Af/Pak & Other News (6/9/2021)

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Jun 9, 2021, 2:26:41 PMJun 9
Armed Attack Kills 10 Staff of Charity Clearing Afghan Land Mines

Afghanistan Starts New Drive To Weed Out Poppies In Counternarcotics Campaign

For Now, ‘Over the Horizon’ Protection for Afghanistan Will Fly From Existing Hubs, Acting Air Force Secretary Says

Pentagon has no idea how the Afghan Air Force will stay in the air

US Pullout From Afghanistan More Than 50 Percent Complete: Pentagon

Afghan gov't and Taliban negotiators meet in Doha to discuss peace

Taliban and Al Qaeda ‘remain closely aligned', says UN report

The ‘Golden Hour’: How the Afghan war brought advances in battlefield medicine

Pakistan: CIA chief told drone bases won’t be hosted

Explosion forced Indian Navy to return nuclear submarine to Russia?

Top U.S. General Kenneth McKenzie Warns of Russia's and China's Influence in Iran

Iraq releases Iran-aligned commander arrested on terror charges

Iraqis suffer as US-Iran shadow war shifts gear

Resigned to a nuclear deal revival, Gulf engages with foe Iran

Houthis claim they arrested a Mossad spy in Yemen

Yemen: Mutinies For Everyone

Alleged Israeli airstrike targets Syria from Lebanese airspace

Israel reported to strike several sites across Syria

Israeli air strikes on Damascus kill Syrian pro-government fighters, says rights group

Nigerian Navy launches new landing ship to boost amphibious operations

Boko Haram Leader Really Did Kill Himself, Audio Message Says

Russia Tests S-500 Air Defense System With New Interceptors

Russia expected to outlaw opposition leader Navalny’s groups

Russian Poet Dmitry Bykov Targeted by Navalny Poisoners

Russian Su-30SM and Italian F-35As Had Their First Close Encounter Over The Baltic Sea

NATO’s Stoltenberg: Sophisticated Cyber Attacks Could Trigger Collective Response

Latvia Considering Bayraktar TB-2 UCAV Buy

US delivers artillery ammunition and navy radars to Estonia

Bulgarian MiG-29 crashes at sea during Shabla 2021 exercise

France: Cannibalizing SSNs For Parts

F-35 jet lands on HMS Prince of Wales for the first time

U.S. warns Venezuela, Cuba to turn away Iranian ships believed to be carrying arms

As mystery over 'Havana Syndrome' lingers, a new concern emerges

Xi Jinping Is Tightening His Grip on China, Joe Biden Adviser Warns

Mockup Of China’s Stealthy FC-31 Fighter Appears On Full-Size Aircraft Carrier Testing Rig

Beijing’s Tried-and-Tested Plan to Hollow out Hong Kong’s Legislature

Wuhan animal markets sold dozens of species that can carry pathogens that infect humans, a study found.

China Shows Off Army, Navy Landing Capabilities After U.S. Senators Visit Taiwan

Taiwan testing ship-borne ‘Sea Oryx' short-range, air-defence system

Kim Jong-un: apparent weight loss prompts speculation over North Korean leader’s health

North Korea’s Isolation Is Deepening

DSME, HHI display competing carrier designs for RoKN's CVX project

Hanwha Defense promotes its local-made KVLS Korean Vertical Launch System

South Korea grounds KF-16 fleet after ejection incident in Seosan

LIG Nex1, Hanwha Systems showcase competing designs for RoKN's CIWS-II programme

Vietnam Air Force cleared to get Beechcraft T-6 Texan II trainer aircraft

Cambodia: Satellite photos show rapid construction at military base where US has 'serious concerns' about China's presence

UFOs have done what COVID-19 never has: Unite Republicans and Democrats in Congress

UAPs Report Takes One Option Off Table—Not Secret U.S. Tech

A Sneak Peek at the UFO/UAP Report

NASA's new chief on SpaceX's Mars rocket, UFOs and going back to the moon

Huge "Swarm" That Lit-Up Radar Was Almost Certainly Caused By The Military, Not Ladybugs

U.S. Cyber Tools Are Being Turned Against Americans, Limiting Biden's Options on Russia

US Senate passes bill to boost technology sector, countering China's influence

Military experts fear the Pentagon’s been sucked into the AI hype machine

Synthetic Bioweapons Are Coming

Investigation Launched Into Border Patrol Helicopter's Low-Flying Attempt To Disperse Protesters

Delivery of new Air Force One planes could be delayed until 2025

Cicadas Took On Biden's Press Plane. They Won.

Why The Destroyer USS Howard Left Port Flying A Bright Red Flag Adorned With An Asian Dragon

DARPA's Interceptor Drone Shoots "Stringy Streamers" To Drop Enemy Drones

Israelis Fare Well In US Army Counter Drone Tests

The Army Isn't Getting Rid of Its M4s and SAWs Any Time Soon, General Says

Textron's Cottonmouth emerges for USMC recce vehicle requirement

Here’s how US Air Force’s THOR destroys drone swarms, in theory

First 2 Raiders Complete; USAF Won’t Retire More B-1s Until B-21 On Duty

Legion Infrared Search And Track Pods Can Now Carry Their Own Datalinks For More Lethal Targeting

SECNAV Memo: New Destroyer, Fighter or Sub: You Can Only Pick One; Cut Nuclear Cruise Missile

US Navy funds conversion of catamaran transport to an autonomous vessel

The US Navy wants to arm each Zumwalt stealth destroyer with up to a dozen hypersonic missiles

Navy Reaches ‘Handshake’ Deal on Four-Ship Amphib Buy, Pentagon Wants New Navy Force Structure Assessment

Navy says 32 ‘key reliability issues’ plague its littoral combat ship fleet

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