Af/Pak & Other News (5/12/2021)

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May 12, 2021, 2:36:16 PM5/12/21
Afghan National Army MD 530F Helicopter Crashes In Kandahar province

Taliban Seize Nerkh District on Outskirts of Afghan Capital

As Afghan Talks Stall, Former Fighters On Both Sides Hope For Resolution

US military: Afghanistan withdrawal up to 12 percent complete

US Military Coy About Numbers of Troops Leaving Afghanistan

Pilot stays with his flaming Harrier jet while it skids on its bombs in Afghanistan

Longest-serving U.S. commander in Afghanistan oversees mammoth task of packing up America's longest-ever war effort

Key NATO Allies Were More Than Twice As Likely To Die In Afghanistan Than U.S. Forces, According To New Study

Pakistan: No More Military Bases for US Afghan Mission

Lawmakers Scold Pentagon for Leaving Afghanistan Without ‘Over-the-Horizon’ Plan

Cash-Strapped Indian Military Opts to Lease Critical Weapons Platforms

UN watchdog: Iran has enriched uranium to highest purity yet

Not Fooling Anyone: Iran Tried to Pass This Russian Jet Off as New

Iran Stocks Up On Catamarans

Iraq’s Air Force Is At A Crossroads

In Iraq, powerful militias assassinate protesters with impunity

Can Iraq Save Its F-16s By Relocating Them To Kurdistan?

Yemen’s Houthis say they joined 'anti-Israel' front - analysis

Why Yemen's civil war is about to get worse – video explainer

Intel: UN finds undeclared chemical weapons stockpile in Syria

Russia is expanding its naval base in Tartus, Syria

Largest Rocket Barrage From Gaza Ever Hits Central Israel Amid Fears Of An Imminent War

Hamas confirms several top commanders killed in Israeli strikes

Israel Kills Hamas Intelligence Chief: 'Looks Like Our Intel Was Better'

Israeli city of Lod descends into ‘civil war’ as violence escalates

Hamas Rockets and Iranian Drones: A War of Economic Attrition Against Israel?

Under The Iron Dome: The Problem With Israel’s Rocket Shield

Israel-Gaza violence: "The situation was always unsustainable"

Libya's latest unity government faces uphill battle

Mali: Withdrawal and Relapse

Nigeria Repels Boko Haram Attack on Northeastern City of Maiduguri

Eritrean troops disguised as Ethiopian military are blocking critical aid in Tigray

Ukraine says Russia still has 100,000 troops near its borders

Ukraine charges Putin ally Medvedchuk with treason

Panel Warns of Economic and Military Impacts from Russia’s Plans for Arctic

Were Su-57s in Russia's Victory parade livestream fake? Yes.

Russian jet escorts three French airforce planes over Black Sea - Ifx

Incredible details keep trickling out about the Russian DarkSide hackers

'Lying As If We Are Morons': Russian Demographer Calls Official COVID-19 Statistics 'Disinformation'

Swiss Spy Chief Exits After Reports of Row Over CIA-Linked Firm

GLOCK Assault Rifle Patents Emerge

Germany goes Hail Mary on funding Europe’s next-gen fighter

Elettronica Will Equip Italian Navy’s U212 NFS Submarines With its EW Suite

France performs first lock-on firing of MMP missile from new Jaguar vehicle

Interview: French Asia Pacific Commander Rear Adm. Jean-Mathieu Rey

The French military is phasing out the FAMAS and we’re honestly sad to see it go

France to test V-MAX hypersonic glider in coming months

Royal Navy’s upgraded Spearfish torpedo enters service after Bahamas test

China Demos Drone-guided Helicopter-launched Missile Attack on Maritime Targets

Image May Reveal A New Type Of Submarine For The Chinese Navy

U.S. calls Xinjiang an 'open-air prison,' decries religious persecution by China

Taiwanese F-16s Have Fired AIM-120 AMRAAM Missiles Locally For The First Time

Seoul forges ahead with autonomy for UAVs

Japan, US, France hold 1st joint drills on Japanese land

Philippines flags 'incursions' by nearly 300 Chinese militia boats

Philippines plans South China Sea ‘logistics hub’, as Beijing accused of increasing boats

Marco Rubio is Taking UFOs Seriously and He Thinks You Should Too

Chicago Police Started Secret Drone Program Using Untraceable Cash: Report

Washington DC Police Allegedly Offered $100,000 to Hackers to Stop Leak

Congress can’t ‘take foot off the gas’ on DoD electronic warfare

Raymond Unveils Classified Target Tracking Space Radar Effort

US Army’s Precision Strike Missile breaks range record

Report to Congress on U.S. Special Operations Forces

Army Leaders Have Agreed to Cap Troop Size, Top General Says

Army Revamps to Pursue New Air-and-Missile Defense Tech

The Army is making tank upgrades as simple as switching video game cartridges

US Army scraps Stryker mobile gun systems in favor of new lethality upgrades

This One Upgrade Made the U.S. Marine Corps' Motorcycle a War Horse

“Hexa,” an eVTOL aircraft displayed at Air Force Research Laboratory even in Texas

Five JASSM Stealth Missiles Have Been Loaded On An F-15E Strike Eagle For The First Time

Northrop Grumman to use open-systems architecture in guidance processor card missile upgrade to AARGM-ER

SASC Chairman: 355-Ship Fleet is ‘Arbitrary’ Goal, Navy Needs To Pursue Autonomous Vehicles

The U.S. Navy Could Spend Half Its Shipbuilding Budget On Submarines

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