confirms JAGM missile for AH-64E Apache fleet

First Sighting Of New Stealth Fighter For Chinese Navy’s Aircraft Carriers

Wargaming the China-US Space Race

China Looks to Increase Its Nuclear Arsenal

China’s Submarine Fleet Is Huge. The U.S. Navy Plans To Whittle Away At It With Mines.

Bill Gertz: China's space weapons program most dangerous threat facing US

How Chinese Unmanned Platforms Could Degrade Taiwan’s Air Defense and Disable a US Navy Carrier

How China Steals US Tech to Catch Up in Underwater Warfare

U.S. report concluded COVID-19 may have leaked from Wuhan lab - WSJ

The Taiwan Temptation; Why Beijing Might Resort to Force

Philippine Air Force Receives New Black Hawk Helicopters

Japan will launch its loyal wingman from F-X fighter

Vietnam: Get What You Can Afford

Experts Weigh In on Pentagon UFO Report

‘Forbidden subject’: Air Force officers recount ridicule after sharing UFO experiences

U.S. Senate committees urge new security steps after Capitol riot

US Capitol attack report finds intelligence, military and police failings

Border Patrol Helicopter Just Tried To Disperse A Protest Using Its Rotor Downwash

From Doomsday Preppers to Doomsday Plotters

GPT-3 May Become The AI Disinformation Machine We’ve Always Feared, Study Finds

Encrypted phone sting leads to global crackdown on organised crime

The FBI recovered a huge chunk of the Colonial Pipeline ransom by secretly gaining access to DarkSide's bitcoin wallet password

Reconnaissance Marine Faces Court-Martial for Stealing Grenades, Ammo

Kauai remains ‘preferred’ location for missile defense radar Pentagon won’t fund

U.S. Senate set to pass sweeping bill to address China tech threat

DARPA Tests Autonomous Counter-Drone Tech for Use in Crowded Areas

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: June 07

HawkEye 360's third cluster of satellites arrive at launch site

US Army Investing Nearly $1 Billion in Stryker Vehicle Upgrades

US Air Force, Kitty Hawk complete first medevac evolution with electric plane

MC-130J Commando II Simulated Launching A Pallet Of Cruise Missiles During A Mock Strike Mission

AH-1Z now has Link-16

Second Ghost Fleet Overlord USV finishes trip to Pacific

Navy Taps One-Star To Drive LCS Program Improvements

Navy Expects First Fixed Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ships In Early Fiscal 2022

US Navy’s first Flight III Arleigh Burke destroyer hits the water

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